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Day 250 of the New World
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What’s so special about this day

eRepublik Logo in day 250 of the New World

This day was special day. Admin already announced in the eRepublik Insider of 25th July that on the day 250 of the New World (27th July) there would be some goodies. First of all the eRepublik Logo in the left upper corner changed. It had a red flag in the blue building where it was written “Day 250”. Also the banner that shows three presidents in real life was replaced by the avatars of two users and one party. The left image was Kaleb avatar and the flag was the United Kingdom one. The middle image was Dio Brando avatar and the flag was the Pakistan one. The right image was Flashback party image and the flag was the Sweden one.

All of this graphic changes were made by josefstark, a user in eRepublik.

But this was the minor part. The most interesting and crazy thing was that the admin decided to give a lot of invites to everyone. People were gradually receiving invites and in the end most (most because some people said that still had 5 invites and didn’t receive those given by admin) people had more than 200 invites. In the forums many users were afraid that the eRepublik was under a pirate attack but others remembered that the admin said there would be some goodies available. Although most of the people saw the invites as a good thing others claimed that with this absurd amount of invites multi-account would be unstoppable.

But on the next day the invites went back to normal so the problem referred earlier was solved. But it was quite a fun day and most of the people enjoyed the new banner and the crazy amount of invites.

Banner of the 250th day gif format.gif