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Historical map shows countries military progression until Day 2,375 of the New World.

Historical world map.png


The map for the country will appear in, zoomed in on the country you selected.

  • Minimap - The minimap shows your zoomed in area in relation to the entire world. Use the side scroll bar to zoom in or out.
  • Select Country - Use the drop-down to select the country's map you would like to look at, or you can choose to see the entire world (Global).
  • Select Filter - Use the drop-down to select a filter to view the political map, population, active battles, or any of the ten resources.
  • Select Date - Use the drop-down to view historical maps.


This one used to be the default map in eRepublik to let citizens check the current situation of countries.
In 2013, between Day 1,800 and Day 1,900, a new lightweight map has been released.

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