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Nationality Flag-USA.png American
Date of birth Day 779, July 1st 2010
Date of death Unknown
Sex Male
Faith Dioism
Married to FlorenciaC
(April 13 of 2011 – )
Newspaper The Vanguard World
Party president of Ultra-Nationalist Party
March 15th, 2010 – March 20th, 2010
Party president of Specialized Elite Execution Squad
February 15th, 2011 – March 15th, 2011
Congress member of USA
August 25th, 2010 – September 25th, 2010 October 15th, 2010 – December 15th, 2010 November 25 2010 – December 25 2010 January 25 2011 – February 25 2011 –
President of USA
March 5th, 2011 – April 5th, 2011
Preceded by Julian Mizu
Succeeded by Emerick
June 5th, 2011 – July 5th, 2011
Preceded by Emerick
Succeeded by Blank Keating
Military rank Icon rank Supreme Marshal.png Supreme Marshal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Glove is Love

—The World

Glove was a citizen of USA.

It is believed his reincarnation is GloveisLove.


Glove emerged from the sands of Pakistan, blessed with the holy tears of Dio. It is said on that day that hundred of birds descended onto the earth, draped Glove in a sea of white feathers, and carried him onto a mountain side, where he cried out for his heavenly father. The Lord spoke to him but said only this: "We are Dio, You Are Dio, I am Dio." This is the message given to Glove, and he spreads this message wherever he travels, to men and women in all walks of life. Of course accounts of Glove's birth have been conflicting. Some say he spontaneously formed from bots in Eastern Russia. Then again, there are also those who believe he was born in a cheap abandoned apartment in Wisconsin. This is the story of that man and or entity.

Early Life

Emerging from the sands, Glove traveled to Wisconsin, USA. He soon met poverty and pig-disgustings. After a few months of fighting in the streets and suffering from malnutrition, Chesehead offered the young Glove a job. Chesehead was not a devout Dioist, and Glove resented the fact that the only job he could get was from a non-believer... It is widely believed that Glove spit in the tycoon's face but was ultimately convinced to take the job.

For the next five months, Glove would live a scheduled monochromatic life. His love for Dio was looked down upon, but he did not care. Everyday he awoke, praised Dio, and went on with his life. He worked in poor conditions and was often under-payed. Despite his reliability and great work ethic, Chesehead was forced to reduce Glove's pay due to the global economic recession.

Glove would not put up with it anymore.

He did not care.

He began writing.


It was in this period that the Vanguard World was created. The Vanguard World covers all aspects of Erepublik, cartoons, trolling, player guides, Dio, etc...


If you can't tell, Glove is without a doubt a devout Dioist. But he also respects and acknowledges Rotoism. He takes pride in his love for Dio and the Holy Empire of Pakistan. But it was not until day 900 that Glove realized that he was becoming more and more pig-disgusting the longer he stayed in the United States. The United States was filled with heathens and non-believers. He no longer went to the sand, he began to enjoy the snow, he envied the Spanish, almost married a Swede... Glove was in a dark time in his life. When day 900 came, he decided it was his time to prove himself. He left for Punjab, Pakistan and prayed on the holy sand. He begged Dio for forgiveness and has been a zealot of Dioism ever since. Glove enjoys spreading the word on articles, whether it be a simple Dio Dio Dio, Pride Power Pakistan

Think well before you
A thousand cow worshipers,
Supreme we shall reign.

—Glove, Pakistani Annexation of India


Glove decided to leave the sand and join a political party as soon as possible. At the time, he did not know anything about Politics and simply blindly joined the largest party, the USWP. He soon found out the party was filled with pig-digustings and was obliged to leave. He went off to find a small party.

Ultra-nationalist Party President

After leaving the Worker's Party, Glove joined the Ultra-nationalist party. He did not plan on running for the party presidency, until he had an epiphany two days before the election. He decided that with the grace of Dio, he would lead the Ultra-nationalists into a better tomorrow. He went up against former party president Joseph Scarn and party founder The_Phoenix. It was a tight race.

Before the election was over, both Scarn and Glove agreed to make the "loser" the vice-president. As agreed upon, Scarn was appointed vice-president of the Ultra-nationalist party.

However, Glove's party presidency was short-lived. After five days he was called to leave office and participate in "a greater calling" although to this day no one knows what he experienced in that brief hiatus.

Ultra-nationalist Diaspora

The Ultra-nationalists eventually decided to become politically active in the Czech Republic. Glove did not join them, but he kept in contact with them. After several months they managed to get high positions in the government but did not harm the country. They then got bored and returned to the United States.


