Greek Republic Resistance

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Greek Republic Resistance

Party-Greece Prosperity Movement.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Greece.jpg Greece
Abbreviation GRR
Colors Blue, white
Founded June 2008
Dissolved September 2008
Members 500 (at its height)
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Greece Prosperity Movement
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Socialist

The Greece Republic Resistance (GRR) was the preeminent political party in Greece from July to September 2008. The GRR was founded in June 2008 to overthrow the hegemony that Capelli King and his United Greece Party had installed in Greek politics. It maintained a majority in the Hellenic Parliament as well as control of the Presidency from the July elections onward.


In June 2008, Rathen Holton left the United Greece Party to form his own party, which he named the "Greek Republic Resistance." The Resistance was set up in order to oppose what they perceived to be the corrupt administration of then-President Capelli King and his party, the United Greece Party. The party maintains several companies which are intended to help combat the food crisis in Greece.

The party contested the local elections on June 20th, 2008 and won the mayorship of every city in Greece by wide margins except in Heraklion, Capelli King's hometown, which the Resistance won by a single vote. Following that victory, the Resistance went on to contest the United Greece-held Presidency and Congress and won both, solidifying Resistance control of the country with the Presidency and 32 seats in Congress.

In September 2008, Greek Vice President Ikarti took over the party following the death of party president John Daker and renamed the party to the Greek Prosperity Movement.


Flag of the Greek Republic Resistance.

Shortly after the Resistance's emergence, a flag was designed to show allegiance to the Resistance and a new Greece. It features a centered gold cross that divides the flag into four quarters. In the upper left, a gold double-headed eagle is centered on a light blue field. The bottom right of the flag consists of nine alternating light blue and white stripes, taken from the flag of Greece. The flag was designed to incorporate both Byzantine and Greek influences.

Rathen Holton

The first party president of the Resistance was Rathen Holton, who nationalized businesses in a multi-tier economic subsidy organization that lasted until the Balkan War, as many Greek regions were annexed by Turkey. He established and administered party elections that democratically elected mayoral candidates for each region as well as MPs for the general election.

John Daker

Rathen Holton stepped down at the end of his term and appointed Vice President John Daker as the new party president for August 2008. Daker assembled the first Greek Cabinet but due to his age left many administrative decisions to Ikarti.


Vice President Ikarti assumed party presidency on August 25, 2008 and soon after the title of President of the Republic when John Daker was raptured in the early morning of August 28, 2008. Ikarti quickly moved to establish a solid party platform for the September general elections and ultimately won after Presidential Guards arrested Free GaLLanT, a minority party leader who broke into the Presidential Estate and declared himself President.

On September 27, 2008, Ikarti formally changed the name of the party to the Greece Prosperity Movement, shattering the last link to the Capelli era in Greece.