Government Positions of South Africa

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The Republic of South Africa
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The presidential staff consist of the president, his vice president and any other staff appointed to closely work with the president. They are responsible of leading the country.


As you would expect a president’s role is to lead his country, whether to greener pastures to conquer other regions or to free his people from oppression. Other roles the president plays is to inspire, guide and nurture his people and most of all to unify the nation. An important fact that people often forget is that the president is there to listen to ideas, advice and complaints from the people who have elected him/her.


  • Selecting and overseeing the cabinet
  • Communicating and do meeting with allies and other world leaders
  • Making executive decisions
  • Making proposals which congress cannot make.

Vice President

The vice president is the right hand man of the president. His task is to help the president is his or her task and help lighten the workload of the president. Due to game mechanics the vice president does not become president in game if the president gets impeached but the person second in the presidential elections becomes president.


  • Replace President if he is not available
  • Oversee cabinet


The adviser's task is to advise the president and the vice president In the past this position has had different names including Chief Minister of State & Executive Officer of the President


  • Advise President and vice president
  • Keep up to date with cabinet matter
  • Keep up to date with world affairs


Each country has different ministries and departments according to their needs and government structure. These ministries do not form part of eRepublik, but as an external organizational structure formed by the government of each eCountry. eSA currently has 5 ministries. In almost all cases, the deputy minister assists the minister of the respective ministry, so the roles of deputy ministers are more or less the same as the minister.

Ministry of Defense

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Finance

Also been known as Minister of Economic Affairs

Ministry of Security

Merger of the past Minister of Safety & Security and Minister of Intelligence

Ministry of Domestic Affairs

Defunct Ministries

Ministry of Internal Affairs

Ministry of Social Development

In the past also known as the Minister of Social Affairs was a merger of the pas ministries of Minister of Health and the Minister of Education

Ministry of Information

In the past known as the Minister of Public Affairs and Minister of Media & Public Relations

Ministry of Tourism

Minister of Trade

Minister of Liberation Negotiations

Minister of Law

In the past also known as Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development

Minister of Minerals & Energy