Grand Lodge of Switzerland

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Grand Lodge of Switzerland
Logo of Grand Lodge of Switzerland
Owner Switzerland
Owners Ministry of Education of Switzerland
Country Flag-Switzerland.jpg Switzerland
Headquarters Romandie
Founded July 21, 2017
Founder Napoleon Tibi
Services Education, Knowledge, Science, Social, Economic, Political, Culture, Literature, Technology, Development
Colours Red and White


Grand Lodge of Swizterland or the Swiss Horizon Lodge is the first Lodge in eWorld and Icon-Switzerland.png Switzerland.


The Grand Lodge of Switzerland was founded on the 21st July 2017 (known) probably existed even before through an article posted and signed by the Swiss Minister of Education Napoleon Tibi, in which he made it public that they recruit new members.

The Ranks in the Lodge
Level Rank
1 Member in the Republican Guard
2 Soldier of the Republic
3 Officer of the Republic
4 Member of the Legion of Honor
5 Officer of the Legion of Honor
6 Grand Master of Switzerland
7 Knight of Switzerland


The Grand Lodge of Switzerland (or the Swiss Horizon) supports Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite and all the symbols of the French Revolution. We develop a new society while honouring, preserving and protecting the cultural values. It's an organisation based on secrecy due to its political rivals and will do everything to cover itself.


Many people are sure that the Swiss Horizon has hundreds of members. Although there's no official claim by any of their officials who prefer to let it be a mystery. It's members have advantages such as debates on all types of domains (such as Politics, Physics, History, Culture, etc). They get the support of the lodge to rise in political/military functions. And they support the lodge's interests. All for one, one for all.


Anyone can apply to the lodge through this link.

Knight of The Horizon.jpg

The logo of Knights of Switzerland or also called "Knights of The Horizon"