Glove ran a highly contested campaign in Maine on May 25th, 2010. He ran under the American Progressive Front's Banner. Glove was in the lead with about 4 votes the whole time, until his opponent mustered about 8 snipers which led to Glove's 15-11 defeat. On July 25th, Glove ran another heated campaign, this time in Chongqing, a territory controlled by the United States but originally Chinese. His opponents were Doubleblade and Pizza the Hut. Glove and Doubleblade both mustered 8 votes by themselves and were tied for a long time. Glove gained a 9-8 lead and won #FEC and #ATO support. Volunteer citizens began voting for Glove in fear that Pizza the Hut would win and grant citizenship to Phoenix citizens for more support. Glove held his vote until server reset, as well as other American volunteers, but alas, Pizza the Hut sniped himself in with 8 more votes. The results were 19-17-7.


Glove won an overwhelming victory in Vermont on August 25th, 2010. He is the first of Ultra-nationalists to ever win in the United States. He donated all of his treasure to the Congressional Budget Office. Since then he been Congressman several times.

From then on he has won several congressional elections.

IES Director

Glove became head of immigration shortly after Astra Kat G] disappeared. He held this position for a few months and kept the nation safe. He did a great job, but sometimes was lazy when it came to transparency. He eventually stepped down and let someone else take the job.

Deputy Chief of Staff

Glove always had trouble getting an Executive position. It wasn't until Haliman that Glove had his chance to do something. However DCoS was not something Glove really cared about, so he didn't do a lot. Plus he was banned after 6 days in Haliman's presidency, so he wasn't able to do anything anyways. Glove eventually was unbanned and came back near the end of the term, but he didn't bother to do much especially since there wasn't much to do.

S.E.E.S Party President

When Specialized Elite Execution Squad was about to collapse for good, Glove decide he would try to save it. He realized he couldn't. So instead of trying to revive it, he decided it was best for everyone to leave it, so he messaged everyone in the party and asked them to leave and go on with their lives[1].


On May 12th, 2010, Glove was scammed, hard. A scammer sent a private message to him and the link sent went to a phishing site... the next day his account was broken into and all of his gold and USD was sold for a total lost of 108 gold and 65 USD. When Glove discovered what had happened, he heavily considered suicide. Some say he has changed from that day on. A week later, May 19th, 2010, he was given JUSTICE. The admins returned the 108 gold and 65 USD he lost in the massive scam on Black Wednesday. Glove gave out a shout thanking the admins for their hardwork.


Glove is a cold-hearted warrior, but also a very loving person. He fights for whoever he wants to, be it Phoenix, Eden, Sol, Entente, Terra, Eden, etc. He has no feelings or sympathy at times, and at other moments, he can have the biggest heart in the World. It is this conflicting nature that puts him in awkward situations. One such instance was when Glove fought in the resistance war of Bolivia. In the beginning of the war, he felt it was "right' to fight for an independent Bolivia against Peru. He killed dozens of warriors. The next day the war still waged on, and his attitude changed. He now fought against the Bolivians, the very people he had fought alongside the day prior...When the battle ended, the field was covered in blood. Friends, enemies, ... He felt no remorse. He became a battle hero.


Glove enlisted in the USTC and was given number 666. He saw this as a sign from the lord Dio himself. He knew Dio was up there, in the clouds, smiling upon his young zealot. Glove was part of 1st division and the 112th platoon and graduated from basic training in a short span of time. Once he passed basic training he was then in the 3rd division and 313th Bravo. After a few days he was honorably discharged from the Training Corps and was invited to urged to join the MI.

But the MI officer rejected him due to his "Phoenix motivations," however there was no adequate evidence. MI Recruiter Log

However, Glove received two offers to join the army, he readily accepted. He was then in RECBN Alpha under the command of james the man. A week later a general read Glove's article "This is just Fail" (an article in which Glove demonstrated how foolish the MI recruiter was behaving and illuminated his poor demeanor...) and was dishonorably discharged. Needless to say he was outraged but he held his tongue, as he enjoyed his time in the army and did not want to blow his whole military career because of one general...

After the general dishonorably discharged Glove, he became a mercenary, inspired by the tales of the legendary mercenary Emerick. He joined Lefty's unnamed militia and participated in a few resistance wars against the Russians and worked for Lefty's companies abroad. Eventually he found the conditions unsatisfactory and decided to return home to the states. He was then a lone wolf, fighting and funding himself for big battles for several months.

After months of isolation, he petitioned for his dishonorable discharge removal. He figured that the whole MI incident had probably blown over and no one remembered. He finally got his appeal accepted. He was then put in RECBN Bravo (Bravo Bunnies), but was then transferred to The Foxtrot Hammerheads. He passed his graduation exam and was then now in the 4/4.


