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Nationality Flag-USA.png American
Date of birth July 14, 2008
Date of death Sometime in 2010 (est)
Residence California
Sex Male
Political party United States Workers Party
Recruitment director of United States Workers Party
October 2008 – November 2008
Preceded by Leukel
Mayor of Columbus
September 21, 2008 – October 14, 2008
Preceded by Royamen
Congressman of United States of America
September 1st, 2008 – October 24th, 2008
Political Action Committee Director of United States Workers Party
November 2008 – February 2009
Preceded by Rocco Baldelli
Succeeded by Panther
Congressman of Ohio
December 26, 2008 – February 25, 2009
Preceded by Tiacha
Chief of staff of United States Workers Party
February 2009 – N/A
Preceded by ProggyPop
Director of Citizens' Affairs of United States of America
January 8, 2009 – N/A
Military rank Icon rank Commander**.png Commander**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

GoBucks was a politician from the USA.

Public Career

USWP Involvement

Recruitment Director

GoBucks was the recruitment director for the USWP under Peregrine. He assisted in messaging new players and finding ways to increase the USWP numbers.

PAC Director

GoBucks was the Director of the USWP Political Action Committee. It was his duty to help the party during election times, in all ways possible. In his first Congress elections as PAC Director he was able to get a candidate in all but two states. The USWP managed to get a Congressional Majority of 31%, leaving them down one member from the previous election.

USA Politics Involvement


GoBucks was the final mayor of Columbus. He won a tight race between himself and Citizen HEM. Royamen also ran in the race but did not majorly campaign. As mayor, GoBucks was best known for his rebate plan. Many Columbusites enjoyed the bonus they received from the city. GoBucks also appointed Citizen HEM as his city administrator. As GoBucks worked on the rebate, HEM tried to get Columbus forums active, yet they did not succeed.

U.S. Congressman

GoBucks served as a Congressmen during the last term of Beta which carried over to Version 1. He was sure to vote in every proposal presented. In the October Congressional Elections GoBucks was not a candidate due to an error with the system that left the United States Workers Party with only 38 candidates compared to other parties 40 candidates. While GoBucks was sad this error occurred, it was an unfortunate glitch and GoBucks decided to wait until November.

November 2008 Ohio Congressional Election

GoBucks was elected the first Congressmen of Ohio under the new state-based Congress system. His race accrued much controversy when he tied with UCP/Federalist Candidate Tiacha and a "multi-accounter" voted for him. The "multi-accounter" was swiftly banned by the admins but the election results were not changed. The elections results were later changed due to a bug which gave GoBucks even though he had less experience, by one point. Once again GoBucks knew he must move on and soon began pursuing other goals within his party and nation.

December 2008 Ohio Congressman

After receiving several endorsements GoBucks clenched the Congressman title with 12 votes. Behind him was Royamen with 5 votes and naruto kun10 who had only 3 votes. So far GoBucks has been actively involved with the discussion in the eUSA Forums and has voted in every proposal.

January 2009 Ohio Congressman

GoBucks was able to secure, once again, the position of Congressman of Ohio with 13 votes. Once again he was followed by Royamen who had 5 votes. As Congressman GoBucks was actively involved with the USA Bonds and the USA Emergency Tax Proposals which originated after the majority of eUSA funds were "stolen". GoBucks also supported the PANEC tax policy and several other important measures.

Director of Citizens' Affairs

The Director of Citizens' Affairs position is a very undefined position with no set duties. As Director of Citizens' Affairs, GoBucks acts as a liaison between the Welcoming Committee and the Department of Education. He also assists them and offers his suggestions to each group. GB also took up a leading rule in the USA Bonds project with the assistance of his friend Panther.

USA Armed Forces Involvement

U.S. National Guard Squad Leader

GoBucks served his nation for a month and a half, during and after his first Congressional Service. He was appointed a Squad Leader while Moishe was General of the National Guard. He served under KurtisHW as the Leader of Division One Squad 2. Which is notably a Congressional Squad. After the National Guard began to downsize GoBucks decided to move up to the Army.

U.S. Army Platoon Sergeant

GoBucks served as the U.S. Army Charlie 3 Platoon Sergeant. He began his service in the Army while Moishe was still the General. He serves under Lt. Heywood8614. He has been a Platoon Sergeant since mid-November. In late December he was promoted to Company Quartermaster. He was replaced by thezombie7.

U.S. Army Company Quartermaster

GoBucks was also the Company Quartermaster for the Charlie Company of the U.S. Army. He assisted the Quartermaster General in distributing goods to all soldiers of the U.S. Armed Forces. He has held this position for many months.

Military offices
Preceded by
Commander, 1st NG Division Succeeded by
COL Bradley Reala