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A dična mati svog jedinca hrani, da Herceg-Bosni čast i ponos brani!

General Information
Country Flag-Bosnia and Herzegovina.jpg Bosnia and Herzegovina
Region Herzeg-Bosnia
Total Soldiers 39
Commanded by HB Warrior
2nd Marko Klis
Commanders Slaven93
1st Regiment Captain Warllook

Hrvatsko Vijeće Obrane (abbreviation: HVO eng. Croatian Defense Council) is a Military Unit of Croats in Icon-Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It was founded on March 4th 2013 by a group of noob enthusiast in order to participate in the life of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a constitutive nation in RL Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Military Unit has since its foundation steadily grown and even been a number 1 Military Unit in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The unit is divided into four main groups.

Platoon Stjepan Kotromanić

Named after a ban of Bosnia, members of this regiment are in Division 1 up to level 25. Members of this division also get gold for training to bring their strength up.

Regiment Bruno Bušić

Named after a great Croatian resistance hero, members of this regiment are in Division 1, after level 25, and Division 2.

Brigade Herceg Stjepan

Named after one of the greatest noblemen whose name Herzegovina bears. Members of this brigade are in Divisions 3 and 4.

Battalion Ludvig Pavlović

Named after one of the fighters for Croatian freedom, member of Bugojno group, these group consists of only 10 top members of HVO based on weekly damage. The damage from the previous week is counted, and the top 10 players are given special status in the current week. At the end of that week, new 10 players are selected for the next week based on damage. Minimum damage is 120 million per week.

Political affiliations

Hrvatsko Vijeće Obrane was a paramilitary unit of Hrvatska Zajednica Herceg-Bosna, today believed to be connected with HZ. HB.

Logo proposals

Darko Rora created several proposals for the unit logo[1].