Godzilla Party

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Godzilla Party

Party-Godzilla Party.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Japan.jpg Japan
Abbreviation GP
Founded August 2009
Dissolved  ?
Congress Occupancy 0 /0 seats, 0%
Succeeds Korean National Party
Succeeded By Moriya Jinja
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Anarchist

Godzilla Party was a political party in Japan that succeeded the Korean National Party. Originally made up of North Korean and South Korean exiles, it's number have since swelled to include members of all parts of the eJapanese community.

It was the largest party in Japan by raw numbers, held the Presidency and had the largest Congress share.

The Party President Crawling Chaos was also the President of Japan.


Godzilla Party has welcomed many members, from native Japanese to South Korean exiles, from Spanish immigrants to a former President of Denmark.

The party was open to every Japanese Citizen and any member can run for Congress. To get full support members had to be active in the game, on the forums and/or on IRC. Members had to also demonstrate loyalty and competence to the party.


The time has come for Godzilla once more to rampage across the land, attracting votes and seats in his wake. Vote Godzilla if you follow our platform:

1: Economic Growth: Encouraging manufacturing, high quality companies and high wages through government action. Everything is on the table from tax changes, exchange rates, and government infrastructure grants.

2: Military Expansion: Stockpiling Q5 weapons for emergency use, investment in new Field Marshals and high value Mutual Protection Pacts providing training and protection. Any way in which the military can be upgraded will be implemented if possible.

3: Freedom for Asia: We will continue to work on freeing every Asian state from occupation by supporting any action which brings us closer to a fully liberated Asia. It is everyone's right to have self determination, economic and political freedom. If this can be done peacefully, all the better.

4: Strong Immigration Controls: Everyone applying for citizenship should be vetted and the Government should have the right to refuse entry to known foreign saboteurs. This is a necessary evil to prevent hostile nations from taking over the Japanese Government under the guise of immigration, a common tactic in eRepublik.

5: Competent Government: Those in Government should be appointed based on merit rather than friendship or party lines. Godzilla party favors action over endless negotiations and discussions over a subject.


Party Presidents

Date Term Began Party President Percentage
August 2009 Goku Jones 78.72%
September 2009 Dokomo 84.78%
October 2009 Dokomo 100.00%
November 2009 Vorph 85.92%
December 2009 Vorph 100%
January 2010 Crawling Chaos 73.97%
Febuary 2010 Crawling Chaos 74.24%
March 2010 Crawling Chaos 100%

Congressional Election Results

Month Congressional Seats Percentage
August 2009 13 32.5%
September 2009 14 35%
October 2009 12 30%
November 2009 11 27.5%
December 2009 11 29%
January 2010 17 42.5%
February 2010 15 37.5%