Great British Democratic Party

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Great British Democratic Party

Party-Great British Democratic Party.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Abbreviation GBDP
Colors Red, White & Blue
Founded October 2012
Dissolved End of 2014
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By British Reform and Opportunity
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian
 Forgive and forget, move forward together 

Great British Democratic Party fought for a better democracy in the United Kingdom and supported new players in politics. They also believe in bringing an end to extreme party rivalries and instead have a more unified country working together to overcome its problems. The motto of the party is "forgive and forget, move forward together".



The Great British Democratic Party was originally founded in October 2012 by Grand Emperor Ryan as Great British Empire Party. It was founded under the ideas of a monarchy.

The Start of Democracy

When Jny123 became party president, he changed the party into a democratic party. He won the first full party president elections in November. This saw players such as Novarefuge and Bob Bloggs joining the party. Jny123 also won the December elections of 2012 making him the final party president for that year. Congressman CheetahCurtis joined after the December 15th elections but left Congress after not running in the next election. Will Corbett moved to the Great British Aristocracy Party after being elected into Congress, making him the only Congressman in the Great British Democratic Party. The party slowly grew from this point and at the March 2013 PP elections, there were 22 members of the party.


In the June 2013 PP elections, Will Corbett narrowly beat Sekula Vasiljevic to begin his second term as party president. At around the same time, party legend Jny123 rejoined the party and the member count increased to 8. Will Corbett immediately sought the reformation of the party, holding ballots which resulted in the party's change of name to British Reform and Opportunity (BRO).


Party was reestablished sometime at the end of 2013 or beginning of 2014. The history information is a bit unknown for that period, it is known that in the party leadership there were Aleksandar.V Popovic, Patriot9977 and Lord Halifax.

Party Politics

Party Presidents

The Great British Democratic Party has had several different Party Presidents. Grand Emperor Ryan was the first party president but Jny123 took over to ensure the party became a democratically ruled party. Jny123 has seen two terms consecutively in November and December of 2012. CheetahCurtis was the first Party President of 2013 after receiving 70% of the party votes. CheetahCurtis won the February elections again, with the same percentage of votes. Jny123 went on to win the March elections, making it his 3rd term as PP. In the April 2013 elections, Will Corbett was elected, beginning his first term as PP of the GBDP, and Bob Bloggs began his first term as PP in May 2013. However, he resigned shortly afterwards, leading to CheetahCurtis having another term in office. Will Corbett was elected for his second term in June 2013, and immediately set about reforming the party into a new party - British Reform and Opportunity.

Asterisk (*) denotes PP who stepped down

Congress members