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Good work, brave Belgians!

Belgium - United Kingdom War

Belgium decided to merge with the United Kingdom as of April 13, 2008. Both countries agreed to merge and they did so (see Belgium-United Kingdom War).

Brussels Rebellion

The Brussels Rebellion.

Belgium was involved in the resistance wars in Brussels. The first resistance war was started by an outsider and as a result, the resistance war failed. The second resistance war was sold to Michael Collins and this one succeeded. Belgium has regained its complete independence on the 21st of February.

Netherlands Union

During the congress election on 25th March 2009, Spanish citizens who called themselves "Imperial Troopers" won a majority of the congressional seats, effecting a political takeover. In response to this, CreveRoeland, the president, decided to cede all Belgian territories to the Netherlands on 5th April 2009, forming the union called United Netherlands and preventing a Spanish president from being elected. The Union lasted nearly a year until a Romanian militia named the group RWed parts of Belgium in late 2009. Belgium never officially left the union, until the Netherlands officially declared the end of the union in June 2010.

Flanders Occupation

On October 22, 2009, a resistance war was started in the region of Flanders. The operation was carried out by the Romanian group, The Group, and the American SEAL Team 6. Despite some minor tanking on both sides, the RW could not be stopped and the region was liberated. Several days after, a resistance was started in the region of Brussels; PEACE was unable to defend the region.

Forces from EDEN and PEACE quickly flooded into the country in an attempt to take citizenships. For almost two months, Belgian Congress was dominated by The Group who severely plundered the nation's resources.[1][2]

The Group's Belgian operation was originally led by a player named Kristache who was then later replaced by Highst. The Group, however, was not the only PTO group in Belgium at this time. There were PTO groups from Poland, Croatia, USA, and other EDEN nations. The EDEN groups' main oppositions were the PEACE ATO Party and the Benelux Party (both later becoming the BfB party). Other notable participants from the EDEN groups were Rod Damon, Romper, lukamancro, and AndroX. Notable oppositions from the PEACE opposition group(s) were Olv007, Elynea, Apotygma, Luuklag, Hugo Lily, ThomasRed and Jofroi.

Also at this time, the Belgian Revolutionary Party emerged. Led by Manong Rizal who opposed both EDEN and PEACE groups, the party argued against a possible re-union with the Netherlands and proposed an idealist government through the "Belgian At Heart, Belgium in Motion Project" with a pact called the "Pact Under Mutual Association". His efforts utterly failed but the legacy of the "Belgian At Heart" movement, non-RL-Belgians becoming true Belgians, left a mark in the country's history that would later portray future Belgian communities.[3]

Flanders Liberation

On December 15, 2009 (Day 737) the UK attacked and conquered Flanders. A day after, Brussels was also conquered by the UK, effectively taking away all Belgian regions from the control of The Group.

After this, the Belgian Revolutionary Party-in-exile led by Kheops, Aldous Zamiatin, and several others remained in the United Kingdom to fervently call for Belgium's true independence while cooperating with unualibro and playing a key role in the coming liberation of Brussels and eventually, all of Belgium. The party later evolved as the National Democratic Front and then later as Res Belgica.

The Beginning of A New Era

Brussels is RW'ed

Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia were successfully liberated from the UNL on January 17, 2010 (Day 789), though many citizens, including the Country President himself (Olv007), still held the hope for a re-union with the Netherlands. Since then, all of Belgium have been liberated and the country has been trying to restore itself independently. Although numerous groups from EDEN have tried to politically take over the country, they eventually left or assimilated into the community. The Free Belgium party (originally run by the USA) is the only one left, and claim to no longer be a PTO party. The majority of Belgians have now accepted the members of Free Belgium into the Belgian community.

