Greek Independence War

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Greek Independence War
Map of Greek Independence War
Date Feb 2009 –
Location Thrace
Result Greece resestablished
Territorial Changes Thrace
Flag-Greece.jpg Greece
Flag-Theocratic Switzerland.jpg Theocratic
Flag-Turkey.jpg Turkey

The Greek Independence War was a resistance war that freed the Turkish-occupied regions of Greece.


On February 18, 2009, a resistance war started in Turkey in a failed attempt to liberate the Aegean Islands region. The following day, a new resistance war was started in Turkey, in the Greek region of Thrace. It was freed and Greece gained its independence.


In the two resistance wars from the one side was Turkey who received help from its allies Iran, Indonesia, Portugal and some individuals from different countries mostly PEACE members. From the other side, Greek freedom fighters received help from ATLANTIS countries, the Theocrats and various individuals. PEACE made a declaration of keeping neutrality in these resistance wars.