Hellenic Depository

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Hellenic Depository
Logo of Hellenic Depository
Owners Efthimios Pappas
Country Flag-Greece.jpg Greece
Headquarters Central Greece
Subsidiaries Hellenic Housing Q1, Hellenic National Guard
Founded 3 December 2008
Founders Efthimios Pappas
Industry Manufacturing
Products Houses, Weapons

The Hellenic Depository officially founded by Efthimios Pappas, during the Turkey-Greece War, to store the Greek money and gold so that they will not be 'stolen' or used against the interests of Greece. The organization belongs to the President of Greece and a selected Group of Ministers.

After the fall of Greece, the organization, held by Efthimios Pappas as the last President of Greece and by the Greek Resistance Committee, gathered money and gold in order to start Resistance war in the Greek regions.