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16 February 2010:


  1. Upper Austria, Hungary secured by Croatia in a land-swapping arrangement. [1]
  2. Austria attacks Salzburg, Croatia. [2].
  3. A Resistance war is started by Kumnaa in East of England. [3]
  4. Sweden attacks and conquers Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Poland. [4]
  5. Sweden attacks and conquers Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg, Poland. [5]
  6. A Resistance war is started in Lower Saxony and Bremen, Spain by DanielB1989. [[6].
  7. A Resistance war is started in North Rhine-Westphalia, Spain by Donnie Bronco. [7]
  8. China attacks and conquers Guangdong, Philippines. [8]
  9. Spain attacks and conquers South East of England, USA. [[9]
  10. A Resistance war is started in East Midlands, USA by James Strife. [10]
  11. Philippines attacks Sabah, Malaysia, as part of War Games
  12. China attacked Gansu, Philippines.[11]
  13. Hungary attacks and conquers Inner Mongolia, Serbia.[12].
  14. A Resistance war is started in Yorkshire & Humberside, Norway by Mezzo [13]
  15. A Resistance war is started in Midtjylland, Norway by Polio. [14]
  16. A Resistance war is started in North East of England, Norway by BattalGazi [15].
  17. Poland attacks Castilla La Mancha [16]
  18. Poland retreats from Castilla La Mancha, Spain.
  19. Poland attacks Northern Bohemia, Czech Republic. [17]
  20. Poland attacks Southern Bohemia, Czech Republic. [18]
  21. United Kingdom attacked East of England, USA in the UK-USA war.
  22. South East of England secured by USA in the resistance war. [19]
  23. Xinjiang successfully taken over by the resistance forces, against Pakistan. [20]


  1. Poland Proposed a Peace Treaty with Finland [21].
  2. Spain signed an alliance with the Czech Republic.
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