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History lessons on the University of the Hungarian chat

Part 1. The beginnings

From the beginnings until the Romanian occupation in the I. World War

eRepublik started out on 20th November 2007, with 43 countries - including Hungary, and about 200 invited players from all over the world. What happened in these early weeks in Hungary is not known, only legends remember that mainly French and Romanian players lived in the country, and as the rumours say, they stole the treasury.

In January 2008. the pupils of a secondary school named Türr István, in Pápa, Hungary discover the game, and register in numbers - thereby giving the first Hungarian population to the country. They give the first known President too, Imre Barbarossza, who, representing Magyar Néppárt (MNP, today's SZP) wins the elections in January and February. His and the government's main job is to create the country, its economy and infrastructure from nothing. To put it into context, the population of Hungary at this time is 72, while the strongest country is Sweden with around 2800 players.

Around this time is the foundation of the second party, MDMP (today's KARD), the National Treasury, and the first, rudimentary organizations of the state. The MoFa, Haglee tries to make diplomatic contacts with the neighbouring countries, and prepare for the war module which was to be started in April. The era's international diplomacy is about the formations of the alliances, while in Europe the Northern Alliance and the Mediterranean Alliance is formed, in Asia it is the FIST that collects the countries. The Mediterranean Alliance, towards which Hungary also moves, includes at the time Romania too - Haglee calls them the ones to tip the scales either way - but later join Northern Alliance, the forerunner of ATLANTIS, and even later EDEN.

In April 2008. Prinz Eugen becomes President with the support of MDMP. His main important job is the strengthening of the economy which at the time still quite weak. The population reaches 200, but with it, Hungary is still considered as a weak country in the region. Haglee founds the first bank then, and tries to give credit for starting new companies.

The war module starts at the 9th of April, and it causes quite a stir internationally, and in the country as well - the players had in mind the conquest of Slovakia, for mainly IRL reasons - they are even weaker than Hungary. But before Hungary could attack, Slovakia made its move by attacking the Czech Republik - who with Pakistani help not only defended themselves, but attacked back and conquered Slovakia.

For Hungary, it becomes important to join the Mediterranean Alliance, because Romania joins the Northern Alliance, and starts to be threatening, and also it would have helped in the future conquest of Slovakia. Therefore, after long negotiations, Hungary in May becomes a member of the Mediterranean Alliance. May is also the presidency of Prinz Eugen, and it sees the formation of new parties, and with it the activation of the political life; the MRP (later Corvin Párt), the Magyar Hazafiak Pártja (MHP), and also the MNP (later PPL).

International scene:

April-May 2008: the Northern countries, Sweden and Norway build up their empires
18-21st April: Norway conquers Finland
21-23rd April: Sweden conquers Denmark
1-6th May: Sweden conquers all but one region of Germany
1-5th May: Norway conquers Russia which at the time tries to build a communist state
11-13th May: France conquers Switzerland
27th May - 6th June: Germany, after making peace with Sweden, annexes Poland

During this time in Hungary, the argument is on about attacking the Czech Republic; they are afraid of Sweden which would become a neighbour then, and the more-or-less neutral Romania's reaction too. The MoD, ArCrimson creates the Hungarian Army, and its first military unit, the Szent László company - to join this at the time one needed 2,5 strength, and for the elite strength 4. The population at the time is around 400-450.

In June the president is ArCrimson, who, after months of preparation and political arguments, decides the Czech problem, and so in 6th June the Hungarian Army attacks the Czech Republik. The Czech President, Yugi is inactive, and the country is led by Vaclav, who tries to stall for time until he negotiates with the Northern Alliance for support. He gets no official support, but still, American, Swedish and Romanian soldiers help them, and temporarily even Budapest is lost before the Mediterranean Alliance forces came to aid. From then on, Budapest is won back, and Bratislava, Northern Slovakia, and at the end all the Slovakian regions are under Hungarian occupation. On the 23rd of June, the parties sign a peace treaty, and so the Czech regions remain untouched. Romania at the time is busy with the Ukraine merger and the Turkey-incident, and so cannot take an active part in this war. After the war, it is again a military reform and the further strengthening of the economy which is still quite weak. The population grows to cca. 600, but more and more players are inactive or semi-active.

In July the president is Haglee with the first coalition government - MHP-MNP-MRP. Haglee is one of the most important figures of these early months, and the most active too; he proves it as president too, by totally reforming the workings of the state, founding the Ministries of Economy, Work and Defense too (which is led by Toth 'Tilde' Tamas), and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs too. He also makes a Bureau of President, with advisory positions for experienced players to help the Presidents with advice.

The diplomacy still circles around the Czech question - Vaclav, who becomes President renounces the MPP with Hungary and leads a strong anti-Hungarian policy and everyone knows that this matter must be solved sometimes. On the 10th July Kroovy reforms the MNP, which becomes PPL - kroovy is another of the charismatic leaders of the era and their political struggle with Haglee gives the main topics of the summer.

The MRP party in July 16th reforms as Corvin Party, and declares that its main goal is the formation of the Hungarian Kingdom - this move heightens the tensions between the royalists and the republicans. The main arguments for the kingdom are that it would make the game more interesting, more role-playing-like - the King and the Prince would be orgs, and they could give out titles and orders, found knightly orders, make tournaments, but would not have a say in the actual leading of the country. The Republicans wanted to keep the existing order and said that the Corvin party has not signalled in any way its intentions when it agreed to the coalition - and only represented 6 % of the electors.

On the 23rd of July, Francis Hunyadi in an article declares the Kingdom, and the Congress votes it in a controversial session. Out of the five parties, only four were present and three voted yes, while the PPL with no; therefore the Republicans argued that the 'ad hoc' congress session was inappropriate to change the form of government and also that it would require at least a 2/3 majority. After the Congress decision, PPL leaves the coalition, but it is not enough to prevent the coronation of the king, I. Kárpáthy Antal

This is the first kingdom of the New World - it is debated though, because Iranians say, that Aryamehr is ruling Iran as shas, but to decide who is right and which was more legal, is by now impossible. In Hungary, the declaration of the Kingdom results in a media war, which leads straight to the August Congress elections. This is won by the republican PPL who gets an absolute majority in the Congress, and kroovy puts forward on the 7th August the law that declares the Kingdom over. The congress votes the law, and therefore the Kingdom is over only after 9 days. It is telling to the mood of the country that Francis Hunyadi and Haglee, who supported the kingdom get even lethal threats, which result in Francis Hunyadi deleting his account and Haglee to leave for Spain. Also, many players go to South-Africa for a half-hearted TO-attempt, but they mostly return soon.

August is kroovy's presidency with the support of PPL. This is the time of the foundation of the Hungarian Two-Tailed Dog Party (today's CNRP), to spread the absurd gameplay on erep; and also the appearance of Djozike the First, who founds the djozikeism religion, and through his incarnations to spread it. The economy is wavering; sometimes it falls into shortages, sometimes into overproduction; the monetary market is attacked also many times. The population is about 600-650 players, and about 15% lives in the occupied regions.

During the summer, a new alliance is being formed from the more aggressive, attacking type of countries - the ATLANTIS Treaty is signed on the 22nd August, as the successor of the Northern Alliance. The members at the time are Romania, Sweden, Norway, Spain, UK, USA, Argentina and Canada. As an answer to this, the European MA, the South-American PANAM and the Asian FIST join forces to found the PEACE, 26th August. The PEACE Charter is signed on the 27th August, and from Hungary it is kroovy, the President who signs it.

The war between the two great alliance is not taking long to break out; 27th August Spain attacks the PEACE-defended Mexico, and on the 29th the Romania-Hungary war breaks out that got the name of the World War I, because it involved most militaries from both sides, even though actual fighting only took place in Hungary's regions. Romania justifies the attack by the Hungarian occupation of Slovakia - but everyone knows that the aggressive Atlantis wants to try its military might in this conquest, and the Romanian leaders of the alliance have always wanted to make Romania bigger by conquest.

After the declaration of war, Swedish, English and Argentinian military units arrive in Romania, while PEACE which is still in the throes of forming tries to send forces to Hungary - but it could not stop Romania from conquering the Eastern Slovakian regions. The PEACE at the time is not fully formed, it still has no regular armies and chains of command, while the Hungarian military is no match for the much stronger Romanian army, the stronger economy and the better organisation. 29th August sees Southern Great Plain lost, but Northern Hungary defended; on the next day Romania attacks Central Hungary, but PEACE forces defend it in a battle that was at the time the biggest and bloodiest of any battles so far. 30th of August Hungary defends STD, CTD, NGP and Central Slovakia.