The New Era

The new era of Belgium began after its liberation in January 2010, Manong Rizal then founded its new National Forum on January 19, 2010 (Day 791), thus consolidating the mark of the new era.[4] At this time, Olv007 officially became the leader of the Belgian government-in-exile and eventually became an officially elected Country President on February 2010.[5][6]

Around this time, the BfB Party was also born.[7] And on January 21, 2010 (Day 793), Manong Rizal's Free Bread Campaign was started in Belgium and was later followed by Res Belgica's Welfare programs (led by Aldous Zamiatin) thus starting the new era's first steps to helping its new players and creating a new hope for a baby boom.[8] Furthermore, on Day 794, active Belgian players and politicians met for the new era's first town meeting to discuss Belgium's future at the newly ordained National IRC (#eBrussels).[9]

on January 24, 2010 (Day 796), a day before the first Congressional election after the liberation, USA President Josh Frost declared that Belgium is under the threat of a Phoenix PTO while encouraging his new facade of an American ATO. This was greatly reputed and criticized by the Belgian community, most especially by Manong Rizal who started a campaign against the USA by publishing articles and even to the extent of trolling the US forum. Even mainstream USA politicians such as Astra Kat G and media mogul Arjay Phoenician criticized the American claims about the Phoenix PTO. GLaDOS, a famous citizen from the United Kingdom, also criticized Josh Frost and said the following: "Protect Belgium from PTO by NOT electing actual Belgians to run the country".[10] And on the January 2010 Congressional Elections, PTO forces (Movement for Belgium Party, Belgian Defense Party, and the Neutrality Party) got 11 out of 20 seats in the Belgian Congress while its main Belgian opposition, the BfB only acquired 9 out of 20 seats. This was, however, a remarkable feat as the Belgian Community support was far outnumbered.[11] But so, the BfB was then later criticized for ostracizing the National Democratic Front (Res Belgica) out of the political mainstream by bringing in Macedonian support through having Macedonian Congressional candidates.[12][13] On the other hand, lukamancro, Croatian leader of the Neutrality Party, publicly pledged his support to the Belgian Community, turning the tables against the PTO groups.[14]

On January 28, 2010 (Day 800), Grinch85, Romanian puppet CP, was officially impeached and replaced by Olv007. On the same day, the National Bank of Belgium or the "NBB-BNB" was established by Olv007 and his Minister of Finance, thedragon. Around these times, eRepublik's headless chicken rose to popularity as well.[15]

On January 29, 2010 (Day 801), Innos28 donated Belgium's first Q5 Hospital to Brussels, the NBB-BNB contract was completed, and a resistance war to liberate Wallonia was started.[16]

On February 4, 2010 (Day 807), Olv007 runs for the February 2010 CP Elections and wins.[17] His success, however, ended in the contempt of opposing EDEN parties. The opposing parties then proposed various law proposals to destroy the national economy and to frame Olv007 for thievery of the national chest by faking a similar-looking organization owned by the CP.[18] On the following days, more ridiculous law proposals were proposed by the opposing EDEN parties.[19] And on Day 810, Manong Rizal published an international petition against EDEN, denouncing its petty actions.[20]

Belgium's Neutrality & Independence

After everything had begun to settle down, Belgium was all about not being PTOed but to be an independent country of the eWorld. As Belgium pressed for this, they made a petition which was written by Gibberish45, co-Director of the Committee of Neutrality, with the help of Manong Rizal, co-Director and founder of the Committee of Neutrality and Congress Member of Belgium, as well as Kiryu, Congress Member of Belgium. Their goal was to get 500 people to sign the petition. Sadly they were not able to make into 500 but they did get some 126 people to sign it. After the petition, Belgium had made its independence known to just about every other country[21].

