Giovanni Marinelli

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Giovanni Marinelli

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Giovanni Marinelli.jpg
Nationality Flag-Italy.jpg Italian
National rank 312
Date of birth Mar 29, 2008
Residence Marche
Sex Male
Newspaper L'Avanguardia
Party president of Aquila et Gladius
10 July 2008 – 10 September 2008
Preceded by Edoardo Kazzimmino
Succeeded by Akira
3 December 2008 – 15 January 2009
Preceded by Akira
Congress member of Italy
1 May 2008 – 25 January 2009
Mayor of Ancona
21 May 2008 – 20 July 2008
Preceded by Meg
Succeeded by Gian Rebus
Military unit Elite eItaliana
Military rank Icon rank World Class Force*.png World Class Force*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Giovanni Marinelli is a citizen of Italy.

Once upon a time... in eRepublik, he served two terms as mayor of Ancona, as well as 5 terms as Party president of Aquila et Gladius. Giovanni only recently left the Italian congress, after a mandate lasting from May 2008 to December 2008. He has also been several times Party president of Aquila et Gladius throughout the course of it's glorious history.

Early Years and Family

Giovanni Marinelli was born in Ancona, Italy, on the 29th of March 1982, to a working class family.


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Claiming Venetian ancestry, his family origins can be traced back to the 19th century, to Cesare Marinelli, pater familias of a wealthy middle class italian family from Zara, at that time in the Austro-Hungarian empire, and modern day Croatia. In the wake of the national revolutions of that century, his ancestors quickly embraced irredentist ideals and actively supported the struggle for Italian Unification.

Having soon joined the local Italian movements to stage a rebellion which could make the unification of Dalmatia with Italy possible, the following failure of such attempt was met with utter dismay. With such desire for revenge, Cesare Marinelli then followed Giuseppe Garibaldi's and his "Mille Expedition" against Two Sicilies and the Papal States. In such venture, he was even mentioned by the Hero of the two Worlds as a "remarkable example of Italian patriot and ardent nationalist, as well as a good soldier", thus earning him some recognition after the unification. Having been offered a seat in the newly formed parliament, Cesare turned it down to seek reunion with his family in Zara, and to fight actively for an Italian Dalmatia. With a newly found talent for poetry and writing, he published several books on national romanticism and Italy, as well as actively partecipating in the local politics, advocating for unification with Italy.

The following War of 1866, saw by many Italians in Dalmatia and Istria as a prelude to the final merge with the Kingdom of Italy, was once more met with delusion and failure, after wide public demostrations with many Tricolors dancing in the local squares. The Marinelli family and Zara, were soon doomed to live in the Austro-Hungarian Empire for long, while the Italian population started decreasing, overwhelmed by the Slavic group. Such eventuality had the family growing with a deep distrust towards the Italian Monarchy, guilty in their opinion of having abandoned their brethrens in the Balkans. Cesare Marinelli died twenty years after, with many publications on poetry and literature, which were sadly censored by the Austrian Press, and went lost forever.

In thirty years of rather peaceful living in Zara, the wealthy Marinelli family began to lose their status and wealth due to the strict measures of de-italianization in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, to the point of falling to a small middle class group. Giovanni's grand-grandfather, Augusto Marinelli, the now leading man of the family, was a syndacalist who had been fascinated by anarchist and socialist ideals.


City Mayor

Date Elected Mayor Party
21 May 2008 Giovanni Marinelli Aquila et Gladius
21 June 2008 Giovanni Marinelli Aquila et Gladius

Party president

Party presidents of Aquila et Gladius
# Month Name Resignation
V July 2008 Giovanni Marinelli 4 August, to bisiacco
VI August 2008 Giovanni Marinelli -
VII September 2008 Giovanni Marinelli -



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Hard Worker (x46)
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Congress Member (x4)
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Battle Hero (x11)
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Super Soldier (x122)
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True Patriot (x13)
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