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Military news

The resistance war in Bukovina fails and it remains under Romanian control. Immediately, samu126 starts a resistance war in Dnipro, once again held by Romania, to return it to Ukraine.

Hungary retakes Central Hungary from Romania.

Nord-Norge was held successfully by Finland against the Norwegian attack, which is followed immediately by a Swedish attack.

Having successfully taken Jammu and Kashmir, Romania moves on to attack North-West Frontier Province, a native region of the recently defeated Pakistan.

Eastern Slovakia was held by Hungary against rebellion forces.

The US-Mexico training war continues with another resistance war in Baja, this time started by Ogdensign.

Serbia cedes Southern Serbia to Bulgaria.

Game news

Spidering was declared as a bannable offence [1]. Due to this, eGobba's world map [2] and many other utilities that require information from the site can only be updated by hand until new features are implemented.

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