On February 9, 2010 (Day 812), ThomasRed, Minister of Defense at that time, was removed by Congress as EDEN supporters feared that a Phoenix MoD would harm Belgian neutrality. On the same day, Manong Rizal opened the "Committee of Neutrality" and the discussions on his proposed draft for a Constitution was underway. Shadowukcs also claimed, after his defeat in the Presidential elections, that EDEN would take over all of Belgium through brute force on that day.[22]

On February 10, 2010 (Day 813), Olv007, Country President at this time, published a petition against EDEN telling EDEN to "go home". In addition, the forgotten issue of Belgium's independence from the union (UNL) is, once again, starting to re-emerge. [23][24]

On February 14, 2010 (Day 817), the Belgian Military was established and became fully operational.[25]

SOL Training Wars

On February 17, 2010 (Day 820), Belgium officially joined the SOL Training Wars.[26]

More PTOs, Problems & Possible Progress

On February 22, 2010 (Day 825), thedragon, Minister of Finance for Olv007, was temporarily suspended. On the same day, Manong Rizal's proposal for a Constitution was passed.

On February 25, 2010 (Day 828), the February 2010 Congressional Elections started. This became an opportunity for Belgium to regain majority in the Belgian Congress; the Belgian Community then acquired 15 out of 30 seats in Congress (BfB - 14, RB - 1) while the opposing parties acquired 15 out of 30 seats as well. Notably, this Congressional election was probably one of the most successful, if not the most successful, Congressional election during the imminent PTO threat era. However, controversies arose as the Belgian Community once again criticizes EDEN for not following their promise of giving Belgium back to the Belgian Community while EDEN, as well, criticized the Belgian Community for inviting Phoenix votes. Citizen daniecox would also criticize EDEN's mistrust of the Belgian Community in saying that the USA only wants to have "an American President in order to use Belgium to strengthen their presence in Western Europe, and/or to line their pockets".[27][28]

On March 2, 2010 (Day 833), Manong Rizal runs for Country President, a few days after announcing that Olv007 would run for re-election.[29] Olv007 would then criticize Manong Rizal's actions as a "stab in the back".[30] However, suddenly, Manong Rizal decided to leave the game temporarily and tried to re-conciliate with Olv007. Olv007, however, refused to run once again after feeling insulted by Manong Rizal's betrayal and was replaced by Elynea as the CP candidate. Elynea was then elected as Belgium's 2nd President of the New Era and Belgium's 1st Female President. Although Manong Rizal garnered a lot of support for his candidacy, it was never explained why he decided to betray Olv007. Olv007, however, claims that Rod Damon may have influenced Manong Rizal's decisions during these times.[31]


Belgium joined Entente on the 3rd June 2010 but they left Entente after it collapsed and joined ONE in July 2010. ONE was disbanded in December 2010 and Belgium, therefore, became non-aligned.


In December 2010, Poland attacked Wallonia to have a passage to France, the government warned their citizens to fight, but not to fight too hard as they would try to fight in the Resistance War. The government did this because they expected Poland to be too strong. Several countries came to aid Belgium with troops of which Ireland, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom were the most important. However, there was one missing country, the country Belgium signed an MPP with the USA. However, the USA had several things on their mind, Poland was an ally of them, but in the background, they were also preparing a new alliance: PANAM. A failed attempt of Resistance war happened, partly because Poland started to use tanks in the end, partially because the Belgian government didn't recognize this Resistance war. They were waiting for a Polish Resistance war auction winner to start the Resistance war. This angered a lot of Belgian citizens and also some Dutch citizens as they had fought hard in this battle and also because the RW was started by a Dutch citizen, Auggustus.


The Kallmar Incident

In February 2011, France invaded Belgium under the auspices of a PANAM attempt to block NWO from gaining access to the United Kingdom. However, shortly after the invasion began, the cover story was discovered to be fictional and the French president, Kallmar, attempted to conquer Belgium and add it to the French empire. The state of war between the two nations lasted for nearly two weeks, during which Belgium was frequently close to being completely conquered. During the February 2011 Congressional elections, Belgium had only one region in which to run candidates, resulting in a month with only ten Congress members. Shortly before the March presidential election, an agreement was reached in which France would declare peace with Belgium and allow the return of conquered regions through resistance war. The relationship between France and Belgium was tarnished due to the actions of Kallmar's administration. Coincidentally, he was permabanned shortly before peace was finalized.

