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Nationality Flag-Japan.jpg Japanese
Date of birth March 10, 2009
Date of death 2010 (est)
Residence Hokkaido
Sex Male
Military rank Icon rank Recruit.png Recruit
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

HIZUMI (Japanese:歪, in romaji always capitalized) was born in Japan and supported peace. HIZUMI was self-declared the Emperor of Democratic Imperial Japan.

HIZUMI may be considered neutral, with no political or military power. HIZUMI was also translating Japan's material in Japanese and also started the Japanese version of the Wiki. HIZUMI lived in Greece for a short time, self-exiled in protest to Japan's occupation of Korea and a move when Akki declared Emperor of Japan. He returned on 19th April 2009 in Japan after the announcement of the new presidential candidates, which gave high chances to Kokawayoshi Makoto to become the new president, a person that HIZUMI respects a lot.

HIZUMI as Emperor

HIZUMI's avatar

The 3rd of April 2009, was the date HIZUMI officially claimed to be Emperor of Japan. After long debates without any result, HIZUMI decided that there can be no other reason to decide the Emperor other than self-proclamation. HIZUMI also named the new era, Kiryu (Japanese:希龍) meaning the Dragon of Hope.

HIZUMI's contribution - Democracy support prize

HIZUMI created a democracy support prize for users supporting democracy. The prize is a Greek Drachma, an honour to Greeks for creating the democratic system. The following citizens have won the democratic support prize.

  • Mar 26 2009, Akki, for opening party forum to public.
  • Mar 26 2009, Siveru, for writing Japanese language lessons articles.
  • Mar 26 2009, Angrr, for publishing an article on behalf of a citizen with no newspaper.
  • Mar 26 2009, Kokawayoshi Makoto, for the intentions to support worker's rights.
  • Mar 29 2009, Kokawayoshi Makoto, for supporting participation in democracy.
  • Apr 3 2009, Sophia Forrester, for commenting an article in Japanese, even though without knowing Japanese, by use of machine translation.

HIZUMI and the formation of Democratic Imperial Japan

7 April 2009, HIZUMI officially declared the Independence of Democratic Imperial Japan. According to HIZUMI, This state is a Democratic state, run by patriots, unrelated to the Japanese run by foreigners.

Politics of the Democratic Imperial Japan

There are no political parties in Democratic Imperial Japan. All politics of the state are conducted by the Greek government. Citizens of Democratic Imperial Japan may participate in any Greek politics. Democratic Imperial Japan does not seek political power and claims only cultural power.

International Relations of the Democratic Imperial Japan

Democratic Imperial Japan, openly condemns Japanese occupation of Korean territories. Also, condemns any kind of imperialist war. Democratic Imperial Japan refused to recognize the state of Japan and China as states under foreign political takeover.

Army of the Democratic Imperial Japan

Democratic Imperial Japan is a peaceful nation and has no army. However, all citizens are obliged to fight for the country in case of foreign invasion in Greece.

Declaration of Independence of the Democratic Imperial Japan

This is the whole declaration of Independence.


Declaration of Independence.

1.Democratic Imperial Japan, is a country created in Greece, by the Emperor of eJapan, HIZUMI who find no other option, but to create this state. HIZUMI has been abused in eJapan, a state of foreigner, who disrespect Japanese culture. The name of the state means that the state is democratic thus following democratic values, and is imperial, thus having Emperor. Imperial does not imperialist, and the Emperor has no political power at all.

2.The state is a state in exile. The state will return to Japan when the Emperor can be accepted.

3.The state is temporarily located in Greece. The temporal capital of the state is Alexandroupoli.

4.Democratic Imperial Japan is peaceful. Democratic Imperial Japan claims sovereignty only to the original Japanese territory, thus condemning Japanese occupation of Korean territory as illegal. The Emperor HIZUMI expresses is his anger towards the foreign leaders of Japan who invaded Korea, while sympathizes Koreans for their struggle for independence. Democratic Imperial Japan will always be at the side of people struggling for independence, condemning any acts of imperialism.

5.Democratic Imperial Japan is a democratic nation. The sole governor of the state is the people.

6.Democratic Imperial Japan is a country where the Emperor is only a symbol. Democratic Imperial Japan, advocates human player Emperor, without any political power.

7.Democratic Imperial Japan, will respect all the rules of the Greek state and will try for the prosperity of Greek nation.

8.Any kind citizen willing to promote peace, freedom and accepts the Japanese culture and the Emperor as symbol of Japan, will granted citizenship.

9.Democratic Imperial Japan does not have an army, but the citizens are obliged to fight for the independence of both Greek and Japanese nation. Citizens may also fight for any state fighting for independence.

10.Democratic Imperial Japan, considers eJapan a country run by greedy foreigners and refuses to cooperate with this state. Democratic Imperial Japan will cut any relation with those who are in relation with eJapan's politicians.

11.All the rules applying to the Greek state, apply to Democratic Imperial Japan.

12.There are two official languages of Democratic Imperial Japan: Japanese and Greek. Any other language can be unofficially accepted for use.

13.Any political activity of Democratic Imperial Japan in Greece, must be conducted having the authority of the Greek state.

14.Democratic Imperial Japan will always be grateful to the kind hospitality of the Greek nation.

2009-4-7, The Emperor of Democratic Imperial Japan, - 歪 - HIZUMI Declaration of Independence of Democratic Imperial Japan