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History of the Icon-Czech Republic.png Czech Republic.

History of Society

The first inhabitants of the Czech Republic were primarily Czechs but in very small numbers. Very soon came Slavic immigrants from other countries in the south that was not in the game, such as Croats and Serbs. After military takeovers of Poland and Slovakia by other nations, many Poles and Slovaks came to the Czech Republic in exile. This strengthened Czech Republic as well as the baby-boom at that time. At the time, the Czech Republic was the only independent Slavic nation in the whole New World, creating bonds between the countries that continue even after independence. Many Poles and Slovaks remember when the Czech Republic was there home when their country was under foreign occupation, this increased the ideals of Pan-Slavic unity between the Slavic communities in the game.

After Poland and Slovakia were liberated after V1, many of their people returned to their countries. Since then, more Slavic countries, such as Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia have been added to the game. The Czech Republic has gradually lost players and according to election figures, it is one of the least active countries in the New World with only 300-400 citizens.

(History of) Foreign Relations

The Czech Republic was/is well known for being a neutral state, a position that most of its people agreed with. As it was on the boundary between PHOENIX forces in the south and EDEN nations in the north, the Presidents of the Czech Republic knew that if they joined either alliance the other could quite easily attack. However, the majority of the population was leaning towards ATLANTIS, and President radim suggested that the Czech Republic might consider membership. However, since the collapse of ATLANTIS and the Poland-Germany War the people of the Czech Republic have reaffirmed their neutral policies. These were described by the eRepublik admin as:

 the neutral foreign policy, which has helped this country maintain its independence while being surrounded by larger countries that have been fighting for power. 

History of Politics

Tsars of the Czech Republic

The first Tsar of the Czech Republic was Vaclav, he was also the last President of the Czech Republic. Change from President to Tsar was problematic because the change was made without a vote being taken in Congress. After the impeachment of Ivan Hat in October, next president shanethe13 did not claim the title.

History of Military

The Czech Army was relatively small and not very experienced. As a neutral nation, the Czech Army does not see a lot of fighting, and was mainly intended for self-defence and participating in training wars. The weapons industry in the Czech Republic is developing.


The Czech Republic has never been a member of any of the large alliances in the New World. The Czech Republic was a founder member of European Social Alliance before it collapsed. When a majority of other Slavic countries were occupied or didn't exist in the game, the ideas of pan-Slavism proposed the Panslavix alliance, comprising of many of the major Slavic countries, including Croatia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Russia and Slovakia. However, the alliance was never formally created, and many of the countries joined either ATLANTIS or PEACE at the start of World War I. Czech Republic was the founder member of ONE.

Mutual Protection Pacts

The Czech Republic could not afford many MPPs with other countries, however, it was recognized that they are necessary for defensive purposes. Therefore, the Czech Republic government decided to seek MPPs with two of the strongest nations of the New World: the United States and Hungary. As they were both from ATLANTIS and PEACE respectively, they provided protection for the Republic without joining either side. However, with the collapse of ATLANTIS and the outbreak of Great War of 2009, the situation had become more complicated, as the two allies were fighting against each other. Most of the Czech population favored siding with the USA in the war, and the country could not sustain more than one MPP a month. Therefore it retained the MPP with the USA. The Czech Republic also had formal Non-Aggression Pacts (NAP's) with Slovakia and Poland.


Vinzent Zeppelin´s presidency

The first president of the Czech Republic was Vinzent Zeppelin who was part of Nordreich Czechia. He made a company which sold very cheap (and a lot) food to the people of Czech.

Slovakia-Czech Republic War

Slovakia started the Slovakia-Czech Republic War by attacking the Czech Republic on April 10th '08. The Czech Republic won this war with the help of Pakistan. The war ended by the annexation of Slovakian regions on April 13th 2008.

Reine´s presidency

After the annexation of Slovakia, a Slovakian, named Reine, was elected as president in the Czech Republic. Reine did many reforms and boomed the Czech economy by for instance setting up a lot of companies that will exist for a long time.

Hungary-Czech Republic War

On June 6th 2008, Hungary started the Hungary-Czech Republic War. The result of the war was the annexation of Slovakia by Hungary. The war ended June 23rd 2008.

Yugi´s presidency

Yugi was elected as president during the war. He refused to create peace and stole money from Czech for his own personal profit. He is today banned from the Czech Republic for his crimes against the country and its people.