Under a clear blue morning, with Dio's love still fresh in his soul, Glove pondered over something..

He thought about it carefully. He strived forward into the unknown. Glove resigned from the Us Calvary on July 14th, 2010.


Glove joined the SEES SS on July 14th, the same day he resigned from the army? Coincidence? Perhaps...

Glove did lots of behind-the-scenes art work for SEES. Several of the SEES propaganda art was created by Glove and he continues to work in cooperation with SEES and Dioists to this day.

S.E.E.S Collapse

Glove joined S.E.E.S just after it had hit its peak. Emerick was gone and the Elders were handling things. The first S.E.E.S president, St Krems, did an exceptional job during his first term as president. He set the bar high for other SEESlings, and Glove hoped to one day continue that tradition.

Unfortunately, the S.E.E.S party stagnated. S.E.E.S attitude towards politics led to its downfall. Glove, a hardcore SEESling, released an article explaining the status of S.E.E.S- this marked the end as the party. He seized control of the party and let it disintegrate completely so that all the SEESlings would leave and further their careers. But the mentality continues.

Emerick had this to say concerning the collapse:

Yeah, SEES is dead. The thing about SEES is that it simply can't function as a party with everyone, including the people who founded it, being against it. We could have taken over America, easily, if I hadn't died. Or if they hadn't left. Without them, it's a shell of its former self, though I was willing to try to build it up. The problem was that in the new SEES, no one really did anything without my express permission, which was supremely annoying. Also, there was never the same witty sense of humor mixed with badassness that we originally had. Without that, what is SEES, really?

And then when Wallingbottom posted that attention whore article, I was done for good.

I met a lot of good people in SEES, but none that really took ahold of leading the party. And the ones who were involved in the leadership of the party were way too tied up in the party. They did nothing else, and that's not what SEES is. After months of running the party almost single-handedly and seeing people get trapped in it like some other parties that I hate, I'm more than happy to say that SEES is dead. Now go do something else.


Red October


Starting October 5th, 2010, Glove launched a series of holy wars. As he was a Pakistani (the strongest fighters in all the world), he quickly crushed all enemies. He covered the battlefields with crushed mandibles, torsos, arms, was a gory sight to say the least. On the 5th he left his small spider-cave in Punjab and traveled on camel to Kangwon, North Korea. He fought alongside Chinese imperialists and quickly put down the North Korean revolt. He was hailed as Battle Hero of this skirmish.


After a short flight from Kangwon, Glove found himself in the tiny province of Dobrogea, Romania. He was summoned by 'high powers' to fight for the Bulgarians. Although he slayed many enemies, the Romanians proved to be too many but here again he was hailed as a hero. After the battle, he was exhausted and decided to hit the local inn. It is said he spent the night with one of his attractive "fans."

Northern India

Actually this is now Northern Sub-Pakistan. After a two day rest from his adventure in Dobrogea, Glove traveled home to Punjab, Pakistan. He was greeted by his comrades and urged to liberate the Indians from their oppressive government. He hastily agreed and armed himself with a PAK-47 and loaded up in the flatbed of a pick-up. He and his comrades shot everything that moved in Northern India, but Glove was especially ruthless. He was proclaimed as Battle Hero again once more.

One Year

Glove wrote down an account of his history.

Exodus-Stone Ocean

Glove left the States to join Dioists from all over the world in Pakistan. He left on September 26th, 2010 with few belongings and lots of memories. He waited in the Pakistani airport until he was was formally accepted by the one and only, Max Mcfarland 2.

Return to Homeland

After the Dioists made sweet love to India's cherry, Glove left Pakistan to return to his native land, the United States. The States were much different this time, with many of his former friends living abroad in New Zealand and some still in Pakistan. Nonetheless, he embraced the new faces he saw and is currently living his days as a dedicated Dioist.

Project Mayhem

Project mayhem began on January 23, 2011.


Wigs promised Glove that he would be banned, so three days before the "ban" he started a series of resistance wars. The first was in Chinese occupied Sindh, he hoped that by starting a RW and funding players to fight for the liberation force of Pakistan, the battle would be won. Unfortunately, Americans and Chinese imperialists crushed the resistance. Glove got a bunch of angry messages from Chinese players, but he didn't care.


After Sindh, Glove started a resistance war in Spanish occupied Zulian. Glove managed to recruit a lot more people this time, and the first 3 battles were won by Glove's forces. Then after the 3rd minibattle Glove had to go to sleep. When he woke up the next morning the battle was won by the resistance for, thanks in part to ex-Phoenix players and anti-Spanish sentiment.

