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Green Liberal Democrats

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General Information
Country Flag-Netherlands.jpg Netherlands
Founded 16th of June 2009
Congress Occupancy 0 /20 seats, 0%
Succeeds Liberaal ChristenDemocraten
Succeeded By Verenigd Nederland
Orientation Center

Green Liberal Democrats: The Party

The Core Values

The Green Liberal Democrats (GLD) stood for freedom of enterprise, peace and diplomacy, fair taxes and wages, and a transparent and open government. GLD are strong proponents of the Unity. GLD core values are summarised in the following sentences:

  • Building a strong local economy with local jobs, exporting quality products to the rest of the world
  • Participatory democracy and government transparency
  • Encouraging creativity instead of a state run economy



The Green Liberal Democrats were founded on the 16th of June when Peter Green took over the existing party the Liberaal ChristenDemocraten (LCD) run by Bunyan. It was the fastest growing parties in the United Netherlands, growing from 20 to more than 50 in a couple of days, making an entry in the top 5 of political parties in the eUNL where they stayed till the whole existence of eUNL.

Party Presidents

Date Term Began Party President Number of votes
15 June 2009 Peter Green 5
15 July 2009 Pander Sols 22
15 August 2009 Pander Sols 31
15 September 2009 Trinc 35
15 October 2009 Steingrimur Illugi 33
15 November 2009 Steingrimur Illugi 37
15 December 2009 Steingrimur Illugi 23
15 January 2010 Sjakie03 24
15 February 2010 Dylan Verstraete 15
15 March 2010 Pander Sols 19
15 April 2010 Pander Sols 22
15 May 2010 Pander Sols* / Konrad Neumann 25
15 June 2010 Konrad Neumann 36
  • Pander Sols resigned after the congress election due to real life reasons, and Konrad Neumann became the party president due to highest experience player in the party.

Congress results

Date Number of congressmembers elected percentage of congressmembers
25 June 2009 6 15.0%
25 July 2009 2 5.0%
25 august 2009 6 15,0%
25 September 2009 3 7,5%
25 October 2009 7 17,5%
25 November 2009 6 15,0%
25 December 2009 6 15,0%
25 January 2010 7 17,5%
25 February 2010 5 12,5%
25 March 2010 8 20,0%
25 April 2010 9 22,5%
25 May 2010 6 16,67%
25 June 2010 9 22,5%


Party-Green Liberal Democrats v2.pngParty-Green Liberal Democrats v2.jpgParty-Green Liberal Democrats.JPG

June 2009

July 2009

  • 5th of July: Peter Green runs for the Country President. He turns fourth with 44 votes, against 73 votes for ThomasRed of the Belgian Party. A close election, as every top 5 party had a running candidate
  • 15th of July: Jan Appel and Pander Sols run for the Party president. In the elections, Pander Sols wins with 22 votes against 10 votes for Jan Appel
  • 24th of July: Activity at the GLD-forum had ceased to exist, party president Pander Sols quits, scourger took over his function by experience
  • 25th of July: The Green Liberal Democrats come out the elections with some results, two party members were elected
  • 28th of July: Party member Paladijn publicly asks "What happened to the party?". Gathering all active members to boost the party

August 2009

  • 4th of August: Paladijn declares the Green Liberal Democrats are "Alive and kicking" with the return of Pander Sols in the game, the creation of the GLD HQ and the GLD informer and a lot of activity in the GLD-forum
  • 5th of August: The Green Liberal Democrats support ThomasRed from the Belgian Party. He gets elected with 163 (62.69%) votes, winning from the runner-up Frerk from Iron & Wine with 72 (27.69%)
  • 15th of August: Pander Sols stands for re-election as the party president. He gets elected as a single participant, getting a total of 33 votes
  • 25th of August: The Green Liberal Democrats run in the Congress elections, ending up with 6 elected congress members

September 2009

  • 5th of September: The Green Liberal Democrats and Libertarian Social Democrat support Iron & Wine's presidential candidate Kixtart against ThomasRed from the Belgian Party. ThomasRed won the elections
  • 15th of September: Trinc gets elected as the party president
  • 25th of September: The congress elections give the Green Liberal Democrats 5 congressmen, two of which were illegal. BBQHAWAII was elected due to his own Multi-accounts, and Gromenauer due to a bug. Both were deleted from the Congressional list, leading into a mere 3 congressmen

October 2009

  • 5th of October: Mark Decius runs for president for the Green Liberal Democrats and receives support from the Libertarian Party, Gelijkheid Vrijheid en Democratie and the Open Society. He runs against ArtemIvanov who in his turn received support from Libertarian Social Democrats and the Belgian Party. ArtemIvanov wins the election with 200 against 154 votes
  • 15th of October: Steingrimur Illugi gets elected as the party president
  • 25th of October: The congress elections see the Green Liberal Democrats win 7 seats, in every region of the country. Aethegwyn, Grofica and Sandman12 enter Congress for the first time

November 2009

  • 5th of November: GLD supports ArtemIvanov for his run for the President. He gets elected with 190 (49,74%) votes before runner-up ThomasRed with 138 (36,13%) votes
  • 15th of November: Steingrimur Illugi gets reelected as the party president
  • 25th of November: GLD gets 6 congress seats a total of 15% of the Congress

December 2009

  • 5th of December: GLD chose to not support anybody in the presidential elections. ThomasRed become president with a total of 259 votes
  • 15th of December: Steingrimur Illugi become the party president for the third time in a row
  • 25th of December: GLD keeps the same amount of the Congress seats: 6, and joins the coalition with I&W and LP

