Greece Prosperity Movement

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Greece Prosperity Movement

Party-Greece Prosperity Movement.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Greece.jpg Greece
Abbreviation GPM
Colors Blue, white
Founded September 2008
Dissolved December 2008
Members 500 (at its height)
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Greek Republic Resistance
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Socialist

The Greece Prosperity Movement (GPM) was the preeminent political party in Greece from September to December 2008. The GPM was founded in June 2008 as the Greek Republic Resistance to overthrow the hegemony that Capelli King and his United Greece Party had installed in Greek politics. It maintained a majority in the Hellenic Parliament as well as control of the Presidency from the July elections onward. It had up to 500 members, at its height.


Vice President Ikarti assumed party presidency on August 25, 2008 and soon after the title of President of the Republic when John Daker was raptured in the early morning of August 28, 2008. Ikarti quickly moved to establish a solid party platform for the September general elections and ultimately won after Presidential Guards arrested Free Gallant, a minority party leader who broke into the Presidential Estate and declared himself President.

On September 27, 2008, Ikarti formally changed the name of the party to the Greece Prosperity Movement, shattering the last link to the Capelli era in Greece.


The September platform for the GPM was announced by party president Ikarti:

  • New businesses and employment opportunities will be encouraged in the weapons, gifts, and housing industries. Lower quality companies will be needed to train workers and fill the gaps in Q1 and Q2. Grants for quality upgrades or foundation of a new company will be made available to any Greek who presents a sound business model.
  • The food industry will be developed to provide high quality food to keep up with expansion of other industries and their related Wellness impacts.
  • A hospital company will be started under a national organization. This will be subsidized and upgraded directly to a q4 if at all possible with the amount of money we have available.
  • Trade deals with other countries will be negotiated. As Vice President, Ikarti personally negotiated the deals made with Thailand and Austria in August 2008.
  • Maintain our relations with FIST and build better ones with our neighbors. This includes Greco-Turkish relations. Greece will be a safe Greece and a Greece that desires nothing but peace and unity throughout Europe and Asia.
  • Promote unity between the populations in Greece.


Flag of the Greek Republic Resistance.

Shortly after the Resistance's emergence, a flag was designed to show allegiance to the Resistance and a new Greece. It features a centered gold cross that divides the flag into four quarters. In the upper left, a gold double-headed eagle is centered on a light blue field. The bottom right of the flag consists of nine alternating light blue and white stripes, taken from the flag of Greece. The flag was designed to incorporate both Byzantine and Greek influences.