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Dead citizen


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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth May 5, 2009
Date of death 2011
Residence Idaho, USA
Sex male
Faith Dioism
Congress member of Connecticut
25 July 2009 – 25 August 2009
Preceded by Joe DaSmoe
Military rank Icon rank Colonel**.png Colonel**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Heineken started his elife when he was looking on the forums of a World War 2 Squad-Based Strategy game called Call Of Combat (Thus the Heineken and CoC in his name). He came upon a topic on eRepublik, and the thread-starter (Named Cerberus there but Cerb in eRepublik) said it was a great game. So, he joined up. The game was very confusing, however he found a job and started as a 2-Clicker. At level 6 Heineken joined the Conservative Party, and eUS forums, signed up for MoW, and joined the National Guard Training Division. With the support of his fellow players, Heineken leveled up swiftly and easily. World War III Broke out, and He finally gained a High Wage job which allowed him to buy Q1 Weapons. HeinekenCoC Gained 5 strength levels, enlisted in the Army, reached level 16, and Lieutenant within 2 days of each event, and used the gold from the 5 Strength levels achievement to open up a Newspaper. He wrote several minor articles, and then wrote a WW3 Timeline with pictures, which thus turned out to be a great success with 600+ votes and 250+ Subscribers.

World War Three and a bid for Congress

Heineken ran for the July 25 Congressional elections In Connecticut, but right when orders came in to Mobile vote in France, he was chosen as an Official Candidate and thus had to go through with his Campaign. Luckily, He had saved the lvl 16 gold and used it to Campaign heavily, however by the time the money ran out he was still down 2 votes. Long story short, one vote decided the race, and Heineken became involved in eRepublik Politics, voting on several major issues in America's greatest time of need.

As the war raged on, and America regained its regions from PEACE, Heineken got the coveted level 17, and gained the Rank of Icon rank Captain.png Captain not late after. He then enlisted in the MI, trying to become part of the Military again after weeks of boredom. He was soon accepted, and put in Alpha Company / 1st Platoon, Where he gained the rank of Colonel and Level 18. At that time he moved in California after being ordered there due to an imminent attack on Florida.

On November 17th Heineken Leveled up again, and on the 25th he Became a Icon rank General.png General.


In January of 2010, Heineken quit eRepublik, returning for a few days during the World Cup to post an article. On October of 2010, Heineken officially ended his absence from eRepublik and hopes to make the USA a better place. He resided in Florida after moving to NZ for a little while.


He become member of American Defense and Trade Party and moved to Idaho. Sometime in the second part of the year, he quit.