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Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Nationality Flag-Cuba.jpg Cuban
Date of birth 29 June 2009
Date of death December 10, 2020
Residence Western Cuba
Sex Male
Military rank Icon rank General***.png General***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Icon chatroom.gif General Information

Harrilal is from the Caribbean; Trinidad and Tobago to be precise. He left his small region of comfort to gain international exposure for the region before going back home. He states that when the eWorld recognizes either the region or the nation as a real player on the international scene, he will go back and start forging relationships between his adopted home and true home. He lived in Venezuela for a very short time and then headed out to Ireland. Upon arrival, he was warmly greeted by the Irish and started building a name for himself and his home among the Irish.

A few months after establishing himself, Harrilal decided to travel to Greece. This was to learn more about Greece and also to donate time and effort towards The Gynarchy cause. He met with Veriah Carmine and agreed to work for her and her Gynarchy for several weeks. He was effectively showing the women of the eWorld the respect he had for them by working for them.

After a month's service to Mistress Carmine and the Gynarchy, Harrilal moved back to Ireland. He began a new chapter of his eLife by becoming more active in the military and also started promoting the eCaribbean more heavily. In doing so, he hoped to aid the various campaigns of the islands and help them to work together.

In January 2010, Harrilal finally decided to enter politics (see Political Career). After a short run in politics as a foreign ambassador and a commanding officer in the Irish military, Harrilal left the spotlight and disappeared.

After years of absence, in 2014 Harrilal returned to Shannon. He began to reach out to old Irish allies to help him get reacquainted with a vastly different Ireland (and World in general). In March of 2014, Cuba successfully petitioned to join the eWorld. Harrilal resolved to join his Caribbean brethren. In May, when Cuba entered the international fray, he moved to Western Cuba (Havana) to join the only internationally recognized eCaribbean country. On June 29th, 2014 his application to join the ranks of the Cuban (and therefore the Caribbean) was accepted.

Icon position press director.gif Journalism Career

Harrilal has always enjoyed writing and thus chosen to publish a newspaper called Blow Yuh Whistle. He has amassed a few subscribers and planned to kept writing even if he had no subscribers. When not writing in proper English, he masqueraded as "The Midnight Robber". The Midnight Robber is a fictional character from Harrilal's true home. Many have adopted the moniker and Harrilal was no exception. When his articles are written in his native dialect, he calls himself "Harrilal, the Midnight Robber".

He has started a few series:

  • Midnight Questions: the Robber asks 10 questions of an Irish citizen (or high profile foreigner).
  • Ask Harrilal: Harrilal answers 5 questions from the previous article's comments.

He also had a section that, under the new newspaper rules, would now be considered "spam". As such, it has been cancelled.

  • Small Country Profiles: Outlines of small countries not yet implemented in eRepublik.

Icon Private.jpg Military Career

It is rumoured that Harrilal may have been a soldier for a small island before he began his travels. Harrilal enlisted in the Irish Defence Forces (IDF) and started on the bottom rung (private). When Ireland engaged in training wars, Harrilal participated. He has served in several divisions (see below) and to date, the highest rank he achieved was that of general. For a very brief period (2 weeks), Harrilal was the commanding officer of the Ulster Rangers. After illness struck, he was forced to resign from the position. He remained an Ulster Ranger until his illness forced him into total inactivity. Harrilal took an extended leave of absence shortly thereafter and as a result, he was officially removed from the IDF ranks in April 2010.

In January 2014, he resurfaced in Ireland. After reaching out to his former IDF boot-camp drill sergeant, Grainne Ni Mhaille, he was welcomed into the Ordo Hereticus. The Ordo Hereticus is a small group of trusted friends. They act as their conscience dictates and their only rule is that they never fight against Ireland even if the government orders it. To break that one rule would be heresy.

He stayed with Ordo Hereticus until he became a Cuban citizen, at which point he began a search for a Cuban unit.

Military Positions

Harrilal was removed from the IDF for inactivity. In his absence, the rank system changed. Harrilal dropped back down to the rank of commander.

  • Icon-Ireland.png Icon rank Commander.png-Icon rank General*.png Commander to General*, Ordo Hereticus
    • January 17th 2014 - June 29th 2014
  • Icon-Cuba.png Icon rank General*.png-Icon rank General**.png General to General**, No Unit
    • January 17th 2014 - June 29th 2014

Icon position party president.gif Political Career

In Venezuela, Harrilal did nothing in regard to politics.

July - December 2009

When he first arrived in Ireland, Harrilal was content to simply watch the political scene. He was swayed by what he saw of Grainne Ni Mhaille and Severin. Although he did join the Irish Radical Party, he had no intention of getting into the thick of things just yet. Unfortunately, after Severin (leader of the party) left the eWorld, Harrilal became disenchanted with the political scene. He left the party and for the next few months, he slowly learned the 'go to' people in Ireland so that when he did decide he was ready again, he would have a few mentors and advisors in regard to each of the various ministries. In December 2009, he was finally ready to participate and joined Independent Voices.