Vaclav´s presidency

The president in July was Vaclav, who later appointed Ivan Hat as the first vice president of Czech Republic. Vaclav was the leader of Czech defense forces during the Hungary-Czech Republic War. He issued the first Czech constitution and reopened relations with many countries.

Baci´s presidency

The fifth president (August) was Baci. During his term amid a steady population increase, Czech citizens suffered due to a lack of local food on the market. The situation helped to draw members to the populist Slavic Party which formed the opposition and had a role in local affairs for the next 3-4 months.

Ivan Hat´s presidency

The sixth president was Ivan Hat. He was in function for two terms. His second election (1st Oct) ended in a tie against up and coming politician shanethe13, mayor of Plzen, but because of Ivan Hat's seniority in eRepublik, he won the elections. shanethe13 was nominated for the presidency one day before the elections by opposition leader Parrot who resigned from his candidacy shortly before. shanethe13 had the voter support of Justin Tyme and his group, who were at that time preparing for the independence-fight in Germany.

shanethe13´s presidency

The seventh president was shanethe13. The opposition didn't put forward any candidate for the presidential elections. Due to the emigration of Tyme's group, shanethe13 and his Civil Reform Party (former Slavic Party) lost the majority in Congress on the 25th of November. shanethe13 posted soon after these elections the "German Liberation Act" trying with the help of Parrot and Tyme to drag the Czech Republic into a war with Germany and Slovakia, or at least empty the Czech treasury if the war shouldn't succeed. Because of these and other actions, shanethe13 was very unpopular at the end of his term. He moved to Germany and then to South Korea.

Vaclav´s second presidency

The Eighth president was again Vaclav. He stabilized the situation, tried to make the revival of the Czech Republic and reopened relations with other countries.

Red Duck´s presidency

The Ninth president was Red Duck. He won very tight presidential elections and announced reforms. Red Duck´s reforms boomed our economy. Under his leadership, the Czech Republic joined the European Social Alliance.

Radim´s presidency

The Tenth president was radim. He stood against former president Ivan Hat. It was a hard fight. radim promised to continue with Red Duck´s reforms and the free market. Ivan Hat promised to create socialism and stronger government regulations. radim got 34 votes, Ivan Hat got 23 votes.

Hungarian Congress Take-Over

A group of Hungarians attempted to take-over Czech congress on the 25th of March. This wasn't an official act supported by the Hungarian government, but an act of few (about 15) renegades. The Czech Republic has invited many friends and people from other countries, and with their help, this take-over was defeated. Hungarians received more than 50 % of total votes, but only 11 seats which were not enough to fully control Czech congress. Take-Over attempt was unsuccessful and Hungarians eventually left Czech congress leaving Czechs in control of the Congress.

Second Term

radim won a very close presidential race with his Minister of Defense Jan Khysl. radim was supported by Nezavislost, the CRU, and Czech Liberal Democrats, while Jan Khysl was supported by the United Slavs party. radim received 23 votes, while Jan Khysl received only 21.

Jan Khysl then decided to publish an article which discussed the foreign policy of the Czech Republic, and how the two candidates differed so greatly. It seemed there was sufficient support for the Czech Republic to abolish its policy of neutrality and choose some allies.

British Congress Take-Over

The congress elections were again subject to a take-over attempt. The response from the government was disjointed and uncoordinated. President radim had invited British citizens to come to the Czech Republic to help prevent another Take Over attempt. He did this without consulting anyone in his cabinet - not even his Foreign Minister Jura52. Secretly the British Prime Minister briefed this supposedly 'anti-TO' team to Take Over the Congress in order to steal Czech national funds. With their Presidential leadership absent a group of Congressmen including DaLe, Jura52, John Locked, Jan Khysl, and Franz Kafka organised strong resistance to the TO group in Congress. They succeeded in defeating a Presidential impeachment. They were unable to prevent the loss of Spanish and Romanian currency reserves though.

Following private lobbying by DaLe and Jura52 and an international media campaign by Franz Kafka, the British TO congressmen eventually left Congress, their government shamed by their actions. Efforts were made to recover the lost funds and to receive a full British apology for the incident, which was mainly successful.

Franz Kafka´s presidency

President radim ran for a third term - supported by Czech Right Union and Czech Liberal Democrats. Congressman and Minister of Justice Franz Kafka opposed him supported by United Slavs and Nezavislost. Kafka won. During his presidency, he achieved an MPP with Hungary and the USA. An article written by Franz Kafka on the international relations of the Czech Republic can be read here.

Second Term

Franz Kafka won his second term in office in June 2009; however, he has announced he would step down in July. His second term as also very successful.

