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General Information
Country Flag-Norway.jpg Norway
Abbreviation GPT
Forum Forum
Founded 2007
Dissolved April 2011 (est)
Congress Occupancy 0 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Det Norske Venstrepartiet
Orientation Center-Right

Gullpartiet (Eng. The Golden Party) was a big Norwegian party and have a long history, way back in the beta times.

Gullpartiet's Mission

The Golden Party stand for a stronger and better eNorway. This is their mission:

Our once proud nation has grown weak from internal conflicts, corruption and treachery. The Golden party will not stand for this and we seek to regain our nation to it's former glory

As an Center-right and Libertarian party, we wish to restore the eNorwegian economy, trough importing natural resources needed by our local industry, but under strict regulation to ensure stability and growth for our domestic corporations and avoiding foreign corporations pushing local industry out of business. We also seek to expand our export of eNorwegian goods out to the world, so that we may restore the economic powerhouse eNorway once was. Only by supporting and protecting local industry can we restore our economy and nation.

We also seek to increase our population, and by providing a safe and including nation we can accomplish this. We wish to up recruiting for eNorway, both trough providing an nation foreign citizens wish to live and work in, and by gaining new players.

Recent events has also drawn attention to the need for better internal security, and the Golden Party also wishes to focus on our military and defenses, we need to rebuild our strength, and ensure eNorway has the strongest, best armed soldiers in eRepublik, and the best defenses to ensure the safety of eNorway.

These are the main concerns of the Golden Party, and what we will focus on and work towards.

The Golden Party is the peoples party, and we want the power to lay with the people of eNorway. Corruption and abuse of power shall never again set it's root in eNorway.

The Golden Party - For Strength and Stability

Party Presidents

Country Presidents