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Heero Blaze

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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
National rank 170
Date of birth Jun 06, 2010
Residence USA , Missouri
Political party Federalist Party
Newspaper The Flaming Press
Congressman of Maine
August 26, 2010 – January 25, 2011
Congressman of Michigan
July 26, 2011 – August 25, 2011
Congressman of Missouri
September 26, 2011 – November 25, 2011
Vice president of Federalist Party
October 16, 2010 – December 15, 2010
Military unit Easy Company
Military rank Icon rank National Force**.png National Force**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Heero Blaze was born on June 06, 2010 in California.

He became a hard working farmer for various companies, saving his money to one day own his own farm, Blaze Barley. Besides work, Heero proudly joined the armed forces of the United States Military and served loyally for several months. Unfortunately, Heero's life was abruptly changed when Russia invaded the United States and conquered California. Heero, like many Americans, retreated to Florida. Despite this early setback, Heero continued to serve the military and work the great American lands until eventually becoming a five-time Congressman of Maine.

The Federalist Party

In hopes of pursuing a career in politics, Heero joined the Federalist Party. He is involved in the Federalist Outreach Program as a Precinct Captain. Heero also served as Accountant Director for the Federalist Business Department. After two weeks of work as Accountant Director, Heero was promoted to Chief Financial Officer for the Federalist Business Department. Despite a profitable months and a half, the Federalist Business Department shut down.

In October, Melissa Rose chose Heero to be her Vice Party President. He served under her for two months. Since then, Heero has served as a member of the Party Leadership, offering insight on politics, economics, and the military.

Military Service

United States Training Corps

Heero joined the US Military just a few weeks after birth. He rose to the rank of Private First Class and joined the 311th platoon, the Wolves. On Day 1,001, Private First Class Heero Blaze deployed to Canada by order of the United States Armed Forces. From Canada, Heero began participating in battles against the United Kingdom.

Heero Blaze leading his troops.

On Day 1,002, Heero joined the battle in Far Eastern Russia, fighting throughout the night until the early morning of Day 1,003. After regrouping with the American forces, Heero continued his assault on the Russian defenses around 17:30. The overwhelming American and allied forces destroyed the remaining Russian defenders with little difficulty and claimed victory.

After a reorganization of the Training Corps, Heero transferred to the 303rd Platoon, the Skullcrushers. He was promoted to Master Sergeant for his efforts and became the Executive Officer of the 303rd. Heero continued to serve with the Training Corps, fighting in a variety of battles around the world.

The Return of Russia

On day 1,073, Heero Blaze fought in Far Eastern Russia once more. The province has been a hotbed for Resistance Wars since it's American conquest. Fighting with the Training Corps and the 303rd Platoon, Heero made incredible efforts to secure the province during the various mini-battles. Unfortunately, Russian forces began to overrun American and Allies forces in the late morning. Despite much bloodshed, America lost the battle. An account of the battle can be found here.

United States National Guard

After serving as Executive Officer for the 303rd Skullcrushers for nearly three months, Heero transferred to the National Guard. Heero served for three months.

Easy Company

After changes to the structure of the National Guard, Heero resigned from his platoon, receiving an honorable discharge for his valor and dedication to the military. It was not long before Heero joined the Federalist Party militia, Easy Company. With many friends in the militia, the choice came naturally.

Congressman Heero Blaze

First Term

Following the successful operations in Canada, Heero returned to the United States seeking a Congressional Seat. After discussing his prospects with the Federalist Party, he moved to Maine to begin his campaign. As a dedicated worker and war hero, Heero plans to run on a platform of patriotism, education, and transparent government. His platform can be found here.

The August elections proved to be incredibly eventful. On day 1,008, the Republican Party attempted a political take over by inflating its membership using unlawful means. This caused other political parties to meet an decide electoral winners early on day 1,009, Election Day. Marxus was chosen to be the anti-take over candidate for Maine. However, the Admin intervened and removed the Republican Party from the ballot, allowing elections to be conducted as normal, with the exception of there being only four candidates rather than five.

