Haight Independence Party

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Haight Independence Party

Party-Haight Independence Party.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Abbreviation HIP
Colors Red, White, Blue
Founded December 24, 2009
Dissolved March 2010 (est)
Congress Occupancy 0 /62 seats, 0%
Succeeds American Independent Party
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

The Haight Independence Party was a small political party in the USA. It was preceded by the Republican Party and the American Independent Party.


The Haight Independence Party roots go way back to when it was the Neo Whigs Party. The Neo Whigs were a short lived party and thrived under Zaiden for nearly a month but after his departure they dryed up and deminished to under 10 members. pantherthug89 took charge in February of 2009 and did relatively little to turn the party around until March. A Communist by the name of Mombassa offered pantherthug89 a sum of gold to allow himself to take over the party and create it into the CPUSA (Communist Party of the United States of America). This party swelled to over 60 members at its peak and was considered on the rise. The CPUSA was in an ever growing battle with public and democracy and so when Mombassa departed because of Real Life issues pantherthug89 took over and changed it to the Republican Party with aid of his companion loftedraptor. Many of the communists were routed out and the numbers declined as the socialists seeked refugee in the Socialist Freedom Party.

Republican Party under Zack Mack

The Republican Party was lead by pantherthug89 for two terms but his will to become a congressman deemed him to find a replacement that could still do a tremendous job at maintaining the party while allowing him to do most of the under the hood work and management but still be able to go off and run for congress. loftedraptor agreed to remain the Party President for a month but afterwards respectfully refused to run for another term. So pantherthug89 searched for a trustworthy associate to overtake the position and found a low leveled real life Republican by the name of Zack Mack. He joined the party as soon as he could but did not meet the requirements to become the Party President. pantherthug89 resigned from attempting another shot at congress and focused on recruitment within the party while Zack Mack developed and learned the mechanics of the game. When Zack meet the level requirements he took over the Party President spot and within the first month managed to build our party through a boom of players new and old. Within his fallowing terms most of the work has gone to communications with other parties, organization, staff management, programs, and service within the party while pantherthug89 focused on recruitment, offered several successful ideas, organized funds, and managed hopeful congressmen. He also was Zack Mack's top advisor and set together most of the party's beliefs and platform. The Age of Zack Mack has ended and was highly successful as membership continues to evolve and our first congressmen Jizzie McGuire was elected into office.

Dark Ages

The Republican Party has entered the ‘’’Dark Ages’’’ after the age of Zack Mack because under July and August United States of America was attacked and the Republican Party President Sir Valaro Volcrum which seen that the Party needed to help the USA protect itself from an attack from PEACE Global Community. So this started the ‘’’Dark Age’’’ for the Party. The Party lost it’s Congressional Seats in the July because it could not get one candidate into the election. When the USA was attacked, the party lost members - with membership at 30 and less.

American Independent Party

After the Republican Party sat dormant in its festering stench of death, Jude Connors joined and immediately ran for the position of Party President. On December 16, 2009; Connors became the Party President. After a heated discussion with some of the Republican Party former Leadership. Connors dumped the name Republican Party and the party become known as the American Independent Party. Those unhappy with the change formed their own party. On December 24, 2009; Jude Connors renamed the party the Haight Independence Party

Political Platform


The Haight Independence Party allows members to influence and grow a political party and brand. The Haight Independence Party is a eRepublik-centered party with limited outside influences. That is to say, our platform, positions, and policies more reflect our experience in eRepublik and nowhere else. We believe in an efficient and transparent government, made up of active participants at all levels of government.


The Haight Independence Party believes that activity is the key to success in eRepublik. We offer the opportunity for increased involvement and activity in the party if one chooses. We are in a small party and community, and we utilize forums to reinforce the idea of community within our party. We believe that together we shall be successful in our goals.


A central tenet of the Haight Independence Party platform is the party's position on wellness and employment. All Party members should be employed at fair salaries and should have achieved and can maintain high wellness. It is the belief of the Haight Independence Party that all members should be helped to high wellness. It is in the best interests of the country and the employers that members have high wellness. Therefore, it is the goal of the American Independent Party to increase every active member’s wellness to above 90 wellness. For the sake of the United States — especially its economic and military interests — there is a necessity of high wellness.

Foreign Affairs

The Haight Independence Party believes that war in eRepublik stimulates interest, activity, and the economy. In this sense, war is good. However, our views on the two types of war are more nuanced. Independence wars are worthy of our support because of two reasons: first, the aforementioned reasons of interest, activity, and the economy, and second, they allow for the self-determination of people. Wars between countries can provide stimulation but may also upset the balance of power in the world. We should be careful in regards to the latter form and not declare unilaterally our support for all wars.

Imperialism by any nation is frowned upon by the Haight Independence Party and leaders of any imperialistic nation will be denounced by the Haight Independence Party. The sovereignty of a nation is one of the utmost importance.

Party Leadership

Party Elections: (Party Presidents)

President Took office Left office Terms
Jude Connors 16 December 20091  ? First Term

US Congressional Members

  • Minnesota: Jude Connors (Republican Party/AIP/Haight Independence Party) Nov 26th-Dec 25th
    • 24th United States Congress (2009)

US Presidential Election (Endorsements)

US Presidential Election Endorsements

Elections Candidate Icon position country president.gif Party membership Votes Result
January 2010 Jude Connors Haight Independence Party 153 3rd
February 2010 Battle Kitten United States Workers Party (USWP) 2133 Won