Herr Vootsman

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Herr Vootsman

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eRepublik Elite Citizen
Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
National rank 94
Date of birth August 1, 2009
Residence 'Topeka, Kansas, USA
Sex Male
Political party Federalist Party
Newspaper The Crying Noob
Director of Community Development Program
February 22, 2010 – May 10, 2010
Preceded by Maxx Johnson
Succeeded by Herr Nicholas
Secretary of the Interior of USA
May 5, 2010 – July 4, 2010
Preceded by Maxx Johnson
Succeeded by Serendipitous
August 5, 2010 – September 4, 2010
Preceded by Serendipitous
Succeeded by Kazeal
Deputy Secretary of Technology of USA
September 5, 2010 – November 4, 2010
Congressman of Wisconsin
November 25, 2010 – December 24, 2010
Preceded by Joseph Scran
Succeeded by George Griffin
Congressman of Kansas
August 25, 2017 – September 24, 2017
Military unit Fox Company
Military rank Icon rank Titan***.png Titan***
Aircraft rank Chief master sergeant 5.png Chief Master Sergeant*****

Herr Vootsman is a citizen of the USA.

He owned several organizations, with multinational production and mining branches. The largest was Vootsman Industries. These have now been consolidated into Vootsman Enterprises, which is based in Kansas.


Herr Vootsman was born in California during the Indonesian Occupation. To avoid foreign citizenship, his official birthplace was recorded as Oregon. As he was of vital importance to national security, he was given a plane ticket to former fortress state of New Jersey. With the help of the local Q5 Hospital, Herr Vootsman began to fight against the combined forces of Russia, Indonesia, Portugal and France. However, as this was before Eugene Harlot learned how to attack without initiative, New Jersey was captured by the Russians and Herr Vootsman was evacuated to the remaining fortress of Florida.

In-Game Events

# Month Day Year Event Category
1 August 1 2009 Born in California, USA
2 August 28 2009 Joined Mobile Infantry Military
3 September 4 2009 Promoted to Lieutenant in the recapture of California Mililtary
4 September 7 2009 Vootsman Industries opened its first company, In-N-Out Burger MF Economic
5 October 5 2009 Promoted to Captain Military
6 October 26 2009 Promoted to Colonel Military
7 November 5 2009 Vootsman Industries expanded to include Rocket Fuel MF and Kryvorizhstal Iron EDEN Economic
8 November 19 2009 Vootsman Housing began providing Q1 houses on loan to new players Economic
9 December 16 2009 Vootsman Croatia begins operation of Hrvatski Pistolj Economic
10 December 17 2009 Promoted to General in defense of South Australia Military
11 December 23 2009 Opened Vootsman Polska and Vootsman Eesti Economy
12 December 27 2009 Began operation of Vootsman and Batterytime Purchasing, an international purchasing group Economic
13 December 30 2009 Vootsman Industries expanded to include Smith & Wesson MF Economic
14 December 30 2009 Kryvorizhstal Iron EDEN is transferred to Vootsman Ukraine as Kryvorizhstal Iron Entente Economic
15 December 31 2009 Opened Vootsman Denmark Economic
16 January 18 2010 Vootsman Ukraine upgrades Kryvorizhstal Iron Entente to Quality 4. Economic
17 February 23 2009 Promoted to Field Marshal while fighting for Ireland in the battle for Northern Ireland Military
18 April 1 2009 Vootsman Industries upgrades In-N-Out Burger MF to Quality 3. Economic

Military Career

Herr Vootsman has served six months in the United States Armed Forces, with his entire service in the Mobile Infantry.

In newer age, Vootsman joined Fox Company.

Career Highlights

# Month Day Year Event Category
1 August 28 2009 Placed as a Private in the Mobile Infantry, Alpha Company, 7th Platoon.
2 November 10 2009 Placed as an Airmen in the United States Air Force, 2nd Wing, 8th Squadron
3 November 29 2009 Promoted to Sergeant as Executive Officer in the Mobile Infantry, Charlie Company, 7th Platoon. Promotion
4 December 23 2009 Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel as Deputy Recruitment Officer in the Strategic Air Command Promotion
5 December 24 2009 Promoted to Major as Recruitment Officer in the Strategic Air Command Promotion
6 January 18 2010 Promoted to Lieutenant as a Commanding Officer in the Mobile Infantry, Charlie Company, 7th Platoon. Promotion
7 February 11 2010 Promoted to Major as a Quartermaster in the Mobile Infantry Promotion
8 April 12 2010 Promoted to Lieutenant General as Executive Officer in the Strategic Air Command Promotion

Awards Attained

  • Ribbon - WWIII.png World War III Campaign Participation Ribbon
  • Ribbon - Frostbite Ivan Campaign.png Operation Frostbite Ivan Campaign Participation Ribbon
  • Ribbon - Operation Hungary Hungary Hippos.png Operation Hungary Hungary Hippo Campaign Participation Ribbon


The Crying Noob is the newspaper edited and published by Herr Vootsman since August 10, 2009.