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eRepublik Elite Citizen
Nationality Flag-Canada.jpg Canadian
National rank 1
Date of birth 15th November 2008 - Day 361
Residence Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Icon-Canada.png Canada
Sex Male
Political party Dharma Initiative
Newspaper World of Pain
Congress member of Germany
25 December 2008 – 05 June 2009
Member of Government of Germany
25 January 2009 – 05 April 2009
Ambassador to Canada of Germany
11 February 2009 – 15 March 2009
Minister of Interior of Germany
15 March 2009 – 05 April 2009
President of Germany
05 June 2009 – 06 September 2009
Preceded by shoot
Succeeded by The German Eagle
Minister of Economy of Germany
5 November 2009 – December 2009 (est)
Preceded by tmv23
Military unit Chimichanga
Position Commander
Military rank Icon rank Legends.png Legend
Legend title Legends of Canada: Lhasa Battalion III
Aircraft rank Wing commander 2.png Wing Commander**

Lhasa, more famously known as Gobba, was a long term Congress member of Germany and the leader of the Open Mind Germany Party.

His first military appearance was in the German Independence War and the Operation Burning Spirit. Aside from that he was a developer of Tools that helped the general community! All of them are published on his website www.eGobba.de one of the eRepublik Companion Sites.


Early Life

Gobba was born in November, 2008, in the Saarland (then still Sweden). When he was first able, he joined a party called the German Liberation Front with others such as Justin Tyme whose goal was to free Germany from Sweden and help run the country.

On November 19, 2008, Gobba and the rest of the members of the German Liberation Front traveled to Germany to incite the first-ever multi-region Resistance war, called the German Independence War. They would win the war and start a new party called the Federal Social Democrat Party, the largest party in Germany.

Political Career

In the congressional elections of December 25, 2008, Gobba was elected to serve as one of 33 members of the German Congress (Presentation). He then started contributing to discussions on the German forum.

He served his second term as part of the Open Mind Germany party and became a part of DKNs government team, mainly contributing critical questions to the discussions. Gobba resigned from Congress to take part in the Operation Burning Spirit and helped liberate Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg.

In his third term as a congressman he became part of Isys government team. He is a consultant for the Bureau of Economy under Starkad Rorlikson and took office as the official ambassador to Canada for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under Reemt Windmann. On March 15, 2009, he was appointed as the new Minister of the Interior by Isy, succeeding Starkad Rorlikson.

He ran in the April presidential elections and came in second after Starkad Rorlikson.

On April 15th he was elected Party President of the Open Mind Germany party, after Lhasa left the country and asked him to lead the party in his stead.

He ran in the Mai presidential elections and came in second after Starkad Rorlikson.

In the Presidential Election of June he ran, supported by the four biggest German parties, against shoot who stole the election and then handed over the remaining German regions to the Swedish and Polish aggressors. After the impeachment he founded an Exile Government and started negotiations with the Swedish, the Polish and German Allies. His goal is to regain all native German regions and to reestablish the honor of the German word.

He was reelected for a second term with 73% of the votes by a very active Germany. During this term Germany with the exception of Hesse and Bavaria was reunited until the Polish PTOed the German congress! After that he with the help of the Hungarians secured the biggest part of the 650000 DEM the Poles printed.

Despite previous intentions to end his reign after two terms he decided not to let the German people and Congress down when they demanded of him to run for a third time. All in an attempt to stop the polish PTO from taking the presidential office. With a historic voter turnout of 677 voters he received nearly 500 and was reelected for a third term with 73% of the votes.

After successfully defeating the polish PTO attempts in congress, the reconstruction of Germany began once again. With all regions either returned or scheduled to return, with the debt to Italy fully payed off and a capable successor in line, he retired from the office of president on September 6th.

On February in the year 2010 he took state gold and DEMs in his attempt to prevent the MachtGeil administration from misusing it. This action caused many Germans to believe him to be a thief. Despite harsh criticism, Gobba refused any talks with President Machtgeil. Gobba and Letnix tried to work out the problem in April and a small part of the money was returned to the German State when Letnix became president in April. Major amounts of gold and currency still remain in the possession of Gobba though badly needed by the German People.

Media Career

On Feb 24th Gobba started his media career with an article he wrote about the eRepublik World map that he made. In just a few hours the article became internationally recognized and reached a total of 1000 votes placing international news number 1! (This at a time were 40 votes are all you can hope for in Germany). On that same day his newspaper (Gobbas News) also became Germany's most subscribed and ranked internationally 123th!

On March 12th the follow-up article was released placing international news in just four hours receiving over 1073 votes and placing the newspaper with now 414 subscriptions on international rank 85.

On March 25th the project "Make a auto-updated dynamic cool Map" war completed! Here is the article. It placed international news page 1 after barely 5 hours and reached an overall of staggering 1364 votes, resulting in the admittance of the newspaper into the top 50 international newspapers club with then 758 subscribers.

Just on day later on March 26th the follow up article with the world map v 2.0 was released. Also reaching international top 1 with 752 votes.

On March 28th, due to a lot of requests a draft version of the world map was released and advertised with this article! During this article the media mogul medal was awarded! The newspaper is now one of the top 25 international newspapers and was the first from Germany to achieve such honor!

Military Career

In Fall of 2009 part of the Russian elite Unit Phoenix under Romool.

Then part of the PEACEkeepers.

After that a lone fighter until he become the Commander of small Canadian military unit Chimichanga.


This is a list of Achievements: