Hessische Welle

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Hessische Welle

Hessische Welle Logo.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Germany.jpg Germany
Owner omg_87
Founded March 2009
Subscribers 1
Articles 0
Content Political News, Economy, Job offers, Quiz

The Hessische Welle was founded in March 2009 by omg_87 and is the official newspaper of Hessiche Vermögens Holding.

The official slogan of Hessische Welle-Newspaper English (HW-Newspaper- at the centre of the union)

Upcomming Categories

In the Spotlight shows up-to-date information about everything that is important in the World and is the main Category of the Newspaper.

The Economy part provides information and statistics about the economic development of Germany. It also informs about job offers and news of the Hessiche Vermögens Holding.

The Hessenquiz is a raffle where readers answer questions about Hesse with varying prizes.