Internal Opposition

Following the March 2011 presidential election, in which ThomasRed defeated shadowukcs, shadowukcs founded an underground oppositional movement against the "tyranny" of the Belgium for Belgians Party, who had long held power in Belgium. Uniting under the banner of Res Belgica, the opposition infiltrated the BfB with a candidate who came very close to winning the party presidency before BfB members became aware of the "internal PTO attempt". Despite being unsuccessful, the opposition managed to divide the Belgian community for the remainder of March and crippled the political capital of Res Belgica, who fell from the second largest party to the fourth, losing almost all of their active members. It also resulted in the founding of the United Left Alliance and the United Belgian Independents Party, which became the second and third largest parties respectively. Partly due to the issues made public by the opposition, it took the BfB until October to capture the presidency of Belgium since ThomasRed's March 2011 term.

Second Invasion of the United Kingdom

The Belgian community was reunited in late March when the United Kingdom declared Belgium to be its Natural Enemy with the intention of conquering the smaller nation for its fruit region, violating Belgium's neutrality. Rather than attempting to negotiate a peace settlement with the UK as they had with France a month earlier, Belgium sought powerful MPPs with NWO nations and struck for the UK capital of London. Although London itself was never conquered, with its new MPPs, Belgium did enough damage that the UK aborted the invasion attempt on 4 April 2011, just before the presidential election. The invasion cast Belgium out of neutrality for over a month, bringing new activity and battles to the small nation and sparking renewed discussion of possible mergers to create a larger Belgian state.

The Constitutional Crisis

The presidential term of NLSP, elected on 5th April, was occupied by a raging debate on the replacement of the old Belgian Constitution with a simpler, newer document. For nearly six months, the Ministers of Justice had attempted to convince Congress to adopt a new constitution to no avail. The debate finally came to a head in April, resulting in three new constitutional drafts before Congress and multiple votes to reach the appropriate quorum and 2/3 majority. It was not until after the April Congressional elections that Congress finally accepted a new constitution, sparking almost immediately a new debate about the appropriateness of the new constitution and several new drafts presented to Congress.

"What a woman!"

The presidential terms of mittekemuis, elected firstly on 5th May, then re-elected for a second term in a row on 5th June, was peaceful and constructive for the whole country. Belgium successfully led a Training War(TW) with eUnited Kingdom. Through her two terms, Belgium remained on the map with all its regions. These accomplishments in the background of ONE's domination all over the world is really amazing and it is based on good diplomatic foreign skills. Belgium changed the balance in signing MPPs to show its neutrality. Over these two mandates, more funds were granted for helping new citizens in their first days. The army funding got some severe resistance from some members in Congress but after almost two months of debate, Congress approved the new budget for BAF. [32] At the end of her terms, after she did an amazing work, she was crowned for Queen of Belgium.[33]

*Information Missing*

The Belgian Civil War

Main article: Belgian civil war

The Belgian Civil War (BCW) is a political fight that was mainly held on the Belgian forum between the beginning of August and the end of October 2011. It opposed two parties that were called "The elites" and "The opposition" that fought for the political hegemony on Belgium. During this war, the political Belgian landscape has drastically changed.

*Information Missing*


*Information Missing*


The Second Belgo-French War

The whole conflict started with the Natural Enemy law on April 02, 2013 (Day 1960) [34], proposed by the French PTO'er ZePaylikon. It was voted down with 11-16 but severely damaged the relations between France and Belgium. Only one day after this attempt, another Congress member from H.O.P.E. proposed another NE law against France.[35] This was voted down with 5-18 and again the government could convince the French one to vote their NE law down.

Unfortunately for Belgium, France saw these affronts as the perfect moment for a war against Belgium.

On April 10, 2013 (Day 1968), France proposed another Natural Enemy Law against Belgium under the pretext of a Training War. The truth was another, France wanted to wipe Belgium and occupy Wallonia. Congress member DarkoDimovski1 started a counter NE law to get the bonus. Both laws were accepted and the war started with the French attack of Flanders. This was the proof for many that France wanted to cut off Poland's border with the UK, which was occupied by Argentina.

*Information Missing*

World War 6

The month of May 2013 was an important month on the international stage as the dissolution of EDEN opened the way to a major CoT-TWO conflict. Due to the strategical position of Belgium between several major TWO countries (Poland and UK mainly) the question was raised to know if Belgium should remain in his alliance or switch to a neutral position (or switch side). It was finally decided that the Belgian should not let their allies fall when they could be in trouble.

During the presidential elections, Beaverss Tribute to Raskol was elected with a heavy majority against Shadowukcs, the candidate of Hope. However, with the addition of several foreign citizens, the H.O.P.E. has been able to take more than a third of the congress seat, becoming, alone, the first party of Belgium.

A redrawing of the constitution was launched by the Country President due to several loopholes and a burden and lack of organisation of the current law book.

Internal Conflicts

The most important topic in this month of June 2013 was the conflict between the leading parties and the opposition. A restricted group (>25 persons) was self-proclaimed ATO group as they believed that some persons (mainly from the H.O.P.E. party) were trying to take the control of Belgium for their own profit. This "ATO group" managed a larger group of voters and used tactical voting to make sure that the major parties of Belgium would be controlled by persons that would not be "dangerous" based on their own criteria. It mainly leads to the political take over of the H.O.P.E. party by Tecuvo.

In response to that attack, when it was discovered that an organised group was behind that takeover, the active members of H.O.P.E moved to the PANDA party created previously during the month by G.W. Junior. They complained about the "ATO group" to be themselves PTOers who were acting for their own interest in a move to keep the power.

The PANDA party soon took off and became against (like H.O.P.E. previously) the major party of Belgium (along with Res Belgica). The self proclaimed "ATO group" therefore saw that their previous attempt was not successful and some of their members (the MoFA tecuvo included) asked help from the United Kingdom to wipe the country out of the map to avoid congressional elections that could allow PANDA to bring more foreign citizens in Belgium. The president of the United Kingdom, Mr Woldy accepted to wipe Belgium.

The "ATO group" split at this time in two different sides. Some of the people believed that the wipe was a dirty move while the other considered as the last possible move and accepted. Due to that division, the wipeout plan failed as the first Natural Enemy proposal of Belgium was voted down by the Congress. A second one succeeded a little bit afterwards but it was too late to allow for a wipeout and Belgium only got wiped after the end of the elections.

The Country President MCKitkat disagreed with the too fast organised wipe made without his consent and decided to fire his MoFA after the beginning of the war.

Belgium was put back on the map a couple of days after the end of the congressional election due to the low resistance of the United Kingdoms.

Tax Reform and The Explosion of Culture

During this difficult period of internal conflict and constant PTO threat, two young citizens brought tremendous good to Belgium. Trito Fisher and ErnestHemingway started to write in the Belgian media and published many short stories, anthologies of poems, and other prose. The Belgian museum was founded by Tommot and featured visual art as well as copies of the prose written by the two young citizens. An explosion of culture is featured during this time as conflict inspired the people of Belgium to come together through art.

Also during this time, Trito Fisher and ErnestHemingway revised the tax code. They set the VAT and import taxes of weapon and food raw material after days of debate in Congress. It was in use for a long time.

Women out of the kitchen

After the heated elections of the previous month, the tension dropped during the holidays due to the usual drop of activity.

The presidential election opposed a coalition of MaryamQ and Elynea against SwaqqCoryn. The campaign was oriented on the union of both "sides" who would work together in the government (especially in the Swaqq Coryn campaign).

After the victory of Elynea at the election, G.W. Junior joined the cabinet for the first time in the ministry of foreign affairs. However, he used the governmental newspaper for private publications and tried to get banned from the Belgian forum through spamming and misbehaviour and finally resigned from the government as the access to the governmental organisation had been denied. With SwaqqCoryn inactive as Ministry of Education, the government had no more members from the parties who supported Swaqq Coryn during the last elections.

Later during the month, a sexist private message from ChristijanXD to MaryamQ lead to a general outcry of the community leading to several articles who soon occupied the top 5 of the country. This also leads to a temporary ban of ChristijanXD just before the Congress elections of the 25th, leaving the PANDA party without a leader to organize it.

At the end of the month, a war occurred with Poland. Even if it was launched unilaterally without Belgian agreement, it was considered to be a training war by both sides and this ended well.

United Kingdom conflict and Economical ATO

JdlF was the only serious candidate during the election and was elected without any opposition. Probably due to the holidays still going on, there has been no serious political tensions within the country.

The first eRepublik tournament was held during this month and thanks to the state funding and some players, Belgium has been able to reach the 15th position of the tournament, allowing the country to have a powerful national shield.

The major act of JdlF was the creation of the bank managers to lower the PTO ambitions. He sent most of the money of the NBB-BNB organization to people he trusted and had been Belgian citizens for a while (more than a year) and therefore diminished the possibility of a treasury stealing (or at least of the scale) by a greedy country president.

Another process to lower the national reserves has been to vote several laws to increase the wealth distribution among citizens through different programs (BYS, BYS+,...).

Later on during the month, CoT asked Belgium to launch an airstrike against an unknown country (it was later be revealed to be Slovenia) as a part of a larger scale plan. However, the United Kingdom, belonging to TWO, wanted to avoid such an airstrike and launched a natural enemy proposal as an answer to the Belgian threat. However, it took them a lot of time to break the shield that had been earned earlier and the airstrike was finally not launched either as Switzerland did not need it anymore.

United Kingdom conflict (part 2)

The wipe begun by the United Kingdom during the previous month continued after the election of Maresal Langas as president of Belgium. However, as the AS threat was no more, the different Belgian regions have been RWed later during the month.

The great treasury spending has continued during this month and even increased. Some other modifications about state finances (such as the removal of the state budget law) have been voted during that month.

The Great Wipe

In October, MaryamQ was elected as country president with a large majority.

Working in secret with a restricted group of self-called "ATO group", they decided that there should be no more congress elections as long as the PTO risk remained very high. They, therefore, pretended a damage draw from Poland to launch an NE against them, which ended as expected with a total wipe. They explained their move afterwards[36]. However, several citizens complained about the lack of transparency in their move. The government argued that some things had to be done in secret to avoid possible countermeasures from the PTOers.

After the Wipe and due to the absence of Congress, the SeCo became active for the first time in Belgium history (although it has already been used in the past to act against PTO).

During this month, the treasury spending has reached a peak with a rough Flag-Belgium.jpg 500K BEF spent during the month.

Several discussions have been held about giving Honorary Citizen rights to some foreign citizens, such as Tecuvo and Tony Clifford.

At the end of the term, CoT began to crumble. Due to their currently wiped position, the Belgians decided to wait and see the evolution of the ally before taking any decision.

The NLSP Dictatorship

After the great wipe of the previous month, NLSP got elected as country president and was, therefore, the sole in-game congress member of Belgium. As per the forum rules, this also applied to the forum votes and he was, therefore, able to pass any law he deemed fit for the country ruling. To avoid further abuses in the coming months, he passed a modification of the constitution in the case that there is no congress where the supreme court has to agree with any constitutional changes in such a case.

As such, NLSP increased (again) the MoF handouts.

Due to eRepublik changes (addition of the Freedom Fighter medals and damage bonuses), it was expected that resistance war would succeed in Belgium and it was therefore negotiated with Poland that Belgium armies would not fight anymore in possible RW (excepted if it was close to the congress elections as the whip during those elections should remain based on the government policy). The opposition wrote a series of "fake governmental articles" to try to gather more defenders in the resistance wars but this ultimately failed as the country remained wiped during the whole term.

Due to the death of CoT and the lack of military activities, the government organized a couple of military strikes together with the Netherlands army. The policy was to not get involved in any major ally. As the country was wiped by Poland anyway, there was no real use to join an alliance at the time being.

To fight the so-called PTO, NLSP together with the supreme court decided to remove the forum citizenship of a list of suspected PTOers.

The return of The Valeyard

There were tough "debates" between JdlF and The Valeyard but the citizens voted for the latest.

After the acceptance of the Supreme Court, several citizens (14) has been banned from the forum due to a "strong suspicion" of PTO. This was the first massive ban event of the whole forum history.

Complains rapidly arose about the fact that in time when there was no congress, the country president would be too powerful, almost turning the country into a dictatorship. After discussions, the topic was however dropped and forgotten.

In the continuous war between the so-called PTOers and the current leaders of the country, the country president has asked the citizens to vote for specific persons in the party president elections. This tentative ultimately failed for the Liberation Front but succeeded for the P.A.N.D.A. party that was renamed the L.I.O.N party by Critically a little bit afterwards.

In the United Kingdom, ChewChewShoe stole most of the treasury. Some Belgians citizens decided to send some help to feed the treasury back.

At the end of the term, resistance wars were launched to remove the possible "Resistance Bonus" in the future. Belgium was again on the map, but it would not last long and the great wipe would ultimately continue.


A brand new Belgium

The only candidate for his own reelection, The Valeyard has been easily reelected as CP.

Although the wipe remained during the whole month, there have been several major changes in the country during this month.

The new Ministry of Finance Jofroi has cut all the fundings after the strong reserve depleting of the previous months. This had a major consequence as the Belgian National Army had no budget left to supplies their soldiers. As a result, most soldiers left the MU to join other MU, strongly weakening the Belgian power strike.

Several major players also left the country for other lands, including former presidents MaryamQ and NLSP. Most of those players left for United Kingdom, strengthening once again the bonds between both countries.

Meanwhile, the monarchy has been revived in the person of Critically who took the crown.

On the political side, the opposition took control of the top 2 parties of Belgium and would now have more than 50% of the Belgian citizens under their control although there was still no Congress.

The wonderful Mr. Wonka

Mr. Wonka was elected with a large majority against shadowukcs.

This month was marked by a strong presence of military action involving Belgium. Just after the beginning of the term, the Netherlands decided to launch an NE attack on Belgium. Thanks to the coordination with the UK, Belgium had been wiped before they could attack, which impeached them to make a direct attack against Belgium and closed the case. After the congress elections, Belgium was unwiped. After changes in the Dutch government, the tension between both countries began to fade away.

Later during the month, the Republic of Moldova decided to invade western Europe and they used Belgium as a bridge (through airstrike). The country was quickly wiped and remained wiped until the end of the term where resistance war allowed Belgium to be partly freed (the country would be completely freed at the beginning of the following term).

To fight Moldova and thanks to the great FA work provided, Belgium signed 6 MPPs during this month, among which 4 were offered by foreign countries. Then, because of the strong influence of some UK citizens on him, the Country President decided to make Belgium officially "pro Sirius".

There has also been a couple of changes in the home affairs, the main being the redrawing of the security council law to improve its efficiency.

More information can be found on the Mr.Wonka article.

The end of the wipe

Jofroi was elected with a large majority against boer jan and jovanica011.

The beginning of the term was marked but the liberation of the latest regions still under Moldovian (and Polish, Flanders was taken from Moldova) occupation.

On the first day of the term, the Ministry of Defence The Valeyard resigned from his job due to a disagreement about the inclusion of the Vice President ChristijanXD in the government.

The most important event of this term was the end of the wipe even if that was not initially planned by Jofroi as it was explicitly mentioned in his program that he would not do it. This allowed Belgium to have its first congress for months and also lead to the usual problems that were happening previously.