Heero Blaze took an early lead in Maine. By midday, he had a comfortable lead over his opponent Marxus. Just a few hours before the polls closed, Marxus took the lead by one vote. His lead continued well until the last minutes of the evening. Fortunately, the Federalist Party directed voters to Maine in a heroic effort to get Heero into Congress. The final results of the election was 15-14, with Heero as victor.

After winning the election, Heero went straight to work learning the procedures in Congress. Heero voted on all proposals brought forth, including a guaranteed amount of funding for American militias. He also have kept the public informed on Congressional proposals through his newspaper The Flaming Press. For his carefully made decisions, he has been regarded as a "competent" Congressman, despite this being his first term.[1]

Second and Third Term

Heero decided to run for re-election in Maine. During his campaign, he was not only endorsed by the Federalist Party, but also the American Military Party and the United States Workers Party. His campaigned platform remained relatively the same, with the exception of seeking economic reform. Drawn from fellow Federalist and successful business leader Jasper Signa's]] ideas for economic reform, Heero promoted changes to taxes in his campaigned. He won the election 4-2-1-1-1.

Taxes became the center of attention during the 34th Congress including a raising of the Value Added Tax on all weapons and a temporary raise on the Value Added Tax on Houses and Moving Tickets. Operation Monkey Business also occurred during the 34th Congress and as part of the operation, the citizen fee was increased from $5 to $25 temporarily. Heero was skeptical of increasing the fee, noting that it may encourage players to create multiple accounts to quickly gain money. This did occur and the fee was lowered back to $5.

In October, Heero announced his candidacy for a third Congressional term. This main opponent during this election was Michael Porter, who ran as an American Trade And Defense Party candidate. Heero continued to have strong support from the Federalist Party as well as his fellow Congressmen. In the end, Heero had a commanding lead throughout the day, the final result being 5-2-1-1-0.

During his third term, Heero fought for raising the Import Tax to improve the profitability of American Businesses with the support of Haliman and Jasper Signa. Unfortunately, the Congress stalled on the issue until financial data could be obtained. Later, Jasper Signa would provide a detailed financial report on the American economy and importers. The issue continued to be debated until the end of the Congressional session.

Fourth Term and the Congressional Freeze

Following the reemergence of Russia, some leaders in the United States and her EDEN allies thought it best to attempt a political take over. To ensure safety at home, political leaders also thought it best to "freeze" Congressional elections, in effect, re-electing those who had been elected the month before. Heero objected to the political take over of Russia on the grounds that it was impractical to send so many voters to Russia and advocated for elections to proceed as usual. Despite criticism, the PTO proceeded and ultimately failed. As for elections at home, the freeze had mixed results with S.E.E.S. losing three seats and the United States Workers Party and Federalist Party losing one each, while the Libertarian Party gained four and the United Independents Party gaining one. Heero Blaze secured his seat with an 8-3 vote.

Joe DaSmoe raised the issue of Income Taxes during this Congress, advocating for a lowering of taxes. As with previous tax debates, the Congress has stalled on the issue, in part due to the introduction of new resources and to technical problems involved the US Forums. The government's budget has also been a key issue, as the removal of Hospitals and Defense Systems will free up funds. Several Congressmen have suggested that the Office of Militia Support receive a portion of these additional funds, of which Heero Blaze is a supporter. The term ended with the establishment of a new US Forum.

Fifth Term

Continuing to serve the United States, Heero ran for a fifth term in Maine. He ran a platform of experience. Having served four terms in Congress, Heero had gained valuable experience in running the nation, such as knowing proper proposal procedure. His main opposition came from Libertarian Party candidate Indrae. Due to the holiday season falling on election day, some supporters of Heero Blaze were unable to vote. Despite this, Heero won re-election 7-5-2-1-0.

