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Medal - Distinguished Service Order.png I, Field Marshal Hazz, Chief of the General Staff, hereby award HazzN membership to the Distinguished Service Order as conferred by the United Kingdom Military Honours Committee.

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Nationality Flag-Philippines.jpg Filipino
Date of birth November 6, 2008
Date of death August 27, 2009
Residence Palawan
Sex Male
Under Secretary of Information of United Kingdom
January 2009 – February 2009
Under Minister of Finance of United Kingdom
March 2009 – April 2009
Liberal Social Democrat Military Adviser of United Kingdom
March 2009 – April 2009
House of Lords of United Kingdom
March 2009 – June 2009
President of Philippines
July 2009 – August 2009
Preceded by Big Boy Bulley
Succeeded by Swagger McSwag
Military rank Icon rank Major*.png Major*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

HazzN joined eRepublik in November 2008 as a citizen of West Midlands, United Kingdom. HazzN was the Press director of Tribulations, the newspaper ranked 1st in the Philippines until the death of HazzN in August 2009, that covered his personal musings, as well as promotional articles for various projects of his.

HazzN died in Palawan Philippines.

Early Months

Party Politics

After being shown to the UK Forums by Squiddy and roadrunnerspeed, HazzN joined The Unity Party, where he worked tirelessly promoting and recruiting for the party. It was this dedication to the party that saw him becoming TUP Media Executive for three months. As Media Executive, HazzN was required to produce at least two articles a week, keeping The Unity Party in the public eye. He later tried to put together a Media Team, to increase article output, and promote what Congressmen were doing in their region (TUP in the Community Scheme). However he was met with a certain level of indifference from the party, and so the scheme never took off. In February 2009, new TUP Media Executive were named - Iain Keers and Jiizm.

Regional Politics

The West Midlands community was very small in November 2008, and so HazzN, with friend Patrick Reckitt, and under the watchful eye of Congressman Deathtoll32 went on a recruitment drive, messaging every citizen of the West Midlands, as well as starting games and competitions to keep the new forum members entertained.

Soon after that, HazzN was made NHS Director for the region and was responsible for gifting the local community to boost wellness.

It was on the back of these roles in the community that allowed HazzN to run a successful campaign for Congress in December, and another in January, where he received the fourth highest amount of votes in UK. Since his election, West Midlands has become the second most active Regional Forum in UK.

Military Career

Despite the amount of work being put into politics, HazzN still found time for a military career. Starting off in the Logistics team, HazzN impressed Reserve CO Squiddy and the Royal Navy CO Hassan Pesaran, who recommended him to take over from Free Jack as the CO of the Royal Guard.

Since becoming CO of the Royal Guard, HazzN managed to weed out all inactive Privates, assign new Sergeants, and recruited more soldiers. He also introduced the Royal Guard Squad Point scheme to reward hard work, and set up the Royal Guard Mess Hall to add a fun, social element to the Guard.


HazzN; being a firm believer that games should be fun; dedicates a lot of his time to entertainment projects, forum games and social events.

HazzN has been heavily involved in the creation of:

  • IRC Pub Quizzes (co-founded with Wyli)
  • eUK Lottery (co-founded with Jiizm)
  • Inter-regional wars (co-founded with Wyli; later run by IndieKid)


Everything changed in March. HazzN, reportedly fed up with Congress and the stagnation of his party, stepped down from both. Furthermore, HazzN become a Paratrooper in B Platoon, has seen active duty in Romania, Portugal and Germany, was made a Lord by the UK House of Lords, and worked as Under Minister of Finance.

LSD Logo

Liberal Social Democrats

With The Unity Party stagnating, and many of the original members moving on, HazzN took the opportunity to form a party with old eRep friends Hassan Pesaran and roadrunnerspeed.

The Liberal Social Democrats combined the threesomes interests in military, finance and entertainments and used it as the foundation for the party. Strong military and economic reforms appealed to many of those in military careers, and so the Liberal Social Democrats became one of the fastest growing parties UK had ever seen.

HazzN was heavily involved in promoting and recruiting for the Liberal Social Democrats, as well as being named their Military Adviser for party policies.

Country President Elections

HazzN ran for Country President on March 5th 2009, supported by both the People's Communist Party and Liberal Social Democrats. HazzN ran against JerryGFL (UKRP), Oexis (MDU and F-TP), Kaleb (TRP) and Phil McCracken (The Conservative Revolution).

HazzN came second with 247 votes, losing to JerryGFL who continued as Country President for a second month.