Death to the Children of Koroush

On the day before the ban, Glove assisted in the attack of Iran. It was tough, during his mini-battle the closest he could get it was to 45%. It was a good fight though, surpassing all of Glove's expectations. Glove actually loves the Iranians, he thinks they are good people, but at the time the USA was attacking them for lolz. So he decided to help out.

Skip Some

Now, we'll skip ahead about a few months, completely disregarding a large chunk of Glove's life.

US Presidency

Gloves main support was considered to be from cCc iNCi cCc - a Turkish party within America. Although many citizens viewed Glove with suspicion having sided with what is considered a PTO group - 10 other parties in total supported his run. So to say he was elected only because of INCI is far from the truth, Glove secured the UIP and Libertarian (two of the 5 top parties) vote, as well as many smaller but note-able parties such as the Socialist Freedom Party. Glove was elected President of the United States of America on the 5th of March 2011. He achieved 1111 or 49.89% of the votes, defeating Harrison Richardson by a wide margin.

When Glove was elected, he was given many challenging tasks. PANAM was collapsing, Turkey was ignored and treated poorly in the alliance and eventually had to leave. Russia rejected Turkey's MPP, and then some Terra members MPPed Greece and Bulgaria - Turkey's enemies. Turkey's departure lessened some of Terra's problems, but it was sad nonetheless.

Prior to this period, Argentina and Brazil were still hard to see as allies for many Americans, relations were shaky. The same was similar with other countries in the alliance that the USA used to fight. But Glove extended his hand of friendship to all of Panam, solidifying and improve relations drastically, especially with Brazil and Argentina. Portugal and Germany asked to join Panam, Glove vouched for Germany as well as Portugal, who proved their valor and willingness to help by NEing Poland and Spain respectively. Panam then became Terra.

Jamesw was SG of Terra. In Terra HQ the joke was that "Terra was the worst SG ever." James had a good sense of humor and didn't let this bother him. He should have though.

Glove managed to work out a deal with the INCI, they agreed to run max 5 congressman during his term. And they did. Everyone was shocked and couldn't believe it. In the prior elections, tensions were very high, but Glove reduced them significantly and was kind to everyone.

Glove brought the USA into World War V. He restored all of the USA's natural regions by the end of his presidency. First he and China gangbanged Indonesia. Then the war was closed after China lost its front with Indonesia. Then he warred Poland, and the USA pushed Poland further South and nearly removed them from the Western Hemisphere. The war was closed after the USA lost its border with Polish occupied Mexico. Then Glove warred Spain, with the blessing of Dio, in the last three days of the presidency.

Glove Post-Presidency

Glove decided not to run for re-election, citing real-life concerns. After his term he became a civilian once more but maintained a close view of things.

Assassination attempt Foiled

After a couple of months in hiding, Glove had thought the Wigs forgot about him. He was wrong. With no presidential bodyguards protecting him, the Wigs barged into Glove's Q5 home and beat him severely. But he survived. He incurred -600 strength loss, a 4000 experience points loss, and dropped in rank severely. Plot unravelled.

He survived.

He was free.

Losing everything was freedom.


Glove married the lovely FlorenciaC, the Argentine MoFA and Secretary General of Terra on April 13th, 2011. As seen on the wedding tape. He loves Flor very much. He actually asked her to e-marry him during his presidency, but she was reluctant. After his term, he asked again, and now they live happily together.

Also never tell Flor she is Yankee, she will deny it, even though Glove always says it's true ;3

Return of Glove

Emerick was elected right after Glove, but during that month Glove just laid low, doing nothing much but hitting hard for Terra allies.

Secretary of State

However, during Emerick's next election, Glove was appointed as Secretary of State. Glove helped peace return to South Afrika and Brazil, but the peace was accomplished moreso because of the current CPs at the time, Jazar and Grimstone.

Glove also tried to make peace with Mexico, the results are still pending.

Secretary Commander

Glove ran for TERRA HQ office of Secretary Commander with his wife FlorenciaC and hopez0r. They won overwhelmingly.

During this period, on May 21 2011, Glove launched a very vigorous campaign to liberate Germany. He spent thousands of his own wealth to get people to Polish occupied Germany, where he then directed them to fight in Baden-Wurttemberg. It was a highly contested battle, but in the end Glove's efforts in conjunction with Terran support won the battle and put Germany back on the map.

