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This Tutorial will demonstrate how to create a Portal in the eRepublik Wiki.

A Portal has two types of boxes.

  1. A selected box, for this tutorial we shall take the Selected Article box as example.
  2. A normal box, for this tutorial we shall take the Topic Box as a example.

Selected Box

First, we shall talk about the selected box. A selected box is a box which randomly selects a piece of information/photo which we have put in and displays it. So lets say in the Selected Article box we put the following articles:

  • Strength
  • Weapon
  • Hospitals
  • Resistance wars
  • Political takeover

So we have the information in the selected article box now the selected article box shall randomly select one of the articles and display it.

Now how to put articles in to a selected article box???

Notice how for each piece of information the last number of the URL is changing. For Strength, it was 1 for Weapon 2 for Hospitals 3 for Resistance wars 4 for Political takeover 5.

We go to their respective pages and add information. Its that simple. But please remember every time you add something in the selected article box please add it here:

This is for record purposes and so that the next person knows that 5 have been used and they need to use the 6th one and this one will go:

  • Portal:Military/Selected Article/6

Normal Box

A normal box like the topics box. Here you press the edit button and you put in the information. The same information will be shown until it is edited.