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Goodbye Blue Monday

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General Information
Country Flag-USA.jpg USA
Owner Paul Proteus
Subscribers 1098
Articles 159
Content Cartoons/

The Newspaper

This image, satirizing Blank Keating initials lent the slogan "Have it Your Way" a real life Burger King slogan, to Blank's campaign for President

Originally Good-Bye Blue Monday, Now Goodbye Blue Monday

Goodbye Blue Monday is Politician and Humorist Paul Proteus' newspaper. It is meant to be funny, yet political. A more detailed description of Good-Bye Blue Monday, along with an archive is on Paul Proteus' page. The name of the newspaper is based after a slogan in the Kurt Vonnegut book, Breakfast of Champions GoodBye Blue Monday often uses pop-culture references to get its point across in funny ways, examples include Hitchiker's Guide to eSwitzerland, Consider the Following segments and Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger segments borrowed from real life comedian, Stephen Colbert. Articles have gone so far as to influence presidential campaigns, such as when Blank Keating borrowed the slogan for his campaign from an image featured in Goodbye Blue Monday.

Due to the generosity of a certain Kilgore Trout 89 (who originally owned the Goodbye Blue Monday name) GBM has changed it's name to eliminate the dash between Good and Bye in Goodbye Blue Monday. Goodbye Blue Monday is also lucky enough to enjoy a loyal fan base in both eSwitzerland, the nation of Paul's origin, and the eUS where Paul currently resides. And though not enjoying an extremely high number of subscribers, Goodbye Blue Monday routinely receives 40-50 votes an article.

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Here is the Goodbye Blue Monday Archive,

Issue 1- Congress by Paul Proteus

Issue 2- Upcoming Elections and More

Issue 3- JNArno is President and the Hitchhiker's Guide to eSwitzerland

Issue 4- The Future of eSwitzerland

Issue 5- Vote Paul for SDP Party President

Issue 6- Party Presidents, SFP, and Congress

Issue 7- Congress, Olympics, and Ferrets!

Issue 8- Thank You

Issue 9- Consider the Following with Paul Proteus

Issue 10-The Swiss Primaries

Issue 11-Primaries and Another Hitchhiker's Guide

Issue 12-Election, Implications and a Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger

Issue 13-Party Presidents, Consider the Following and an Apology

Issue 14-If I was RL Swiss...

Issue 15-Congressional Elections and the Swiss-ish Report

Issue 16-Asterix in Switzerland, The End of Primaries, and the Upcoming Elections

Issue 17-Presidential Elections, ZOMBIES!!! and a hint of Asterix

Issue 18-Hall of the Super Best Friends, Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger and a Book of Renouille

Issue 19-Paul's Going for Congress.....again

Issue 20-Holy Shit, Penguin's in Congress *Article Reported and Taken Down

Issue 21-Presidential Elections, A Postcard, and a Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger

Issue 22- An Ode To France *Published in France

Issue 23- EMERGENCY *Reported and Taken Down

Issue 24- Paul, a Party President! Other Election Results and Hackerz

Issue 25- Paul is going for Congress, the SFP, an Erepublik odyssey, and Goodbye Wazamza

Issue 26-Romandie, SFP Candidates and a Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger

Issue 27- A Little Song, Tales of Interest and some SFP News

Issue 28- The Tale of The Three Languages

Issue 29- Doctor Proteus, and how I learned to not worry and Support this Candidate

Issue 30- Presidential Address

Issue 31- The Government-Day 1000

Issue 32- Weekend Update, Constitution and Jobs, Jobs and more Jobs

Issue 33- The Legend of Paul

Issue 34- I'll Be Your Dipping Sauce Bitch


Issue 36- This Machine...

Issue 37- The Clifford Burns Political Machine

Issue 38- A Modest Proposal (Paul for President)

Issue 39- I Like Pike! (Paul for President)

Issue 40- Deja Vu (Presidential Address)

Issue 41- Time to get Serious (Presidential Address)

Issue 42- High School Never Ends (Presidential Address)

Issue 43- Hey Ho, Let's Go (Presidential Address)

Issue 44- Misery *This was Paul's first article in the USA

Issue 45- Paul says: Give CRoy something or else!

Issue 46- Erepublik Singles Hotline

Issue 47- Campaign Posters to Go! This article won the Gulden Draak award for Journalistic Excellence

Issue 48- This isn't Like Most Campaign Articles

Issue 49- A Wave of Lies and the Proteus Bump

Issue 50- (A Satire) Proteus4PoTeUS It's all about the Sprinkles

Issue 51- Available in Pharmacies Everywhere

Issue 52- Paul4Libs (PP4PP)

Issue 53- Operation Lib-eration (Party President)

Issue 54- Paul Says: Election Edition (Party President)

Issue 55- Consider the Following: A Pfeiffer/Proteus Ticket

Issue 56- Paul Speaks: On Races, Shit Hitting the Fan and Imminent, Imminent Attacks

Issue 57- The end of the Road (Party President) Marxus4Lib Party President and Grand Theft Auto: Canada

Issue 58- Hundreds Mourn Loss of Hard Workers

Issue 59- All Other Interviews are Child's Play (Interview with POTUS Candidates)

Issue 60- Have it Your Way (Proteus Bump Within)

Issue 61- The New State Department

Issue 62- Are You an Awesome Possum?

