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H. S. Dovewatch

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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth 21 November 2008
Day 367
Date of death 2011
Sex Male
Congress member of Austria
26 January 2009 – 25 February 2009
26 February 2009 – 25 March 2009
Congress member of India
26 April 2009 – 25 May 2009
Party president of Rot Weiss Rot
16 November 2009 – 16 December 2009
Preceded by Lynari
Succeeded by Borojevic von Bonjar
Military rank Icon rank Commander*.png Commander*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


H. S. Dovewatch, originally Robert Knotsworth, was born in December 2008. He spent his first days in Yorkshire & Humberside but soon moved to Salzburg in Austria.

After several months of living there, controversy arose over Austria-Germany and Robert moved to India to escape the bickering. He subsequently moved back to Austria.

He has left Austria several times in the past, but always ends up returning.

Robert is known throughout Austria, but not for any one thing in particular. However, recently Knotsworth has become more involved in politics and his terms as a congress member may become a defining feature of his life.

Political Career

All through his life Knotsworth has been interested in Politics and Economics, though mainly the former.

In Austria Knotsworth was an assistant to the Internal Affairs Minister, Hrvat, and grew up wary of the growing number of Serbian citizens in Austria.

Robert really started getting into Politics as the Serbian President of Austria, Azoo Lazzo, declared Austria to be under the dictatorship of it's Serbian ruler, until Serbia (at that point a non-existent state) was created by the Admin.

Despite ever growing inflation and no proper administration by the President, Austria kept developing, thanks to citizens like Chicco, Hrvat and Torgo. Robert finally placed a candidature for Congress and served his first term as a Congressman.

His second term came shortly afterwards, after the creation of Serbia and the migration of the Serbian population. Chicco now held the office of President and was making changes to Austria. Wanting to be a part of this, especially the idea of a union with Germany, Robert placed a candidature for Congress with the Austrian Liberal Party.

At this point Robert was convinced by the argument of a Far-Left economy, but this barely came out as Knotsworth began his war against Silent Bob and his subversive association. Robert also wrote several articles supporting the Austro-German union's creation during this time.

By the time Robert had moved to India, economics was becoming a real interest to him. He served, not without blemish, as a congress member in India and ended up becoming Public Relations Officer.

After moving back to Austria, he was appointed as [Lynari]'s first minister of Finance. After this, Knotsworth has done very little on the political field, but managed to be elected as Rot Weiss Rot's Party president.

His Social orientation was Libertarian while his Economic orientation was Center.

Media Career

Robert's newspaper was created under the name 'The Salzburg Observer'.

At first the Observer was simply Robert's comments on the current political situations in Austria. With Robert's election as a Congressman it began to be much more regulated and included statistics and interviews; Robert also began to add various informative articles into the newspaper's publication (for example a very popular article on Austrian Culture).

The newspaper was the home of many articles that supported the creation of the Austro-German union. When this union finally came to happen, Chicco presented Knotsworth with an official honour for his 'relentless' support.

At the beginning of the PEACE-ATLANTIS bickering, the newspaper reported the need to stay neutral. When Germany joined ATLANTIS and the Austrian territories were seized from them, Knotsworth proposed a solution to the Austrian Problem in his newspaper whereby all PEACE supporters could live in a country where low population was not a problem and ATLANTIS/Neutral Austrians (or Austrians who would much rather be apart of Germany that either Hungary or Italy) could also live in a 'viable' Austria.

As said, this proposal received no Official attention and ended up being forgotten under the arguing.

Knotsworth then moved to India where his career as a journalist really took off. He interviewed both candidates for Party President of India United and published the interviews (which were hailed as 'Very good').

He then wrote these fictional stories featuring the most active Indian citizens as characters:

These were very popular indeed and Knotsworth received a lot of subscribers. Using this a boost Knotsworth wrote a series of articles that simply informed citizens about happenings in the government. After these articles (also rated very highly by Indian citizens) and his interviews of the Presidential candidates, Robert was appointed Public Relations Officer.

Unfortunately the articles then died down considerably and Robert became somewhat inactive.

This has changed considerably, however, now that he has started writing the 'Adventures of Count Pheenic the Third' which are fictional articles that feature the congressman Pheenic as the main character and the other Politically active Indians as the other characters.

Recently, his newspaper has become insignificant and lacks any defining characteristics.

Military Career

Knotsworth never was going to be the greatest soldier ever, however he has gained the rank of Captain after, firstly, fighting in the Practice Wars organized by India and, secondly, fighting against the invasion from Sweden in Germany.