Guardia De La Noche

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Guardia De La Noche

Default coat of arms.png

General Information
Country Flag-Spain.jpg Spain
Access policy Any player can join the Military unit as a recruit
Total Soldiers 81
Commanded by Tugarref City
2nd Commander eteyo
1st Regiment Captain Winter is coming
2nd Regiment Captain Hiroh
3rd Regiment Captain venon25700
8th Regiment Captain Yrathiel Yra

Because of the defensive origin of the Armed Forces of Icon-Spain.png Spain, the Ministry of Defense created a special unit with mobility to travel to other countries and fight in foreign lands. This unit is composed of elite members of the Armed Forces and is part of the Spanish army, so represents its country in foreign lands.

Guardia De La Noche (Los Cuervos - The Ravens) are soldiers of the Spanish army, not mercenaries as some people think.

Later on in the history, the unit created a political party - Partido Guardia de la Noche.


The Spanish government have asked to buy the equipment needed by the soldiers back in 2008. This basic equipment normally includes 2 or 3 tickets, and some weapons and gifts.

The first mission of the Ravens was in the USA-Canada War, lead by the Commander Zhuge Liang and the Commander MGR. In their first mission, the unit proved its organization and discipline in the battlefield, helping in the defense of Canada. After this mission, the Ravens have taken part in more wars together with the MA's troops.