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Congressman, former Minister of Immigration, former party leader for The Progress Party, frontman of the ideology progress, ex. ambassador, musician, founder of the organisation for new players Ny Framtid (in English "New Future") and Utbildningsverket.


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Nationality Flag-Sweden.jpg Swedish
Date of birth 26 November 2008 - Day 372
Residence Gotaland
Sex Male
Minister of Immigration of Sweden
February 2009 – June 2009
Preceded by Zauzage
Succeeded by Ghorby
Congress member of Sweden
March 2010 – ?
Military rank Icon rank Field Marshal.png Field Marshal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


Graytuna - A young but experienced leader!

Graytuna (Also known as '`Graysan' or 'Gray') is an experienced citizen of Sweden. He have been citizen of New World since December 2008.

He is most known for his work for new citizens/beginners. Graytuna played an important role in the development of the Utbildningsverket) and more recently, he founded another organisation for new players - Ny Framtid - in March 2010. Graytuna have been active within most areas of the New World, such as, politics, economy, media, military, diplomacy etc...

Life motto

 Todays ideas are tomorrow's future 
Graytuna is back into politics!

Political views

Graytuna is the front-man of "Progress" (An political ideology within the New World). Graytuna's political views are products of many months of intense work within many areas in Sweden.

The focus of progress lays on growth, development and cooperation. The main part of this is to work and help new players as much as possible. New players leads to expansion, creativity and new ideas.

Smart politics distinguish Graytuna's political career. By making smart and well planned decisions, Graytuna has become a well respected and well-known politician.

Political Career

The first time

Graytuna's outstanding activity from the start really payed of!

Graytuna joined the New World in December 2008. He came into Swedish politics due to high activity in IRC and at the [ Swedish forum]. He was first a member of the Purjo-party but it was too inactive so he left the dead party.

He took the decision to work for Sweden in the organiastion Migrationsverket to recruit new players to Sweden.

Graytuna decided to join Flashback Sweden. His efforts payed off and he won a place in the congress in the first elections after he joined the game. He thanked his region, Mecklenburg-Western-Pomerania for the support in an article. He mentioned that a month in the congress would probably result in invaluable experiences for the future - and was right.

Graytuna followed his mentor Icehacker a lot during these times. They worked together both in FBS and in the Swedish Migrationsverket. However, a new rising star in form of mighty Toothpaste turned the world upside down for Graytuna.

The time in FBS, Migrationsverket and in the congress

Graytuna and his stab walks towards the Swedish congress, with the proposition of "Utbildningsverket" with them

Graytuna served FBS, Migrationsverket and the congress loyaly for a very long time. During several months, Graytuna came into the congress, became minister of immigration and he advanced rapidly in his party. It was like this for a long time and it was during these hardworking months the Graytuna grew as a player and gained a lot of experience.

Graytuna worked a lot during these months from January 2009 until the spring. He also worked as ambassador in Canada and UK, entrepreneur and founder of Atlas Corp.

The Progress Party

During Spring 2009, Graytuna decided to leave Flashback Sweden to start a new party - The Progress Party. The party strive for realising Graytuna's political views (Progress)in a new way, from a new position. It worked out well after the start. The party grew from just a few members to having 30+ members and a top-5 position. It all resulted in a congress place owned by mighty Crazyfrog11.

There were many positive aspects with a small little party like TPP but also negative ones too. It took a lot of energy and time to establish the party. Due to enormous amounts of work and too little "politics actually being realised" - Graytuna declared that the days of TPP were over. The party was officially abandoned in August.

The members of TPP all decided to keep up the fight for progress and when the right day came, to once again gather to realise the common visions.

The comeback

Graytuna returned to politics in first quarter of 2010, as stated in his article (only in Swedish) posted the 25th of March 2010. He declared in the article that he was going to focus on 3 main issues in Sweden. New Players, International relationships and Information. He become member of Flashback Sweden and as well a congressman.

The logo of The Progress Party. Main questions were progress, corporation and new players


Utbildningsverket.png Graytuna was Minister of Education in eSweden and one of his tasks was to bring Utbildningsverket back on its feet.


Graytuna is even though is young age a very mature and innovative person. Graytuna's personality is distinguished by patience, organisation, helpfulness, creativity, leadership and optimism.

Graytuna likes to see things from different perspectives and if you were to say something about him, you could absolutly call im a perfectionist. Perfectionism in combination with a huge amount of creativity is a natural mix for Graytuna.

Graytuna is the man!

People around Graytuna

Some people have meant a lot to Graytuna. IAMEP is now dead in eRepublik but helped out a lot during the time in The Progress Party. He will always be remembered as one of the greatest of all times in Sweden.

The popular,loved, hated and controversial politician and Swede Toothpaste was a source of inspiration during Graytuna's earliest days in politics. As new rising stars, both Graytuna and Toothpaste had sucess during the winter months of 2008 and the start of 2009. Their roads met at first when Graytuna was given a place in the administration of eSweden, as a minister of Immigration. Toothpaste left the game suddenly and left Sweden to live a imperialist, capitalistic and free life in Spain. According to rumors, he might still be there today.

The awesome man frozen4 showed Graytuna the fantastic world of white ninja and was a good friend during the short time they both knew each other.

Icehacker introduced Gray to the exciting life of politics, entrepreneurship and to the whole game. They have both been colleagues amd are nowadays trying to work together within the area for new players.

QWERTY95, Crazyfrog11, Moonie and SwedenCitizen have all been extremely good friends to Graytuna. Their bond is unique and they will forever be connected by the fact that they all support Progress.

QWERTY95 in his everyday suite.


Last but not least, someone that deserves his own paragraph. Graytuna gained a lot of self-confidence from Misho. Inspiration came from his personality, leadership and his articles. They worked together for a short amount of time in the Swedish military. Graytuna will never forget the trust he was given. Graytuna hopes that both one day will be able to cooperate again - for Sweden!.

The work for New Players

New Players are the key to future success - something that Graytuna as an old newbie realised himself!

New players is the key to success. As a former minister of migration and as an active congressman - Graytuna has worked and faced challenges to improve the situation for new players in Sweden. Within the congress, Graytuna have done several proposals to help new players and the work done by the now closed Migrationsverket.

Graytuna proposed and developed the proposal about the Utbildningsverket which was later accepted within the congress.

Military Career

Beside politics, Graytuna likes to be involved in military events such as wars. Graytuna was chosen to sit in the Sweden Military HQ and started in that way a career from the top. Graytuna become and officer and platoon leader (He's the father of platoon Wolf). This career however was later finished off. Graytuna earned a lot experience from the time within the military, but he felt like he had to deal with all these newbies in Sweden before being able to return to the army.

The Musician Graytuna

Graytuna and IAMEP rocked the stage!

Graytuna is one of the New Worlds most famous musicians, playing venues all over the world. The friend IAMEP was one of Graytuna's sidekicks on the road.


 ...population innebär väldigt mycket. Vad vore nyerövrade regioner utan invånare? Vad vore företag utan anställda och köpare? Vad vore militären om flera kunde kämpa för Sverige?... 
(Graytuna about the importance of a high population)
 Ask me to write a 1000pages book and I'll do it!  
( Graytuna wants wo work)
 I live a normal life now after several hard but funny months in the game. Now I have the chance to live out my dream as a working class hero  
( Graytuna about his new life as a normal working class person)
 These times are just full with homeworks guys... I can't comeback right now!  
( Graytuna almost drowned in the piles of homework last term!)
 There's a fine line - between chaos and creation  
( Graytuna)