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Dannebrog falling from the sky.

Author's Note

I have attempted to research Danish history before my joining of the game, however the details are altogether sketchy. What is known is that President Duke Nukem was banned permanently either during or before the month of February (before the 100th Day of the New World). During this time the country was racked with food shortages and economic problems. Wages were about 0.50 DKK on average.

The Early Political Scene and the Rise of President Onaninho

The largest party in Denmark was the Weberian Bureaucy Party. It's slogan was simple and would eventually become a salute later on, "Through Bureaucracy Denmark will Prevail." Onaninho presumably gained power through the party elections on the 10th of February. The other active parties were the Danish National Party and DemocratDK. The elections of the 1st of March allowed the short-lived Onaninho administration to gain power.

The Onaninho administration was a clear marker for future trends of Danish development. Onaninho was the first president to appoint political advisers, the first person hired was Wheelchairman who Onaninho wished to either take the position of Minister of Economics or Minister of Foreign Affairs, due in large part to the recommendations Wheelchairman made early on of actively investing in private businesses on the bases of loans. This was how Denmark got her first start in creating industries in every sector.

10 Days later there were new party elections. Unexpectedly there was a struggle for power in the Weberian Bureaucracy Party. A new challenger had appeared, Wheelchairman was quite willing to exploit fully the power his new position had given him, and won the election of Party Leader through help from friends he recruited to his cause, and on the basis of his economic platform.

The Gold Controversy

At this time Onaninho announced that his obligations would no longer permit him to run the country and he recommended Wheelchairman as his successor. Crisis arrived as the Danish Treasury was completely emptied. Accusations were thrown about, and the money mysteriously reappeared in the form of a donation by Bobotroll. This was at the same time as the Admins stated they had donated Denmark back her treasury. However the treasury was still about 120 Gold short.

Sketch artist depiction of Bobotroll stealing from the treasury.

The President-to-be Wheelchairman decided that it was in the best interest of the nation not to bring the issue further out into the open. Swedes were already panicking about whether or not Denmark was getting a free war out of this, and for some reason thought that they were in danger for their lives. You can read about the paranoia of the Swedes here. It was the venerable Ettan who turned out to be so paranoid. Therefore President-to-be Wheelchairman was pleased to see the issue drop.

The Presidency of Wheelchairman

Wheelchairman's administration functioned in very much the same direction that the Onaninho administration. However when Onaninho left he sold his hospital company for .01 DKK to Wheelchairman. (To this day that cursed company has not produced a single hospital, it was sold after the invasion of Sweden for 100 SEK and last time I saw it, had only reached 761 or so in production points.)

However foreign relations would soon become the focus of the Wheelchairman administration. President Kaleb of the United Kingdom had approached Wheelchairman unofficially through Wheelchairman's aid, Phijen, airing the idea that Denmark was a target on the Sweden war list. This information however was quite obvious, should Sweden invade, Denmark would almost inevitably be the target, or Finland.

With this, President Wheelchairman attempted to gain the attention of many countries in the hopes of getting a Mutual Protection Pact. However most countries were unwilling since they thought this would lead to the invasion of their own. (Little information was known about MPP's before the war module was introduced.) Even the decrepit Northern Alliance refused Denmark entry.

New Names, Old Faces

Grev Per reinvents his image.

At this point in time, high ranking members of the Danish government changed their faces. Phijen became Skinke, and Wheelchairman became Grev Per. This change in names marked a rather noticeable change in foreign policy. Grev Per started a campaign of denouncing and humiliating the Swedes in public. The initial (and sincere) explanations for such public denouncements were quite simply. "If we're going to get invaded, we might as well deserve it" was something that both Grev Per and Skinke announced publicly several times when people questioned the policy of not recognizing Swedes as humans, and calling them barbarians. (And if I may say so, I thought claiming that Swedes were a type of great ape named Homo-Swedes after the region they inhabited, was quite clever.)

That article however was deleted and Grev Per was imprisoned for one day. The banning however did not discourage such claims and they were later to reappear in many articles by Grev Per. At this time Grev Per also appointed Eddike as his minister of culture, and Eddike was hired to write articles in Danish, highlighting the nobility of Danes, and the barbarism of Swedish culture. Den Danske Kultur was quite clever in its writings, and its an honest shame there were only 3 articles total.

The Grev Per Administration

April soon came around and brought new elections. The results were quite surprising because abroad, the belligerent foreign policy of the Grev Per administration was not approved by very many. However the hard-line policies turned out to be popular, and votes across parties were given to Grev Per, re-electing him with an even stronger mandate than before.

At this time Holsby became head of the Danish National Party and reformed it to the Danish Worker's Party. Skinke who had been named head of the HEMSTAPO revealed that Holsby and many others were not only Swedes, but all had been members of the Swedish MSAP party. As such they were denounced as Swedish spies and saboteurs, and publicly humiliated. Holsby was quite shocked by this turn of events eventually fled the nation back to Sweden. Once again leaving the Danish Workers Party without leadership.

As the war module's release date lingered ever closer, the Danish Worker's Party was reformed by another Swede, Josef Starck, who sought to try and pave the way towards peace between Sweden and Denmark. However his attempts were unsuccessful and he was forced to pack his bags.

The Swedish Invasion

"Through bureaucracy Denmark will prevail."

Sweden did eventually declare war on Denmark at about the same time that Norway declared war on Finland. The Swedes had waited about 2 weeks after the war module was introduced in order for initial bugs to be fixed. The wait was also explained by the Swedish desire to have hospitals in every single region before entering war.

The Swedish Government declared that it's main reason was to end the humiliation of it's nation by President Grev Per. However this explanation holds no water when considered with the timing. War was an inevitability once the Swedes had finished their hospitals.

The war was over quickly as Denmark was a small and undeveloped nation. Before its invasion Denmark had quintupled its minimum wage to 2.50 DKK and quadrupled its size.

And thus ends Denmark's history as a nation, alive only in certain institutions, surviving only by name through the resistance. Perhaps another chapter will enter it's history later on.

Behold! eDenmark is back!

After a occupation of 9 months by the evil forces of Mordor(red: Sweden) the brave Danes fought back, and with it's 9 months of propaganda brainwashed most of the Swedish Riksdagen to vote for a eDanish independence, DIN-party, Danish Independence Now!, succeded in it's primary goal, which was. Well. Yeah, Danish independence. After two well fought resistance wars to regain the liberty of Hovedstaden and Sjaelland, the Danes got it's groove on, and partied all night long. Only to wake up to massive hangovers, in forms of problems with making parties, no president, no congress and not to forget, the threat of a political takeover. But besides that, it was one hell of a party.

Life After Independence =

Life after independence was wonderful until the leftist/communist swedish cult eDeo took over the country. This was encouraged by Grev Per who Benedict Arnold style went over to the dark side from WBP.

Then in September the truth came out about this horrible franchise, HoeMarx the dark mastermind behind eDeo was in fact rigging the elections. With an army of 30 multis he was able to take over the country. These multis voted for all of his articles, clogging the Danish media with his Communist/Swedish ideals. At this moment he is dead, killed by the valiant alfred temple.

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