US President Again

Glove decided to run for president again, this time against Henry Arundel. Glove won the elections despite massive opposition. When he became president, the United States was already losing many regions to Spain under Emerick's term, and the trend continued, except this time it became much more challenging. Poland declared the USA as a natural enemy, Hungary declared the USA as a natural enemy, Indonesia declared the USA as a natural enemy, and eventually Canada did as well (but Canada was a friendly war, for swaps and blocks). With 4 of the eWorld's strongest forces and all of ONE supporting them, Glove faced an impossible seeming task, but he did his best to rally troops and instil hope in the citizenry.

Journey Around the World

Countries where he traveled on map

Glove often travels the new world. He visited the following countries:

Icon-Croatia.png Croatia
Icon-USA.png USA
Icon-China.png China
Icon-North Korea.png North Korea
Icon-Spain.png Spain
Icon-Poland.png Poland
Icon-Greece.png Greece
Icon-Australia.png Australia
Icon-Canada.png Canada
Icon-Serbia.png Serbia
Icon-Russia.png Russia
Icon-Pakistan.png Pakistan
Icon-Japan.png Japan
Icon-Bulgaria.png Bulgaria
Icon-Ireland.png Ireland
Icon-United Kingdom.png United Kingdom
Icon-Bolivia.png Bolivia
Icon-Peru.png Peru
Icon-Colombia.png Colombia
Icon-India.png India

Soul Reaper

Glove frequently acquires souls.

Turd sold his soul to him.[2]
chickensguys as well.[3]
mohe3439 also sold his soul to him.
He won FlorenciaC's soul as well.[4]
Freiheitskaempfer's soul was acquired as well.[5]

End of the Road

On August 16th 2011, Glove was found dead in his Q5 home. Foulplay was suspected, with all hands pointing to deershark, a USWP member, and also a member of the Wig Administration. However, close friends of Glove testified that he had for a long time been acting rather strangely, and was reportedly working long hours into the night, supposedly making explosives out of fertilizer. It is a good possibility that Glove may have committed e-suicide, however, the evidence for this is yet insufficient for further elaboration. In addition, authorities found a very simple message inscribed on his desk drawer,

With Love.


Glove was rumored to have been spotted in Indonesia. He was also spotted in Brazil and the United States of America. Rumors have it that he is now Gagon the Great Cajeta Lover, however, this has been unable to be confirmed. If true, that would Glove has given up training, fighting, and most importantly, not worshipping gold or empowering the Wigs in any way.

The life of someone who has won the game.

The path to love.

Avatar Succession


Icon achievement Freedom Fighter off.gif
Freedom Fighter (x0)
Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x15)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x6)
Icon achievement Country President on.gif
Country President (x2)
Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif
Media Mogul (x3)
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif
Battle Hero (x9)
Icon achievement Sky Hero off.gif
Sky Hero (x0)
Icon achievement Campaign Hero on.gif
Campaign Hero (x1)
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif
Resistance Hero (x3)
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x18)
Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif
Society Builder (x2)
Icon achievement Mercenary off.gif
Mercenary (x0)
Icon achievement Top Fighter off.gif
Top Fighter (x0)
Icon achievement Top Aviator off.gif
Top Aviator (x0)
Icon achievement True Patriot off.gif
True Patriot (x0)
Icon achievement Prestige Hunter off.gif
Prestige Hunter (x0)
Icon achievement Party President on.gif
Party President* (x2)
Icon achievement Terra on.gif
Terra soldier* (x1)

Public Perception

Glove give me some love


glove was a better president than emerick is now

—Alex McKeon

El mejor, lejos! Hail Glove! Glove is Love!


No one else should even bother running, Glove already won.


Farewell. You made us proud.


You did far better than I expected, I hope you will run again for the POTUS.

—Chucky Norris

You do a great work, let´s see if the new president continues with it or not


im crying atm voted and thanks for leading usa




glove had erected




His name was Glove


glove has elected , problem , harrison richardson ?


glove is the man!

—Jovan Tekelija

So much Glove. So much Love.


"When I first met Glove I asked him a simple question.

What's your favor color? Glove said "Well, it's a 3 way ties between Red, White and Blue"

Ever since then I have been a great friend of Glove. "


That Glove guy, better than Emerick :3


International Hero Supports Glove.

—Daniel Ender

Glove, you owe me a dry cleaning bill, I just creamed my pants.


Emerick is good Henry Arundel is better but Glove the best
G for Glove \o/

—Mimar Sinan

Glove was the sexiest president to ever grace the eUS. Someday I'll have my way with him.....someday....


Dio is god... glove is love.


Holy balls, I actually missed you ;)

—Bia Pandora

/me hugS Glove :)


Glove did an excellent job