Radim´s second Presidency

Former president radim ran again for a third term, he was opposed by DaLe, another prominent Czech politician and Vaclav, who was also attempting to return to the presidency. Radim won the election by 5 votes.

Polish Congress Take-Over

Sadly, just before the introduction of citizenship, two of the Czech parties (Cesti liberalove and the United Slavs) were taken over by an unofficial Polish group, Masoneria. They renamed the parties after two real-life Czech Parties, ODS and ČSSD. Using multi-accounts they also secured a victory in the congress elections. They impeached radim, meaning DaLe became president. Later most of the accounts were banned and the members of Masoneria returned to Poland.

Dale´s short Presidency

DaLe became president after radim was impeached. He was president for one week, before having to stand in the Presidential elections in August. His opponent was Nicneumel, who won the election by 3 votes.

Nicneumel´s Presidency

The fourteenth president of the Czech Republic was Nicneumel. He finalised agreements with Habraka Abrivianius to buy a Q5 hospital in Northern Bohemia. He also signed a new NAP with Poland.

Jura52´s Presidency

The fifteenth president of the Czech Republic was Jura52. He negotiated training war[2] with Slovakia and Poland, however, he was often criticised for inactivity.

DaLe´s Presidency

The sixteenth president of the Czech Republic was DaLe, he was in office for two terms. Important parts of this term were industrial and army reforms[3].

Vit Ruzicka´s Presidency

The seventeenth president of the Czech Republic was Vit Ruzicka. He was leaning to EDEN and signed MPP with [[Poland].[4]. Czech Republic declared war to Germany[5].

Second Term

Vit Ruzicka won his second term in office and continued in active politics, leaning towards Poland and USA[6] Czech Republic unsuccessfully joined Polish attack on Germany by launching attack on Bavaria[7].

Idea of Czechoslovakia

Vit Ruzicka proposed forming Czechoslovakia[8], state consisting of Czech Republic and Slovakia. Both countries had very small community and population. Among main arguments were:

  1. stronger country with military power
  2. better defence against PTO
  3. better environment for newbies (language, war, ideas)

There were two possibilities for how to do it:

  1. Persuade admin - unsuccessful
  2. conquest of one country by another - very many problems because game mechanics (RWs, citizenship, loss of infrastructure, currency, many regions, an enormous number of parties) and not the power of Czech Republic and Slovakia to resist them. People who were generally for Czechoslovakia were often refusing when it came to the possibility that it will be their country which will disappear.

Among unwritten reasons was an increasing number of international communists and continuing inability of Czech and Slovak baby boom. This was the first time when the idea was proposed but its implementation was influencing the shape of Central Europe for next months.

John Locked´s Presidency

The eighteenth president of the Czech Republic was John Locked. John Locked´s administration was blamed for inactivity and nontransparent accounting. Unsuccessful negotiations about Czechoslovakia led to the plan to install Czechoslovakia against the will of the Czech government. MPP between Czech Republic and Slovakia was used to drag the Czech Republic into war with Poland.

Polish occupation

Czech Republic and Slovakia signed MPP. Poland led by Slovak patriot smrtan used MPP to get into the war against Czech Republic. The launched plan was declared as installing Czechoslovakia by former Czech President Vit Ruzicka[9]. Reactions were mixed and divided according to RL nationality. An absolute majority of Czechs didn't like form how it was implemented, but a number of RL Czechs supported the idea of Czechoslovakia. The intervention erased all infrastructure and parties.

Installing Czechoslovakia

Slovakia conquered Czech regions from Poland. Czechs were cheered out to change citizenship, however, some were refused and simply emigrated. However, Czechoslovakia didn't exist for a long time. There were also other interests, against Slovak-Polish intervention was Phoenix and some Czechs. Most determined resistance was by wealthy and controversial Mossad, who started Resistance war and with the support of Phoenix he was able to liberate Southern Bohemia.

Mossad´s Presidency

The nineteenth president of the Czech Republic was Mossad. Because the Czech Republic appeared on the map in time when there wasn't Congress, all citizens around the world should get citizenship. Many Czechs already left republic abroad. This attracted a number of PTO groups and the Czech Republic became also a place of the fight between EDEN and Phoenix. During his presidency were liberated Northern Bohemia and Moravia. Mossad maintained his presidency, also because divided opposition and the oriented Czech Republic towards Phoenix, signing MPPs with Russia and Hungary.

New political scene

There were established about 8 new parties. Most active were socialist Czech Socialist Party, right-wing Czech liberals, where were the majority of old Czech citizens opposing Czechoslovakia, Blanicti rytiri, where were RL Czechs and Poles and centrist Czech Resistance Party.

Congress takover

Romanians took over two parties, including Czech Resistance Party, and Phoenix supported PTO logistics of another one. During pre-election turmoil was the massive usage of multies, which resulted in the displacement of Blanicti rytiri. From 20 congressmen were elected 10 Romanians, 7 pro-PHX members (including originally Serbian, Hungarian and Macedonian players) and only 3 Czechs from Czech Liberals. Romanians bribed two opposition members and got a comfortable majority.

Presidency candidates

Negotiations were aimed to promote RL Czech candidate. Mossad and Czech Liberals supported Michal Malkovsky, who got support also from Socialists. Blanicti rytiri supported the presidency of another RL Czech. Romanians wanted own candidate Morphine and Poles rather supported him than risking support to Silen. Because of this Silen, in the end, claimed support to Michal Malkovsky.

Michal Malkovsky´s Presidency

The twentieth president of the Czech Republic was Michal Malkovsky and set up a national assembly government. Michal was willing more act according to interests of all Czech citizens rather than leading own policy. He was generally pro-Phoenix and against Czechoslovak federation and instead of installing much-needed reforms (but e.g. his new promising tax system was launched and some important alliances were signed) he was busy keeping Romanian PTOers away from the public power. Majority of state organisations were successfully regained, but some of them were lost. He survived all impeachments by Romanian thief guild.

Romanian thief guild

After Morphine lost in the presidential elections, Romanians became angry and started to threaten the government. The action was led by Vanatorii de Munte. They started mass stealing from the treasury and started printing and donating CZKs. They end up controlling about 2/3 of CZKs in game. Pro-Eden Czechs and the majority of Eden supporters abroad were shocked.

When Vanatorii de Munte started stealing, only Romanian congressmen who were not in the Romanian Thief Guild left and military organisations, as well new Romanian president, expressed its concerns and apologized for stealing[10] and ordered currency to be returned. This led to turmoil on Romanian political scene. The affair led to help PHX member Hungary against Romania from traditionally pro-EDEN players [11] and pro-regional alliance movement.

Romanian-Free congress

Without Romanians Czech congress finally became represented mainly by its citizens[12].

Training war

Rather than signing MPP Michal Malkovsky decided re-start training war (to keep players in the Republic) with Slovakia. However, it was an expensive training war, where the Czech Republic had for most of the time only its capital region.

Vit Ruzicka´s Presidency

The Twenty-first president of the Czech Republic was Vit Ruzicka. Vit Ruzicka was one of the main supporters of the Czechoslovak idea, which was a root of distrust among some citizens. He successfully invited some long-term Czech citizens from abroad, namely Red_Baxter and the blasphemer. Because of the so-called training war, the Czech Republic lost 20 congressmen. Plan of the protectorate and general non-interest in maintaining the independent Czech Republic led to Plan of the protectorate and massive opposition, leading to impeachment.

Plan of protectorate

In a meeting between RL Czechs and Slovaks was decided that the Czech Republic will be depopulated and limited to one region by high taxes and minimum wage. However, against it stood the majority of Czech citizens including members of the government. The disagreement with plans should be viewed also by resignations of ministers, the blasphemer as minister of defense resigned immediately, Red Duck as Minister of Population. Red_Baxter as Minister of Finances criticized the plan too[13].

Morava fight and impeachment

Morava battle was understood as the start of the war for independence and some old citizens like Carmen Polo or Korak joined fight willingly. In support of the Czech Republic arrived also some former presidents like Franz Kafka or Vaclav, causing that small Czech army was winning the battle. However Vit Ruzicka retreated calling that a part of the training war. Immediately after it, Congresswoman Carmen Polo proposed impeachment[14].

War of independence

Because the second president in row, Michal Malkovsky was banned, Czech Republic had no president. As the acting prime minister was elected Frank Zafka. Red Duck and Red_Baxter were sent to negotiate with Smrtan return of regions, however request was denied. This caused secondary plan, finding quickly ally. Delegations were sent to Poland, USA and Hungary.

Hungary was willing to sign MPP, which led to Slovak attack on Southern Bohemia, last Czech region in order to delete hospital. Simultaneously Slovaks started RW in Northern Bohemia. Czechs would win battles, but because bug battle in Southern Bohemia continued during the night, resulting in the removal of the q5 hospital. RL Czechs were divided, 27 fought on Czech side and 28 on the Slovak side.

