Greek Government

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Greek Government

Party-Greek Government.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Greece.jpg Greece
Abbreviation GG
Founded February 21, 2009
Dissolved April 2009
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Greek Liberation Front
Succeeded By Ethniko Enotiko Kinima
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian


After the liberation of Thrace in 19 February 2009, which was the first free Greek region by then, Efthimios Pappas -the newly elected President- created the first party. The party was named Greek Government because it housed the first free government. Greek Government was born from the ashes of Greek Liberation Front, the last known party before liberation, although the majority of its members were new citizens non members of Greek Liberation Front.


President of the newly created party until the party's presidential elections of 14th March remained Efthimios Pappas. He was the first and last President, as the next month the party was renamed as Ethniko Enotiko Kinima.