History/8 April 2009

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Military news

The Norwegian invasion of Finland's Moscow Region, which has inspired one of the current most voted newspaper articles and much debate, fails.

Russia joins Romania in the invasion of Volga-Vyatka Region, a part of Norway. Norway swaps the region over to Russia as Romania retreats from the battle in frustration.

Romania moves into Indonesian territory as it attacks Jammu and Kashmir, later conquering Sichuan from Indonesia.

Slovenia successfully conquers Carinthia from Austria, leaving it with only one region, Styria.

Portugal-controlled Oaxaca faces a resistance uprising by Sirdias.

Croatia attacks Southern Serbia, a part of Serbia, in a preplanned training war between the two nations.

Another resistance war begins in Baja as part of the military training between US and Mexico.

Political news

Game news

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia joins eRepublik as new nations, each with a territory containing high grain.

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