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Dead citizen


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Nationality Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatian
Date of birth 13th December 2008
Day 389
Date of death N/A
Residence Central Croatia
Sex Male
Newspaper Hrvatski Dunadan
Congress member of Croatia
26 April 2009 – 25 May 2009
Ambassador of Singapore
7 September 2009 – N/A
Military rank Icon rank National Force***.png National Force***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Grgo was a citizen of Croatia. Originally he is Croat and his main residence was in Northwest Croatia.

Grgo has received a Permanent Ban: Citizen permanently suspended for properties obtained through an illegal or unjust method. This ban has been revoked and Grgo walked the cities of the New World again.

Early Life

Grgo has joined Erepublik few days after Croatia was added to Erepublik. He wasn't invited by friends.

At the beginning of his life, he didn't know how to participate actively and he was confused. He had almost forgotten on Erepublik but then he returned after a few days and he became more involved in politics and economy of Erepublik. He was fascinated by founding Croatia in Erepublik and the Croatian money HRK.

He worked in training-companies and then he worked at Zlatnje njive, OsijekIII for a long time.
Also, he was fascinated by newspapers and he promised that he will receive media mogul medal by his effort.

Pirate of Erepublik

When he returned from summer holidays, he read about problems in Croatia and heard about leaders who have stolen country's money and cheated a lot of people. He's money was also stolen. Grgo was disappointed, because many people trusted in government, but he was happy when they received public shame and criticism as they were no more than a party of thieves. He decided that he can't trust politicians nor the government.

That was one of the reasons why he founded an organization called Pirates of the Erepublik. This organization have joined many of citizens who were betrayed by their countries or if they were looking for fortune, risks, fun and to get rid of laws of their country.
Some of their prey they donate to social organizations such as Red Cross.
Grgo has donated Icon-gold.gif 15 GOLD for Singapore's q5 defense system.

Grgo wanted to enter into Erepublik history as a Pirate and so he did. He believed that because of his successful pirate attacks carried out by Pirates of the Erepublik, Black Market rules have been changed and citizens have become more careful.
"Having no valid contract means that only you are responsible for using the black market now carries also a warning "Citizens and organizations involved in scams may still be punished in accordance with eRepublik Law #4."

Pirates of the Erepublik v2.jpg

Also, he wanted Society Builder so much that he was talking about Erepublik and gave referral links and fliers to every person he knew. He had 4 citizens near 6 level and he didn't survive to see his medal.

In his Pirate career, he has robbed 57 citizens and made a profit of at least Icon-gold.gif 200 GOLD.


Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif 1x Congress Member

He was an active member of Hrvatska Ujedinjena Stranka, a political party in Croatia.
On Day 522 of the New World, Grgo was elected into the 5th Congress of Croatia.
106 candidates from 5 different parties battled for 40 places in congress, and Grgo received 6 votes.
After he completed his term in Congress, Grgo decided to see the world. He stopped in Romania, where he joined a Croatian Immigrants Party. When a month passed since his residence in Romania, he returned back to Croatia. He was involved in Uprava HUSa (Administration of HUS party) until summer.

Later he was a member of Ukrainian New Life Party and Krug 13.


Grgo worked in a Q2 weapon company, Hrvatska Jurisna Puska, owned by OsijekIII.
Upon his arrival in Romania, he was employed by iron de apa Q3 Iron Resource firm.
After return home he was working for organization uzmi novce i bjezi for a long time. Since he was admitted again to Croatian army he works now in Iron 3.GB in Asturias, Spain.
He has also a company HR Mines of Moria with his friends Grand_Master_G-Man and Domi7889 in Podolia. He works there.
He is a conscientious worker and has received following Hard Worker medals:

Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 22x Hard Worker


Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 37x Super Soldier

In his early life, he was afraid to go to wars because of wellness and the rules of fighting. When he found out that war raised his wellness, the military was one of the most important things to him in eRepublik.
Soon he was admitted to Hrvatska Vojska (Croatian army) and he was added to 3. gardijska brigada. Few weeks passed and he was chosen to be the vice commander of 3. gardijska brigada (3rd Guard Brigade). After his commander resigned he had a chance to became a commander but he refused. He was kicked from the army because of inactivity while he was on a summer holiday in RL. After admitted again into 3. gardijska brigada he was kicked for the second time.



Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif 1x Media Mogul

Grgo is a successful Editor of Hrvatski Dunadan newspaper which has 989 subscribers. He has earned a Media Mogul medal, when his newspaper was subscribed with 1000 readers.

Map Maker

He is famous in Croatia for making Erepublik maps similar but not as successful as famous Gobba Maps.

Maker of Video Parodies

Making video parodies on events in Erepublik (such as war between Croatia and Hungary, global news, EDEN vs PEACE alliance etc.)

  • Four parodies were made and published, some of them have been translated into English by:

Original versions made by Grgo have been deleted. They were named:

  • 4th Parody (Eng)
  • eRepublik Parodija [CRO]

He doesn't want to insult any Erepublik citizens with his newspaper articles and Parodies but tries to point out the problems in human relationships and the complexity of everyday life in Erepublik.


Beta version of Super Strength calculator was made by Grgo in March 2009:

Newspaper articles cover a wide range of subjects, such as, statistics of Croatia politics, info about country and world news.

Erepublik in RL

Grgo saw and heard a lot of people about RL promotion of Erepublik. Most of them have done nothing so he said that he will make promotion by giving out fliers.

Over summer he pasted over 50 fliers around the town. Friend Seperament helped him.

Just before his arrest by authorities, Grgo printed more fliers and decided to drive with the bike around the city and paste them all around but when he logged in, it was too late. Also, he gave up his account in another game and said to his friend "Here's password. I will now forget about Ikariam and play only Erepublik. Rule with wisdom with our alliance." same day when he was banned but he didn't know that.

Erepublikflyer.jpg Grgo's flyers

Ereptshirtgrgo2.jpg Grgo's T-shirt