Giustizia e Libertà

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Giustizia e Libertà

General Information
Country Flag-Italy.jpg Italy
Abbreviation GeL, G&L
Website Link on Erepublik
Forum Official Forum
Colors Green, Red, White, Blue
Founded 16 May 2012
Dissolved 13 Oct 2012
Congress Occupancy 0 /20 seats, 0%
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

Giustizia e Libertà was a politican Italian party founded by vittorio2010, Innocenti and Luca Elles. On 13 October 2012, the party was dissolved [1].

Fundamental Principles

Freedom -> In our party, everyone has the freedom to express themselves and the judgment of every individual member is as important as the other;

Justice -> We promote and facilitate access to our members to the system offered by the Welfare State Eitaliano and fight to eliminate inequities in it.

Fundamental laws

1) The name is Justice and Freedom Party and its orientation is center-left, libertarian;

2) Decision-making and legislation, on issues related to the party resides in the community of members;

3) The executive power is entrusted to the figure of the President of the Party;

4) The party works in close collaboration with the Third Time. The two bodies are independent, however. The party is also willing to explore partnerships with other associations;

5) The party professes himself open to all proposals for reform and renewal of the same State Eitaliano and welcomes anyone who wishes to contribute to the growth of the movement.

6) Amendments to the Statutes must be approved by a majority of 2/3 of members;

7) The party symbol is chosen at the discretion of the President.

Internal organization

1) Chairman of the Party, the party's executive body, is elected in the manner provided in the game. The office of President shall be incompatible with any public office;

2) Vice President of the Party, appointed by the President and assists him in his duties and his substitute in case of temporary unavailability;

3) Assembly members, open to all members. Any member may propose measures within the party or proposed at the national level, using the special section "Proposals", present in this forum. The decisions on these proposals are taken from the same meeting by a majority. In the event of a tie, it will, if possible to a new debate and subsequent vote in case of inability to agree, the matter is resolved by the President of the Party.

Fundamental programmatic

1) Assistance and support the development of young players who join the party and participate actively in his life, having the form of loans and donations to them (through the Foundation's Third Time) and the management of an academy to train new ecittadini on the game, with the possibility to obtain specializations (in the political, military and economic) that will underpin the selection of its candidates the party will work for public office;

2) A greater state control over private activities, which translates into form laws that limit the conflict of interests, but they leave some space for private initiative;

3) The improvement of democracy in eItaly, through the establishment of forms of direct democracy like referendums.

Icon position party president.gif Party Leaders

Month Name
May 2012 vittorio2010
June 2012 Innocenti
July 2012 Belo Horizontee
August 2012 Innocenti
September 2012 vittorio2010