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You can receive one Ghost Booster per day by gaining 60 activity points in the Daily challenge and claiming the daily chest.

You will not receive a ghost booster for completing daily order of your military unit.


Icon shown in storage and on the battlefield
You get to see the extra damage in the left corner on the Battlefield
When activated, the Ghost Booster gives you 30% of the biggest damage per hit of the Citizen who fights in the same Ground Battle, Round, side and Division as you. The Ghost Booster bonus doesn't benefit from the 10% bonus of being level 100.


  • If in Round 1 of a Battle there are 10 Citizens fighting and the Citizen with the biggest damage per hit is Citizen A who makes 1,000 damage per hit, when you activate the Ghost Booster you will make 300 damage per hit + the regular damage per hit you have.
  • Citizen A hits for 18,000 damage per hit with Q6 Weapons and 100% booster. Citizen B hits 2,000 per hit. Max hit = 9,000 (100% Booster not taken into account). With the Ghost Booster active, Citizen A will hit for 18,000 + 2,700 = 20,700, and Citizen B will hit for 2,000 + 2,700 = 4,700.


Each Ghost Booster lasts for 1 minute.

Dark Ghost Booster

In Halloween activities, you can acquire the Dark Ghost Booster, its damage boost is 100% and its duration is 5 minutes, it has an expiry time usually from 7 to 20 days.


The Ghost Boosters can be stored and have no expiry date. Ghost boosters do not occupy the storage space.


If the conditions aren't met, the booster will be unavailable to use
  • You will not be able to activate the Ghost Booster in a battle on your Citizenship Country’s side.
  • You may activate the Ghost Booster only if you are located in one of the countries involved (you cannot activate via Mutual protection pact)
  • Damage Boosters and Bazooka Boosters do not influence the max hit in a round, nor do they increase the Ghost Booster’s damage bonus
  • Big/Small Bombs and rockets will not count for the bonus


  • When activated, a visual effect will be shown around citizen's weapon.
  • After each use, the certain quality of the booster requires a cooldown period. During this time the booster of the same or lower quality cannot be activated. For example, if a quality 2 booster is on cooldown, a citizen can activate a quality 3 one.
  • Activating a higher quality booster will replace the lower quality one, if one is already activated.
  • Guerrilla fights, bombs or rockets will not be affected by this booster, but Bazookas will get the damage bonus
  • Rank points are gained according to the damage done, so using the booster will also give citizens more rank points.


Introduction of The Ghost Booster (Image taken from the Latest Updates article: The Ghost Booster)
Тhe Ghost Booster was introduced to the game on Day 3046.

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