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Military news

As Hungary succeeds in retaking Northern Hungary from Poland, it moves on to attack Central Hungary, now occupied by Romania, although it has failed to take Galicia from Poland.

Success similarly comes to Indonesia as it successfully seizes Sichuan from Pakistan, and proceeds to attack Chongqing.

Western Siberia, formerly a part of Russia, has now fallen under Romanian hands as their armies remove the Norwegian occupation.

Poland attempts to take Galicia from Romania.

Political news

It's presidential election day! Presidential candidates of larger countries strive to win support from their populace; smaller countries, as always, face the threat of a political takeover. For results see Presidents - April 2009.

Carnage ensues in Belgium as the president, CreveRoeland, cedes the entire country to the Netherlands as part of a proposed union, allowing them to take Belgium's three regions: Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels. This is reportedly to stop the Spanish Imperial Troopers, who had established a base in Belgium. He was impeached 10 minutes later; elections stop as the country has been fully occupied.

A similar event happens in Austria, as the president, Silent Bob, cedes Upper Austria, Tyrol and Salzburg to Italy. Italy declares that this is in the name of Austrian independence (translation at the end of the article), to "avoid any attempt of invasion and TO from German side". The plan was that "Austria will be independent in a region protected all around by PEACE countries. Styria". Austria now has three regions left - Carinthia, Lower Austria and Styria - which were not ceded, while Italy issues a call to arms to seize Lower Austria by force.

The Norwegian president who was by default President after KristofferAG's impeachment, Kenneth Viking, similarly cedes Moscow and Central Russia, Nord-Norge and Leningrad Oblast to Finland an hour before the day ends and the new president swears in office.

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