The 37th Congress began with the passage of the PANAM Charter, a new alliance between the United States, Japan, Canada, and Brazil. Soon after, Congressman princefigs began a discussion to raise the Minimum Wage, arguing that too many companies were evading taxes by having low wages. After various proposals, Congressman Mr. A. Smith proposed a raise to $4, which passed with a vote 29-24. Heero Blaze as well as other businessmen and economists opposed to raise. He argued that businesses needed to have flexibility in setting wages to adjust quickly to market changes, especially as prices began to drop. He also argued that no other nation had set their Minimum Wage above $2, so the proposed $4 increase was atypical and drastic. Though the measure passed, Congress quickly reversed its stance after the Admin adjusted the economic module to allow Managers to work in all their companies. Fearing a market crash, the Minimum Wage was set to $1.

Heero sought a sixth term but faced a variety competitors. In January, he ran against Nuriessa, Justin McCravok and Slayer113. Heero had led the pack early in the day, but overwhelming support from the military and the United States Workers Party carried Nuriessa to victory. The end result was 12-5-4-2-0, with five votes for Heero.

Sixth Term: The Return to Congress

In July of 2011, Heero decided to return to Congress. With the support of Soren Nelson and the Federalist Party, he successfully ran in Michigan. At the time, the United States had been invaded and reduced to twenty-one regions, which in turn allowed two Congressmen from each state to be elected, with an additional six Wild Card Congressmen. Heero won the state with 14 votes with American Military Party candidate Lysander Spooner II winning with 15 votes. United States Workers Party candidate Arpad.Palinkas trailed in third with 12 votes and was not elected.

During the 44th Congress, Heero Blaze became Deputy Speaker of House under rainy sunday after LexLuthor1 stepped down from Speaker of the House. He also began writing the Congressional Record, an independent newspaper striving to provide objective information on Congressional actions. A list of the issues can be found here.

Congressional Advisor and Seventh Term

In August, Heero Blaze ran for a seventh term in Nevada. Unfortunately, he lost to American Military Party candidate Axe_Ccident, who ultimately became a relatively inactive Congresswoman. However, after consulting with the new Congressional Leadership, Heero Blaze maintained a position as Congressional Advisor and continued to write articles for the Congressional Record, though less frequently.

In September, Heero ran successfully in Missouri. The 46th Congress worked quickly to pass a new budget, which in actually was just a reaffirmation of the August budget. Towards the end of the term, the Economic Council proposed a change in taxes, particularly raising Income Taxes to 25%. Congressman Heero Blaze objected as the proposal was not back by any argument and Congress did not pursue a debate regarding the recommendation. Two other Congressmen objected, Colin Lantrip and stephen s. The tax changes caused some backlash by active American citizens whom refused to join an organized military or militia, including pure_evil and Stranger Here Myself.[2]

Eighth Term

The October 2011 election proved especially exciting as citizens riled against Congressmen whom raised taxes. Some constitutes expressed their support for Heero Blaze because of his objection to the previous tax raise and won the election.

Despite some early vigor spurred by the outrage of some American citizens, the 47th eUS Congress proved to be docile. The 47th eUS Congress elected long-time Congressional staple rainy sunday Speaker of the House. She subsequently appointed Heero Blaze Deputy Speaker of the House along with Aersidius. The 47th Congress lacked significant discussion regarding taxation or the government budget.

CEO Heero Blaze

After a few months of hard work, Heero established Blaze Industries, an organization based in California. In September, Blaze Industries a farm and renamed it Blaze Barley. Blaze Barley adopted a profit sharing model as defined by Jasper Signa, which attracted a variety of workers to Heero's farm. In October, Blaze Barley continued to increase profits every week.

Since the rules regarding companies, organizations, and citizens have changed, Heero Blaze has taken personal control of Blaze Barley and no longer uses Blaze Industries as an intermediary. Profits are regularly shouted each week, with average shares paying 5-15% more than the highest wages available on the market for the same skill level.

After further changes to the economic module, Heero expanded his holdings to include Blaze Barley II, Blaze Barley III, Blaze Bread, Blaze Bauxite, Blaze Bauxite II, and Blaze Blades.


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 21x Hard Worker
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif 9x Congress Member
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 23x Super Soldier
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif 3x Battle Hero


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