Issue 63- The State Lottery and Some World News

Issue 64- Interview with a Pet Rock

Issue 64- The Ambassador Lottery Strikes Again

Issue 65- Small Nations Exist

Issue 66- (PROTEUS4PoTeUS) Begin the Begin!

Issue 67- (PROTEUS4PoTeUS: VP and CoS) Born to Run

Issue 68- (PROTEUS4PoTeUS) Media Allstars

Issue 69- (PROTEUS4PoTeUS: Defense Team) Another One Bites the Dust

Issue 70- (PROTEUS4PoTeUS: Interior) We can Dance if We Want To!

Issue 71- (PROTEUS4PoTeUS: State and Treasury) My Generation

Issue 72- (PROTEUS4PoTeUS) A Final Appeal

Issue 73- Sailing Away

Issue 74- Captain's Log

Issue 75- A Day in the Life

Issue 76- Back in the US

Issue 78- Spanish People, Turtles and Pizza the Hut

Issue 79- Bazooka Riots Meet Paradoxical End

Issue 80- Headless Chicken Elected President

Issue 81- Admins Forget to Add Spain to the Game

Issue 82- Paul Proteus: Vampire Hunter

Issue 83- Paul of the Dead

Issue 84- Merry Christmas (Spoiler: It Ends Tonight)

Issue 85- Hey You Don't Remember Me? Well This is Awkward

Issue 86- This is what Happens When You Write your Articles at 2:30 AM

Issue 87- Revenge of the Winter Dolphin

Issue 88- Happy Valentines Day: Pass it on

Issue 89- The Land of Milk and Dairy This Article was Published in eSwitzerland

Issue 90- Edu-Ma-Cation: Jobs, Land and Levels

Issue 91- PaulProteusPartyPresident Manifesto

Issue 92- Paul4SFP Take Two

Issue 93- EVRYone's Gonna Get Stoned This Article was Published in the eUS

Issue 94- Don't Eat the Yellow (Journalism)

Issue 95- This Article has No Title (Endorsement Within)

Issue 96- Hygiene and Mudslinging

Issue 97- Mission(s) Impossible

Issue 98- Federalists Party Hard (Party President)

Issue 99- Game Changes and Federalist News (Party President)

Issue 100- Best Congress is Federalist Congress (Party President)

Issue 101- Unity through...Unity (Party President)

Issue 102- Month in Review (Party President)

Issue 103- I am Federalism and So Can You (Party President)

Issue 104- Don't Panic: A Federalist Guide to Congress (Party President)

Issue 105- Still Alive

Issue 106- Three Years of Proteus

Issue 107- (Guerrilla Radio) Episode 9: Duncan Crowe

Issue 108- Americans Shocked to Learn CoT is not, in fact, a Collapsible Bed

Issue 109- Shoe Soliloquy

Issue 110- Gorilla Fighting Comes to the eUS

Issue 111- Fun is Dead, Long Live Fun This is probably Paul's best serious article

Issue 112- Proteus4Poteus

Issue 113- Proteus4Poteus 2: The Cabinet

Issue 114- Continue? Standard concession fare

Issue 115- What is to be Done?

Issue 116- Proteus4Poteus: A Candidacy Announced

Issue 117- Proteus4Poteus Let's Talk Cabinets

Issue 118- Proteus4Poteus: Platforming

Issue 119- (PoTeUS) Day One

Issue 120- (PoTeUS) Day Three and Texas Free

Issue 121- (PoTeUS) Day Seven General Update

Issue 122- (PoTeUS) Day Eleven: ATO, SCI, Moving Costs Program

Issue 123- (PoTeUS) Day Nineteen: AFA Hurt, Congress Procedure, MU Contest

Issue 124- (PoTeUS) Day 24: Bringing the Hurt to Serbia

Issue 125- (Federalist Media) Fed Update Day 2096

Issue 126- (Fed Media) Fed Update Day 2104

Issue 127- Ch-ch-ch-changes

Issue 128- Siddy is Demokrasy

Issue 129- Plato Learns New Word, Won't Shut Up About It

Issue 130- Feel the Amps Congress Edition

Issue 131- PP4PP: This Campaign Goes to 11

Issue 132- PPPP says Vote AMP

Issue 133- Plato's attempts to Destroy Game Thwarted. Blames Stockholm Syndrome.

Issue 134- Proteus Returns, Possibly Contagious

Issue 135- #SeaLionsGate 2014

Issue 136- What it means to be a _______

Issue 137- In Praise of Folly

Issue 138- πολιτεία

Issue 139- Plato Waiting for People to Add Him as Friend

Issue 140- Why I am Voting Rainy Sunday

Issue 141- What's Done Cannot be Undone


Goodbye Blue Monday has had numerous banners during it's existence, and at many points, none at all, still here is an archive of GBM's banners past and present.

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