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Harvad University
Logo of Harvad University
Founded September 15th, 2009

Harvad University, shortened to Harvad, is an alliance of Harvad University faculty members and interns. Harvad, known as "Channers" for their 4Chan heritage were a particularly dedicated PTO organization.

The eRepublik branch of Harvad was formed on the 15th of September 2009 when Harvad Alumni Poe and several other players from a local Community College came to Harvad to request their assistance. With numbers originally in the thousands (2009 estimation: Over 9000), Harvad ran covert branches in at least fifteen different countries, with on-off alliances to several countries in Phoenix, EDEN and the Brolliance - while officially remaining neutral.

The modern history of Harvad University is one shrouded in controversy, as their involvement to better the countries of Icon-Venezuela.png Venezuela and Icon-South Africa.png South Africa led to both being temporarily erased from the map in order to restructure their economic system and ensure a path to prosperity through a top-down application of macroeconomics.

History of Harvad

Harvad University was a group of 888channers led by Exilious who came to eRepublik with the single goal of trolling anyone and everyone.

Venezuela and Philippines

Harvad was initially tied to a previous coup in Icon-Venezuela.png Venezuela and an attempted coup in the Icon-Philippines.png Philippines. No more information is retrievable.

South Africa

Harvad decided that the best place to start would be the one African country and this was Icon-South Africa.png South Africa. In December 2009, setting up many multis and troll articles very quickly, Harvad made sure to let everyone know they meant business. Hacking the South African Forums, various email accounts (Ines Schumacher's in particular), trolling eRepublik forums - nothing was spared.

In March 2010 - Harvad University takes over the Presidency of South Africa and sells its services to Icon-Brazil.png Brazil and Icon-Argentina.png Argentina. Then-President RonelI withdrawn from all regions so Brazil erased South Africa, along all of the parties in South Africa and exited Sol alliance.

A Resurrection of Harvad University

On the 13th January 2011, former Harvad University member, Maddog Jones, compromised a South African congressman, Joseph Rich's account and attempted to impeach the country president, Krimpiekat. Although it was quickly realized that Jones was responsible, not Rich, and the impeachment failed, Harvad University published two articles announcing their resurrection. Whether they are a genuine threat or not to South African national security or not, it is unknown.

Harvad in Media