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This page contains elements/concepts/ideas which are NOT eRepublik Game Features.

The following is a guide to the government structure of Canada.

Prime Minister's Office

Country President (Prime Minister) Directly or indirectly, all members of the government report to the Prime Minister. He is the Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces; therefore, members of the War Department naturally report directly to him. He directs policy, ensures the laws of the land are enforced, represents our country abroad, and is -in a manner of speaking- the General Manager of the entire Government.

The PM's Privy Council

The Country presidency is a big job, and it's getting bigger as eCanada grows and expands. The Privy Council will help keep the Country president up to speed on the various institutions operating within eCanada, notify him of their concerns and requests, and provide valuable advice to the Prime Minister.

Liaison for the Francophone Community
CAF Liaison
Congressional Liason

Country Vice-President (Deputy Prime Minister; dPM)

The Deputy Prime Minister is second in charge and first when the PM is not around. He will be responsible for assisting and watching over the Department of the Interior. The dPM will assist and advise the Prime Minister on national issues, and will be the point man on all domestic programs, policies and initiatives.

The PMO's Press Officer

Responsible for informing eCanadian Citizens about important news and events in eCanada's government. The PMO's Press Officer actively works to improve the communications of the Canadian Government.

Organisation: Ministry of Information

Federal Government Department

Department of National Defense

Department Director - Country President

Minister of Defense
Responsible for coordinating military planning with allies, friendly forces and the Canadian Armed Forces CAF. Reports to the PM and, in the PM's absence, to the DPM as per military chain of command. Is able to make strategic military decisions in the absence of PM and DPM. The Deputy minister is responsible for coordinating the development and expansion of the Rangers.

Minister of Public Safety
Helps look after and keep secure the eCanadian forums, and also ensures security in the private (eCanadians only) IRC channels. Alerts the government about imminent security issues.

CSIS Director
Responsible for organizing and directing eCanada's intelligence community and ensuring the security of classified information. Also responsible for screening new citizen requests to protect eCanada from PTOs or infiltration by hostile powers.

Department of National Commerce

Organisation: Royal Canadian Mint

Minister of Finance
Responsible for monitoring the eCanadian economy while working with Congress to make smart tax changes along with looking for ways to improve eCanada's economy.
Organisation: Canadian Ministry of Finance

Victory Bonds Canada
Responsible for maintaining and paying out the Victory Bonds program, and if the event of another war restarting the Victory Bonds program to finance the war effort.
Organisation: Victory Bonds Canada

Statistics Canada
Responsible for organizing the monthly census and publishing the results using the Press Office newspaper.
Organisation: Statistics Canada

Department of Foreign Relations

Department Director - Country Vice-President

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Looks after maintaining and improving our embassies, represents eCanada in foreign fields, and works with the government to make good foreign affairs decisions. As part of our platform promise, we intend to expand this department to include actively developing treaties with other countries to provide business opportunities for eCanadians, and others benefits for the eCanadian economy.

Secretary of State of the Ambassador Corps (SoSAC)
The SoSAC is in charge of the Ambassador Crops, and therein, in charge of the ambassadors. He ensures that ambassadors are active and are performing their duties, as well as help the ambassadors in guiding them to be better ambassadors.

Ambassadors create the backbone of the Foreign Affairs division. They are the representatives of eCanada for other countries and help communication between countries. They speak with members of other countries to get an idea of how the rest of the world sees eCanada. They also update the Foreign Affairs team on important events that occur in other nations, as well as inform other countries about important events in eCanada.

EDEN Representative
Represents eCanada to the Brotherhood of EDEN Alliance Organization and ensures we are meeting their needs and requests. The EDEN Representative, working with the Minister of National Revenue, his Department director and colleagues, monitors any necessary dues to our allies. The EDEN Representative also ensures we are up to speed on issues relating to the Czech-Slovak Training War, our EDEN dues, etc. The EDEN Representative monitors the discourses inside alliances and notifies the Country president and Department of Foreign Relations of the topics or debates taking place, especially if they directly relate to eCanada.

SoL Representative Represents eCanada to the SoL Alliance Organization and ensures we are meeting their needs and requests. The SoL Representative, working with the Minister of National Revenue, monitors any necessary dues to our friends for the SoL Training Wars. The SoL Representative monitors the discourses inside the SoL alliance and notifies the Country president and Department of Foreign Relations of the topics or debates taking place, especially if they directly relate to eCanada.

Department of the Interior

Minister of State
Responsible for managing, assisting and maintaining the interior cabinet ministers and ministries. Will advise the PM and DPM on matters involving the Department of the Interior and make suggestions.

Minister of Health and Social Services
Looks after the return of the Canadian Health Services and will take care of national health care.

Minister of Industry
Ensures the many government businesses owned by Shinra and the Ministry of Industry are maintained properly.

Minister of Immigration and Citizenship
Provides moving tickets to eCanadians in need, and offers assistance or direction to Canadian citizens or foreign citizens looking for citizenship.

Minister of Official Languages
Responsible for providing the government with quick and accurate translations of government documents to help all eCanadian francophone players perform to the best of their ability.

Minister of Heritage
Responsible for collating Congressional Acts, Treaties. Also responsible for the official record for the History of eCanada, and updating eCanada's Wiki entries.

Minister of Education
Responsible for educating eCanadian citizens on game mechanics and taking part in eCanadian social activities such as the forums and IRC channel. Will also be responsible for helping 00AngryMobMan00 get the eCanadian university up and running efficiently and as quick as possible.

The Department of Justice

Department Director
Responsible for the new, post-Citizenship module Constitution: it's drafting, maintenance, amendments and reforms. eCanada deserves a Constitution that will guarantee our freedoms and rights, and also ensure our national security. The Directory will now be given the authority he needs to work with Congress in developing a Constitution that will include the valuable lessons we have learned since WWIII began.

Minister of Justice
Responsible for giving legal advice to the government and prosecuting criminals, either directly or by appointing prosecutors on a case by case basis.

Auditor General
Responsible for maintaining accountability in the eCanadian government and monitors government financial transactions. He makes sure no one is taking cookies from the jar without permission.

Attorney General
The Attorney General is the official legal adviser of the President and his Cabinet, also has superintendence in all issues related to a law outside of Erepublik law, while also holding to the position of insuring all congressional projects are constitutional.

* - denote an unconfirmed appointment, or the person holding the position in the previous term with no update regarding the position.
Un-appointed - denotes a position that either has no person holding that position or the position has not been announced as filled by any specific person.