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Heir Holley Press

Heir Holley Press.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-USA.jpg USA
Owner Heir Holley
Founded February 2009
Subscribers 34
Articles 110
Content Economical and Political

Company Information

Heir Holley Press, founded by Heir Holley in February 2009 as MorgenPost, was an international newspaper originally based in Germany. In March 2013, after three years of being dead, Heir Holley was revived and moved his newspaper to the United States. It had published over 40 articles at a total of over 1,600 votes in June of 2009, it's the highest article being voted up 161 times. MorgenPost was the 6th most subscribed newspaper in all of Germany: sitting at 167 subscribers before it's liquidation during the Third Sweden-Germany War.


Heir Holley began his media career writing statistical information and raw data about economics and businesses. When he became Congressperson of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and German Ambassador to Romania, he started to also write about political and personal articles, including articles to the Romanian citizens, descriptions for his congressional candidacies, and informative articles about Germany. Heir Holley continues to write prominent, independent articles about the political and industry scene in Germany, doing interviews with some of the leading figures. On May 31, 2009, MorgenPost released its newly restructured format which awed many long-term subscribers and brought many new readers to the newspaper.

MorgenPost pushes for unbiased, fair, and balanced articles while bringing evidence through interviews and statistics. The opinions in the opinion-editorial section of the newspaper are sole of that of the writer and do not express views of MorgenPost.


A selection of the articles Heir Holley has written:

  • "NEW MEDIA OUTLET! MorgenPost Hits the Streets!" (Feb 09) - first article detailing MorgenPost's mission and purpose.
  • "Tax Percentiles of Different Sectors of the Economy" (Feb 09) - February tax analysis.
  • "Population Figures of Different Regions of eDeutschland" (Feb 09) - February population analysis.
  • "Population Figures of Different Nations of eRepublik" (Feb 09) - February world population analysis.
  • "Business Stimulus: What We Can Learn From Smart Solutions Holding." (Feb 09) - an analysis of a business and what business owners can do to help their job.
  • "Heir Holley Runs For Congress" (Mar 09) - advertisement for Congressional run by Heir Holley.
  • "Taxes on the Economy" (Mar 09) - an analysis of current taxes and how changes will affect the economy.
  • "Heir Holley Runs For Congress In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania" (Apr 09) - advertisement for Congressional run by Heir Holley.
  • "Salaries and Job Openings by Skill Level" (Apr 09) - April salary/job analysis.
  • "An Austro-German Union?" (Apr 09) - a look at lands lost in the union between Austria and Germany.
  • "How the Training War will Effect Germany" (Apr 09) - interview with Mark Wahlberg, Chicco, and Gobba about how the training war will affect the German economy.
  • "The Training War Commences!" (2 May 09) - update on the training war for the German citizens.
  • "Brothers in Arms, Germany is With You! -Brothers in Arms, Germania este cu tine!!" (15 May 09) - a letter to the Romanian citizens about Germany's support for their war.
  • "German Letter to Romania" (15 May 09) - German advertisement for "Brothers in Arms" article.
  • "Do Not Be Left Out of the Training War" (18 May 09) - advertisement on the training war for German citizens.
  • "Sweden Declaration of War Looks to Pass!!!" (19 May 09) - update on Foreign Affairs issues with Sweden.
  • "Guide for the War with Sweden" (19 May 09) - update on what to do once the Third Sweden-Germany War starts.
  • "[OFFICIAL] Pro-German Media to Vote Up" (20 May 09) - update from the government on pro-German media in international news.
  • "German Letter to the United Kingdom" (21 May 09) - a letter to the British citizens about Heir Holley becoming the new German Ambassador to the UK.
  • "German Letter to the United Kingdom" (21 May 09) - German advertisement for "German Letter to the United Kingdom" article.
  • "From the Office of the Ambassador to the United Kingdom[EN][DEU]" (21 May 09) - update on Foreign Affairs with the UK.
  • "From the Office of the German Ambassador to the United Kingdom" (21 May 09) - a letter to the Brtish citizens about the war in Germany.
  • "MorgenPost - Issue 1 - 31 May 2009 - Day 558" (31 May 09) - issue number one of the newly restructured MorgenPost.
  • "MorgenPost - Issue 2 - 05 June 2009 - Day 563" (5 June 09) - issue number two of MorgenPost.