Hungarians after it started occupation and liberation of Czech lands. Czech participation was small.

Allegiance of Czechs

pro-Czech independence pro-Czechoslovakia
DaLe Vit Ruzicka
Michal Malkovsky Silen
Nicneumel MrNumerios
Red Duck Kuba007
FutureMillennium Khalid Nisterlooij
Jurajs Jelenidlo

Red_Baxter´s Presidency

The Twenty-second president of the Czech Republic was Red_Baxter. Many citizens stayed or left abroad. During his rule Czech Republic politically stabilized, however Czech Republic remained in war against Poland and Slovakia, which resulted in successful taking of Moravia. Official reason was that Red_Baxter declared war against Slovakia in Beta[15]. During term were announced reopening embassies[16] and tutorials and translation system through Czech ministry of population.

FutureMillennium´s Presidency

The Twenty-third president of the Czech Republic was FutureMillennium. The presidential elections were interesting from one reason - 3 candidates (FutureMillennium, Red Duck and Dominik were Czech speaking persons and all started playing before v1. However congress results worsened and another PTO attempt was near. FutureMillennium continued in reforms started by Red_Baxter. Main achievements was division of national bank from government and joining Czech Republic ONE[17]. He also thanks help of allies liberated Moravia.

Mr. Pollo´s Presidency

The Twenty-fourth president of the Czech Republic was Mr. Pollo. Mr. Pollo announced transformation to the socialist economy, which meant higher taxes and supporting state companies in an expense of private companies. He won against the will of RL Czechs and long-term Czechs[18]. While communists were trying to hide themselves, they soon started PTOing opposition parties, resulting that there were 6 communist parties in one moment. Besides Czech Socialist Party were soon PTOed liberal parties like Czech Young Liberals and Czech Independency Party. It was becoming clear that old Czech socialists made mistake and it was only a matter of time when the revolution will eat its children. However Mr. Pollo and the majority of other socialists were doing nothing against it, the only public critic of PTOing parties was Leo Ruby. They keeping inviting other socialists, wanting to make Czech Socialist Republic as a base for e-communists. The handover of state organisations and companies to Mr. Pollo resulted that in next terms were all gradually stolen by others.

Utku Akin´s Presidency

The Twenty-fifth president of the Czech Republic was Utku Akin. Utku Akin was radical communist, unlike Mr. Pollo he was a newcomer, one of the invited Turkish communists. He was calling for dictatorship and removal of private companies. When elected he usurped all power over state organisations and his supporters were agreed with high minimum wage and taxes. This resulted in the total removal of all companies and imports and economic failure. Many Czechs emigrated and Czech newbies were dying because there were no jobs for low skills.

Against his dictatorship was formed large opposition led by reinstalled Czech Right Union and factions like American socialists, Serbs or Social Democrats. When Utku Akin changed passwords of state companies, he was criticised also by some socialists and left Czech Republic.

Dr.Skin´s Presidency

The Twenty-sixth president of the Czech Republic was Dr.Skin. He was elected by suspicious votes and remained inactive for the nearly whole term. However, he achieved peace with Poland and Slovakia. In Congress won Czech Right Union and impeached him. After it, Dr.Skin emigrated to Sweden.

Khalid Nisterlooij´s Presidency

The Twenty-seventh president of the Czech Republic was Khalid Nisterlooij. He became president after Dr.Skin's impeachment and won also next presidential elections. Main changes were regarded to the economy, taxes were decreased and new jobs and companies came[19]. Another move was active government (in contrast especially with Dr.Skin) with many members and signing of MPP with Poland and other approaches towards neighbors[20]. There was also announced plan again organise Czech army[21].

Vladislav Baloun´s Presidency

The Twenty-eight president of the Czech Republic was Vladislav Baloun. As the most active politician he tried to bring reforms, which led to economic success. During his term were negotiations with Slovakia about common state under the Slovak flag. There was some turmoil in the Czech community, also Vladislav Baloun was not much for unification. However after staunch negotiated conditions[22] he agreed.

Nejjko´s Presidency

The last elections in the Czech Republic were held already after the decision of unification and federation with Slovaks. CRU nominated Volodaaaa and Serbian faction nominated nejjko. Surprisingly nejjko won and became the President.

Iroh90's Presidency

Iroh90 became the President in August and in September. All Czechs support Czechoslovak Federation and maintain their Slovak citizenship. No Czechs fight for the resistance against Slovakia. All RWs are funded by foreign interests.

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