Besides that, a new gain of activity, this month his noticeable by a lack of activity from the government (with the exception of the Foreign Affairs).

At the end of the term, the MoFA Mr. Wonka has been elected as Director General of Pro Sirius (proSirius representative) to Sirius. This would allow Belgium to take an even greater part in the alliance.

Belgium: Total War

In April 2014, Jofroi was easily reelected against Cika Nikola96.

Thanks to fine Foreign Affairs work by Mr. Wonka The Chocolate Treaty with Switzerland has been renewed and a non aggression pact has been signed with the Netherlands[37].

The major event of this term was the airstrike launched by the Pakistan against Belgium. Their actual goal has never been uncovered for sure[38], but the strong help that they received from Asteria would suggest that the plan was to make a path to the United Kingdom or to another Belgian neighbouring country. After an initial heated battle where Belgium received help from several Sirius countries and was settled as the first priority, Belgium did not fight seriously in the following battle and prefered to focus on resistance wars. With the help of the United Kingdom that NEed the Pakistan and internal troubles in Pakistan, Belgium has eventually been able to get back its three regions through resistance wars.

However, the United Kingdom had been weakened in the meantime and France along with Norway had decided to launch a combined attack on the country (that will be followed by an airstrike of the Republic of China). Belgium had decided to help his stronger allies by launching a Natural Enemy against France to drain some damages. However, after a couple of days, it appeared obvious that the United Kingdom had no strong will to fight anymore and would decide to be wiped. Therefore Belgium decided to close the war as well with the winning of the battle of Wallonia. This is the first time in the recent history (or even over the whole history?) that Belgium has been able to close the war with a won battle.

Due to the various wars, the monthly total cost was more than Flag-Belgium.jpg 100K BEF which is significantly more than what has been done during the previous months. This emptied the treasury even more.

Due to times of war and the fact that no parties had nominated any representative in the Security Council, the country president had decided to abuse the system (as the only member) and to pass several minor laws (such as the budget for war) in an extreme emergency without any prior congress approval. This would lead to the "revival" of the SeCo over the following month as people would want to avoid such abuses.

A motion to unban Shadowukcs from the forum was submitted by the Congress to the admins but they decided that it would not be of any use as they expected him to be banned again soon as history has proven to be.

The rest after the storm

After heated primaries elections between Mr. Wonka and Alexandross to know who would be the candidate of the traditional majority (during when Alexandross decided to resign his candidacy), Mr. Wonka got elected with a large majority against Moses Liberator.

The country president decided to focus on the internal affairs (on the contrary of what have been done during the previous months) as an attempt to increase the activity. Most notably the National Healthcare System was established once again (to help new players) and funded with the help of The International Foundation for new players.

On the international scale, the North Sea Protection Pact which is a military defense pact with the United Kingdom, Netherlands and the Germark.

Military Restructuration

Thanatos the Magnificent won the Country Presidential election by a short margin against Jofroi and Trito Fisher.

The reform of the military structure of Belgium has been the main point of this month that lead ultimately to the merge of ABC and the Belgian National Army. The ABC military unit has been dissolved even if it was the main structure used to support the young Belgian citizens for a while.

Belgium also rejected the proposal to officially join a ProSirius alliance in the game.

The Director

Director9 won the CP elections against Thorin II Oakenshield.

A law called the "Un-named law" was also proposed to remove every state benefits from players who proposed random illegal laws. This was the consequence of the acts of some players (mostly Texas Cowboy X) who launched random laws prior to any debate, including Natural Enemy laws which could be dangerous for Belgian international FA. This was later rejected with a short majority.

On the latest day of its term, the CP made a Natural Enemy proposal against eChile to have a training war for missions reasons.

The Invisible (part 1)

Franckie18 was elected with a large majority.

This term was mostly marked by both the early TW with eChile and the latest TW with Poland that happened at the end of the term.

The Invisible (part 2)

Mr. Wonka was elected in September. He did not answer to any message nor did anything during his term.


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