After a two-day server stop because of bugs, PEACE goes into an attack and attacks SGP, Eastern Slovakia, Maramures, Crisana and Subcarpathia, but loose on every front. On the next day, Atlantis starts its all-out attack and Hungary loses the battles of CTD, NGP and Central Slovakia. The defense concentrates on Budapest, but it is unsuccessful, and 4th of September even the capital is lost. The new capital is Győr (Western Transdanubia), and Pécs (STD), Bratislava and Western Slovakia belong still to Hungary. Because of the serious bugs of the war-module, admins stopped it until the implementation of V1, which is 15th October.

Part 2. The struggle for survival

From September 2008. until the index-boom (February 2009)

Part 3. The era of PTO-s

From the index-boom until the citizenship

Part 4. The era of expansion

From May 2009. until the conquest of Heilongjiang

Part 5. The era of stagnation

From August 2009. until the loss of Heilongjiang

The Fall of Hungary

On eRepublik day 1092. the last region of Hungary, Western Transdanubia was conquered by Romania. The weeks leading up to this moment forebode the end, but still, aside from the hacker's work, it was the only time that Hungary disappeared from the maps of the New World. Cromanians (mainly Romania + Croatia, along with Eden) tried to conquer Hungary before, but the previous campaign, that ended with the memorable double battles for Central Hungary, ended with Hungarian victory, and although the country was almost occupied at the time, the capital was defended in the biggest battle so far in eRepublik history. But this time, Cromanians went further and succeeded to conquer every region. The Hungarian government chose to give up the last two regions (Central Hungary and Western Transdanubia), in order to save the dwindling gold reserves for RW-s, to have the too many open wars closed, and also to help the Romanian-occupied Russian regions to be freed by the whole Hungarian population fighting in Romania. This was a widely debated and controversial decision, and many of the population - and some even in the government - did not accept it, and fought till the last moment for WTD - against the government and the military leadership even. But without the allies' help, without resources and gold, it was a doomed attempt.


How did Romania conquered Hungary?

There were many reasons and factor that led to it. The dwindling number of players in Hungary, driven away by crazy changes in the rules and the general boringness of the game; the bad leadership of Phoenix that couldn't compete with Eden in strategy (so far as the game had any) and organisation, and one by one lost all valuable regions, leading to dwindling gold stocks and narrowing opportunities; the unchecked thousands of fakes in Poland that gave huge economical advantage to Eden; the unlimited wellness packs that gave a clear advantage to countries with opportunities of free gold offers and rich players; the losing of valuable players both old and new who left the game for various reasons...

These were all important factors and played a great part in the fall. But besides them, there were some more factors that the players couldn't compete with: the decisions of admins to change and twist the rules, to keep certain countries in the dark about them, while others could get to know them and prepare - and those were far more influential factors, because in any game players could only play by the rules, and if those are against them, then it is quite hopeless.

These are facts which were factors in the fall of Hungary:

  1. Admins activated all Romania's MPP-s against Hungary. It made havoc of the existing scenario and destroyed the strategy that these countries built up so far. In general, it totally destroyed the strategy part of the game, and together with the next point, made it a playground of money, but in this particular case, it was a clear and obvious rule-change against Hungary. It was a worldwide activation of MPPs, but this fact doesn't change that in this particular war this rule-change went against Hungary.
  2. Admins allowed unlimited wellness packs, which allowed one or two rich players to win battles against whole countries. Those countries who have no rich players (like Hungary) were simply doomed by this.
  3. Admins allowed Romanians to use the fighting script which allows huge influence to be inflected in mere seconds. The so-called fighting script was widely used, as it is quite obvious without any proof that no human can add millions of influence in mere seconds - it is physically impossible.
  4. Admins migrated strength skills in a way that heavily favored old, V.1. strength skills, meaning old players - of which Romania has by far the most.
  5. Admins changed battle rules to help Romania all the way - the 72 hour rule that forbade us to attack back forever and included RW-s too; the disappearing attack button on Hungary's side that were futilely reported and never fixed by admins; the inability to put down hospitals while Eden could deploy them; the hidden queue of battles that only Romanians knew about - and they changed them in a way that Romanians knew about them beforehand, while Hungarian CP, moderators and officials were only notified days after the actual happenings.

Historical data collected by Adrastheus; the data organized and lessons prepared by Quicksilver.