Country President Manifestos


Due to real life commitments, HazzN was forced to pull out of the Country President election, and abandon all political work. After a week or so away from the eRepublik scene, HazzN returned looking for a new project. LSD were coping just fine without him, and so HazzN decided to jet off to the Philippines, where his experience and battle force would be of more use.

Military Career

Since arriving in the Philippines, HazzN was made the first Director of Defense, and founded The Armed Forces of the Philippines which was structured as:

  • Philippine Military Academy - provides training for young, low level citizens.
  • Philippine Army - Home Defense Unit
  • Philippine Navel Fleet - Mobile Attack Unit
  • Special Operations - Elite Home Defense Unit
  • Philippines Marine Corps - Elite Mobile Attack Unit

Political Career

HazzN ran for Congress on the 25th April 2009, and won a seat representing FPM in Palawan. Due to the number of Spanish politicians, trying to steal the Gold from the Philippines, the FPM and PFF formed a coalition to force their proposals through.


Big Boy Bulley won a second term as President, despite the threat of political takeover from the Sect of Guru Varnish, and selected HazzN to continue his role as the Director of Defense. HazzN continued recruiting for The Armed Forces of the Philippines, and was responsible for increasing the unit size from two to four.

Fruit Bat Mines

Fruit Bat Mine Logo.

On 10th May, HazzN, with friend Scipio The Great, started a chain of companies under the banner Fruit Bat Mines (after the native Filipino animal, stereotypically found in caves and mines) and opened up Fruit Bat Oil. Fruit Bat Oil traded in the Philippines, France and Romania.

Standing Down

On the evening of the 15th May, HazzN proposed to his real life girlfriend, and resigned all positions within eRepublik. However, soon later HazzN became Commanding Officer of the Philippine Navel Fleet, deciding it was a smaller role and would allow him the chance to continue within the current government. On the 25th May he also ran for Congress in Palawan and succeeded once more. This was HazzN's fourth term in Congress.


Out of the Retirement

With wedding plans well underway, HazzN found his way back into the Philippine government, taking over the open position of Commanding Officer of the Philippine Naval Fleet. The smaller job allowed for the busier domestic life whilst keeping his foot in the door.

HazzN's Country President Campaign Avatar

Congress Politics

Having returned to the Philippines after a fighting vacation in Japan, India and Canada, HazzN stood for re-election in Palawan, Philippines under the FPM banner. This was the start of his third term in the Philippine Congress, fifth term in total.

Fruit Bat Mines

With Fruit Bat Oil being a success, the new addition to the company, Fruit Bat Iron was opened.

Country Presidet Elections

On June 30th 2009 HazzN was announced as the FPM candidate for the Country President Elections. Fellow FPM member Swagger McSwag ran against him in internal primaries but lost. HazzN was endorsed by both FPM and PFF partie and ran unopposed. McSwag assumed the vice-presidency after HazzN's election, and was promised to be the FPM candidate for the following month.


Country President Articles

Written by HazzN:

Written by others:

Country President Election Results

HazzN won the election, against EZEX Lacroa by a landslide of 78.38%.

Party Candidate Votes Percentage of Votes
Filipino Progressive Movement HazzN 58 78.38%
Philippines for the Filipinos supported Filipino Progressive Movement N/A N/A
National Filipinista Party EZEX Lacroa 16 21.62%
Kilusan ng Makabagong Pinoy No candidate N/A N/A
Total Votes 74

Reign as Country President

HazzN's term was considered by most to be a successful and productive one. Most notably was his work in Foreign Affairs, where he sought to place the Philippines on the map. This manifested in the co-founding of the Sol Alliance and the introduction of Training Wars to the Philippines.

Presidential Portrait by Juan de Minda

HazzN's Contributions

  • Opened the University of the Philippines
  • Opened the National Museum of the Philippines
  • Opened the National Art Gallery of the Philippines
  • Opened the Ministry of Merriment
  • Started the First Official Money Market Benchmark
  • Secured a Q3 Weapons Stock Pile for our troops
  • Joined the Sol Alliance
  • The Training War
  • Secured a Q5 Hospital

HazzN's full memoirs can be found here. HazzN did not stand for re-election in August.


On 27/08/2009 HazzN committed Suicide[1].

Military offices
New office
The British Armed Forces are formed
to fight in Operation French Toast.
Commanding Officer of the Royal Guard
January - April 2009
Succeeded by
Brigadier Horice P Fossil
Preceded by
Commanding Officer of the Philippine Navel Fleet
May - July 2009
Succeeded by