January 2010

  • 5th of January: Trinc runs for the President. He ended up third with a total amount of 66 votes. ThomasRed won the elections with 132 votes and DanielB1989 ended second with 106 votes
  • 15th of January: Sjakie03 gets elected as the party president
  • 25th of January: GLD gets 7 seats in the Congress. Gaining 1 seat more than the previous month

February 2010

  • 5th of February: Trinc decides to run for the president again. This time he gets support from the Libertarian Social Democrats and the Belgian Party. He doesn't get elected against Mitch Rapp. Mitch Rapp got a total of 130 votes, while Trinc got only 96 votes
  • 15th of February: Dylan Verstraete gets elected as the party president
  • 25th of February: GLD gets 5 congress seats. They have lost 2 seats since the last elections

March 2010

  • 5th of March: The Green Liberal Democrats support Mitch Rapp in his run for the President. He gets elected with a total of 115 votes
  • 15th of March: Pander Sols who recently rejoined the Green Liberal Democrats got elected as the party president
  • 25th of March: GLD has got the most congress seats since their existence. They have won 8 congress seats in the elections

April 2010


The Green Liberal Democrats had an organisation called the GLD HQ. Members of the party added this Organisation as a friend to stay informed about the party through its shouts. The HQ does also contain a newspaper, the GLD Informer.

GLD Informer

The GLD Informer is the Green Liberal Democrats official newspaper. It was used by the Green Liberal Democrats' Party Officials to publish all official party statements. It also contained an Index, making it easy to navigate through the newspaper.

Party Officials

Party-Green Liberal Democrats v3.jpg

The Green Liberal Democrats was an organised party, internally divided the tasks between so-called Party Officials. Take note none of these jobs existed in-game, they were all informal positions created by GLD members to ease up the process of managing the party.

Party Vice President

The Vice Party President supports the Party President and helps him or her with his or her duties. Also, the Vice Party President takes over the responsibility's of the Party President when the Party President is not able to fulfil them. This can be temporary if the Party President is on a holiday or when a very important decision/action has to be made and the Party President is inactive. This can also be for the whole sitting when the Party President left the party or is impeached. None of the ingame responsibility's can be taken over by the Vice Party President, but he/she has to try forming a good communication with the ingame Party President if possible. While the Vice Party president is a non-elected position, for he or she is appointed by the party president, there can still be started a vote of (dis)confidence against him or her. This voting takes place on the forum and can be started in the debate room.

Vice president was: Matt Johnson

Party Secretary

He or she is the head of non-elected party officials, whilst the party president is the political chief of the party. He or she isn't the head of the Vice Party President, the Vice Party President can receive a democratic support if needed and even step up as the interim Party President. The Party Secretary has to coordinate and motivate our officials, follow up on their actions and organize the search and election process to find new party officials should someone resign or if we create a new position. He or she is responsible for our internal organization and can thus suggest to create new party officials and define their role.

Head of Congressional Delegation

A new position, created in October 2009, to ensure a high level of high level of attendance and participation by GLD Congress members. It is their duty to keep in regular contact with every member of the delegation and seek to assist those members in carrying out their duties as elected representatives. Along with the Party President, the office holder is expected to impress upon all members of the delegation that high standards of personal conduct are expected. The Head of Congressional Delegation must be elected members of Congress and have the support of the majority of their fellow GLD Congress representatives (elections may need to be held in the event of two or more persons express an interest in the role). The office holder reports directly to the Party President. The term of office is one month (one term of Congress) and requires a new mandate at the end of that term.

Press Coordinator/Press Team

The Press Coordinator is in charge of writing press releases and following up on media stories related to the Green Liberal Democrats. It will be his or her job to translate our ideas into concrete and understandable articles. Also, he or she will have to be able to respond with tact and respect to political comments on the Green Liberal Democrats. To take initiative in organizing the articles for the elections is also an important duty of his or hers. If possible, he or she can also update our page on the wiki of erepublik every once in a while. Alternatively, if this is a job too big for just one person, there can be formed a Press Team. At the moment, we have a press team.

Press team members were: Mark Decius, Sjakie03

Welcoming Committee / Recruiters Office

Members of the Welcoming Committee welcome new eRepublik citizens to the New World, and invite them to join the Green Liberal Democrats. Also, they need to reach out to new members of the party and inform them about things such as the Forum and the IRC, sometimes even non-party related business.

Welcoming Committee member was: Matt Johnson

Director of New Media

The Director of New Media is responsible for the creation of Green Liberal Democrat campaign ads: visual (banners, YouTube videos) and audio (podcast). He or she can appoint New Media Assistants to work with them on party projects.


Green Liberal Democrats could be contacted in one of these ways:

  • The Members: The Members are always willing to help when questions are asked. For the person that matches your question you can search for the right Party Official, they were mentioned above.
  • The National Forum: The GLD had a subforum and a private forum there, the subforum is accessible for everyone and you can find it here: . To get access to their private forum, you will have to apply for the usergroup GLD-member. Only ingame members and future members are allowed.
  • IRC: The Green Liberal Democrats have an official IRC-channel you can find it at #GLD in the server Members of our party are recognisable through their status, they are either Ops or Half-ops. You can always ask your questions to them. The GLD-channel is closed for public every Sunday at 20:00 GMT+1, when our party members have their weekly IRC-meeting. More information can be found here:

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