January 2010

During Edana Savage's first term (January 2010), Harrilal was made ambassador to the United Kingdom and a junior envoy to Phoenix. In order to better understand the country, he decided to move to Northern Ireland and then North West of England during his time as ambassador. He returned to Ireland after a week in the country. During his stay in the United Kingdom, Harrilal followed protocol and relayed relevant information to the UK's prime minister and co-ministers of foreign affairs regarding relations between the two countries.

On January 25th, Harrilal officially ran for congress in Mayo for the first time. However, his intention was not to win the election. Irish Intelligence agents requested that he run there to help block a person intending to carry out a PTO of Ireland. While he did not win the seat (this was expected), the block was successful.

February 2010

Harrilal did not reenter politics after the January 25th round of congress elections. In mid-February, he fell ill and took an extended leave of absence.

January 2014

In late January 2014, Harrilal rejoined Independent Voices. He stayed and voted with the party for a few months.

May 2014

In late May of 2014, Harrilal once again left IV. His intention was to be party-less so that the transition to Cuba would be smoother.

Employee.gif Economic Career and Employment History

Needing to pay for food, Harrilal found it necessary to do other things besides journalism. Wishing to be loyal to his adopted country in turbulent times, he chose to forge weapons that would eventually become available to the Irish Defence Forces. It should be noted that he worked at a weapons factory in Venezuela for a short time, but as Harrilal was desperate for money, he forgot to record the name of the company. Harrilal later started making gifts and moving tickets for both domestic and international trade. During the time of his travels to Greece and the UK, he worked in manufacturing as well.

Past Employers (selected):

Icon-Greece.png Greece:

  • Collars and Cuffs

Icon-Ireland.png Ireland

  • BiednyMis
  • Guns with Voices G-Irish
  • Ireland's Finest Charters
  • Ireland's Finest Souvenirs
  • Irish State Weapons
  • Nogin Gifts
  • Savage Intent Weapons


In addition to his other careers, Harrilal is also interested in eSports. He monitors several eSports results and is actually a participant in eCricket.


The league was run by Sir Botham of the United Kingdom. It was to be a purely domestic (UK) league, but it quickly grew to an international level. In season three, Ireland was asked to join and a team was put together. After following the third season of eCricket religiously as a spectator, Harrilal decided to join the Irish eCricket team (Shamrocks) as a left handed spin bowler in season four. The previous captain, Semprini stepped down. With the position vacant and not too many rushing to take the spot, Harrilal volunteered and with the team's approval, he became the new captain. He rallied the team together and they prepared to to battle on the pitch.

In the first match, the team played Australia. In a shocking turn of events, Ireland demolished the Aussies. As an added bonus for captain Harrilal, he took four wickets. The team would go on to play a few more with varying results. After the season, Ireland left the eCricket scene.

Countries & Regions of Residence

Arrived Left Country Region Citizenship
29th June 2009 1st July 2009 Icon-Venezuela.png Venezuela North Eastern Venezuela Icon-Venezuela.png Venezuela
1st July 2009 14th August 2009 Icon-Ireland.png Ireland Shannon Icon-Ireland.png Ireland
14th August 2009 4th November 2009 Icon-Ireland.png Ireland Louth Icon-Ireland.png Ireland
4th November 2009 3rd December 2009 Icon-Greece.png Greece Central Greece Icon-Ireland.png Ireland
3rd December 2009 16th January 2010 Icon-Ireland.png Ireland Louth Icon-Ireland.png Ireland
16th January 2010 22nd January 2010 Icon-UK.png UK Northern Ireland & North West of England Icon-Ireland.png Ireland
22nd January 2010 26th January 2010 Icon-Ireland.png Ireland Mayo Icon-Ireland.png Ireland
26th January 2010 15th January 2014 Icon-Ireland.png Ireland Cork (and Trinidad) Icon-Ireland.png Ireland
15th January 2014 26th May 2014 Icon-Ireland.png Ireland Shannon Icon-Ireland.png Ireland
26th May 2014 29th June 2014 Icon-Cuba.png Cuba Western Cuba Icon-Ireland.png Ireland
29th May 2014 Icon-Cuba.png Cuba Western Cuba Icon-Cuba.png Cuba

Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif Awards, Achievements and Medals

Icon-Ireland.png Irish Medals
Freedom Fighter x1
Hard Worker x10
Battle Hero x6
Super Soldier x13
True Patriot x3
Icon-Cuba.png Cuban Medals
Freedom Fighter x1
True Patriot x1

Icon-Ireland.png Irish Division One - Gold Slayer, Gold Damage Dealer
Icon - Special Forces Center Q4.png Ordo Hereticus Division One - Gold Slayer x15, Gold Damage Dealer x15

Miscellaneous (Player Made)
Icon-Ireland.png National eIrish Lottery Winner x2
Icon-Ireland.png eIreland's Most Acclaimed Publisher of January 2010
Icon-Ireland.png Recipient of two Holy votes on two separate articles from the State Prior and Cleric of The Word.