Day 499 / 2 April 2009

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World War III

Is this the start of World War III, When Spain and Canada attack France, Hungary and Germany fight, while Romania continues its conquest of Asia, and a resistance starts in the Volga Vyatka Region, Norway.

Hungary declares war against Poland

Hungary, a member of PEACE, declares war against Poland, a member of ATLANTIS, and fights to liberate Northern Hungary, formerly under Polish control.

Serbian President impeached

To counter the takeover, the Serbian president, BorKan, was impeached by a unanimous vote of 30-0 today.

Hungary-German War

Styria, the first battlefield of the war, is returned to Austria today.


Mapplna starts a resistance war to free Upper Austria from Germany.

The resistance war to take Baja back from the United States of America fails.

Poland-Romania War

Poland invades Northern Hungary.

France-Canada War

France successfully defends Pays de la Loire from its invaders.

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