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Henrique nGael de Sousa

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Nationality Flag-Portugal.jpg Portuguese
Date of birth 24 Dec 2010
Day 1069
Date of death 24 Feb 2011
Day 1192
Sex Male
Military rank Icon rank Corporal.png Corporal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Citizen account suspended for the usage of multiple accounts

Henrique nGael de Sousa (born December 29, 2010 - day 1,135) was a Flag-Portugal.jpg Portuguese entrepreneur, is also an academic and news commentator.

Founder of the WikiProject Portugal, was also the first Portuguese player to enter the top 50 wiki editors of all time.

He was also a successful business venture as CEO of Gael Enterprises, make the conglomerate to expand to new business areas and grow financially. Although he was moving around a lot he had strong ties to homelands of his fathers.

He was the chief of the Clan nGael, receiving the title directly from his father, Dillian nGael, best known for being the descent of direct line of Ulster Kings. His also inherited the de Sousa family titles and estates by mother side.

Early life

Son of Dillian nGael and Isabel Azevedo de Sousa and grandson of the famous Arthur nGael, the Irish patriot. He was born in Ireland at Drogheda, Flag-Ireland.jpg Louth. He starts his studies in Porto. After that, he goes to study in Ireland.

Henrique MBA diploma

Academic Life

Is academic study's start in the University of Ireland, where he takes the degree in Economics and Finances. He also studied philosophy and theology at the seminary of Evora, and then did pastoral work and taught dogmatic theology at the seminary in Lisbon. He then furthered his studies in Rome at the Pontifical Gregorian University, from where he obtained a doctorate in theology, and at the Pontifical Lateran University, earning a doctorate in canon law. He also has an MBA from the study that he takes in World Global University, in the area of Business administration, with a minor in political sciences and foreigner relations (diplomatic study's).


Henrique started as a Revenger PR employee, still in the Helder Medeiros mandate as director (in December of 2010) and the owner of the company, and later as a news commentator. After working as an apprentice in Revenger PR, the company had financial problems and stock shortage making production slowing down and eventuality stopped completely. During this time, Henrique leaves the company and arranges a job in a grain company Live2Play Grain, owned by dimen. He achieved the position of a specialist in that company.

Henrique when moved to Brazil

His also a prolific writer and editor, is the founder and the 1st chief coordinator of the WikiProject Portugal, his also an active wiki editor the goes by the name Macanckor. During with is work with MDS (Ministério do Desenvolvimento Social) he collaborated directed with the Ministers Costa and Siga1.

Early Political career

Henrique started his political career on 16th of January 2011 (day 1153), when he joined the Partido Renovador Democratico and became an active party member. During that time RizonPT was the party president. After moving to Brazil, Henrique left the PRD because he changed his citizenship and had to renounce his political position. Later he becomes a member of the UNP movement and helps in a campaign of Teriana to become a congressperson in Centro region.

Early Military career

After his father died, he fought in Northern Ireland to help the efforts to keep that region under the control the Republic of Ireland, but the English enemy forces and their allies with ratio 2 to 1, overwhelmed and exhausted the last standing soldiers of the Irish Defence Forces who gave their lives in heroic act to defend Irish soil. Soon after that, he moved to Portugal where he joined the ranks with Portuguese Army and fought for the homeland of his mother, most of the battle participation was to assist allied countries because in that time nobody attacked Portugal.

Henrique moved to Brazil and tried to join Brazilian armed forces, but the request was denied. During that time he assisted South African friends in the resistance war (1157 day of New World).

After seeing the horrors of the battlefields, he understood that he does not have the tendency of his ancestors (from father side) to have a bellicose nature, instead, he has a peaceful nature. He serves as a chaplain in the wars against Spain (21 Jan 2011 - Day 1158); in the battles for Azores, Norte and Algarve (see the war).

Early Business career

Henrique nGael de Sousa was elected to substitute his father Dillian nGael. The Board of Directors were from nGael Clan, as the Chairman was the family trustee. His academic achievements make in one of the most capable to manage the huge conglomerate that was Gael Enterprises, since the end of 2010, he improved the efficiency of the company with an ambitious plan to shape the company management.


During The occupation time he had to change to a Spanish company Sharpblade owned by Zed, this manoeuvre proved to be the perfect cover up for his resistance activities without raising suspicions from Spaniards. On the day 1174, he changed company again and started working in Earthnet Starvation (owned by Ignum). With this move, he was promoted to Expert employee.

On the day 1,175 Henrique nGael de Sousa with the clan Trust Fund creates the Sagesse Foundation. The foundation has the mission to record the history of the game, charitable aid to the poor and the institutes of an investigation.

On the day 1,176 Ignum fired Henrique without any explanation, the alert he received: We are sorry to inform you that the General Manager of Earthnet Starvation has decided to fire you! But don't worry, you can get a new job or you can even buy a company. On the same day, Henrique started to work for Grano Piltrafilla as production adviser in the harvesting the crops. He worked directly under platinumdragon, then owner and manager of the company.

Portugal on the day 1,177, with his allies, made great advances in liberating the Portuguese regions from Spanish occupation, Brazil liberates the region of Centro, and Henrique couldn't quite the company as he was freshly hired[1].

On 10th of February, day 1,178, he moved from Centro (region at that time liberated by Brazil) to Lisboa, a region already in the hands of Portuguese forces. During this period Henrique was promoted to three stars private.

The political career of Henrique had a new turn and on 11th of February (day 1,179) Henrique joined the U.N.P., a Far-right Totalitarian party with its action being important for Portugal. When Portugal was liberated, Henrique moved to Lisboa and started to work for Olho trigo fresquinho owned by Theripper69.

On the day 1182, Teriana, a great Henrique's friend, was banned from the game leaving the recently created UNP without leadership. The same day, Revenger PR took the place as party president and before party elections, with the help of Henrique, was proposed to continue as the Party President. Unfortunately, the same misfortune happened again and Revenger PR was also banned and after this incident, Henrique left U.N.P.

On the Brazilian battlefront in Andalucia Henrique fought with great courage, being rewarded on the day 1,185 (17 Feb 2011) with the rank of Icon rank Corporal.png Corporal. Portugal in the middle of February started to recover from the Spanish invasion, and the economy starts to have progress. Hitmanxxx a friend of Henrique invited him to join his company Feira da Ladra on day 1,186 and he accepted the request and become an employee of the new company.

Church of Sacraments

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Henrique Cardinal of church of Sacrementism

On the day 1659 Henrique become ordained in the Church of Sacramentism and becomes a chaplain in the Portuguese Army. Afterwards, he was chosen to be Cardinal for Europe, but nobody knows by whom.


Since the 20th of February Henrique become ill from pneumonia and started to have heart failure, eventually died days later in Hospital bed of Hospital Italiano.


During his lifetime Henrique received a number of awards, mostly erepublik achievements, however, he was also recognized by others (e.g. country, organizations and erepublik wiki).

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Hard Worker (x1)
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Wiki Rewards* (x1)
He was in top 50 on 7 February 2010 (1175)


  1. You cannot resign your job in the first 3 days, you can try again on Feb 11, 2011, after 08:24.


Honorary titles
Preceded by
Dillian nGael
Chief of nGael Clan
December 29, 2010 (Day 1135)