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Icon-art-of-warfare.gifThe following article mentions some of the high points of Indonesian history.

November 2007

Indonesia was created on the 22nd of November 2007. Its first citizen was Isnuwardana. His first action was setting up the first company, PT Sehat (later renamed to Yayasan Sehat), a hospital company. On the next day, from his friend, PT Golizen Persada (later renamed to Rumah Sehat Lima Sempurna) was founded. On the 23rd, Indonesia had its first newspaper, Heavenly Living, and its first publication from Berita Sehat. Realising that Indonesia needed a food company, PT Harapan Wijaya (later established under the brand Chocolate & Roses) was established. isnuwardana sold PT Sehat to Swastyayana, put it on hold, then worked in PT Harapan Wijaya to provide food in Indonesia.
As more people came, (especially from e-samarinda.com), Indonesia saw the establishment of the first moving and weapon company: Intercont. Express and Paradig Corp on November 26th.
Realising that Indonesia had no government whatsoever, and also preparing for the upcoming General Election, ayoe_f_r established the Narcissist (NCS) party on the 27th, while sulistiowidodo found the Amazing Great Indonesian Party (AGIP) one day after. At that time NCS consisted mostly of citizens coming from e-samarinda.com forum, while the other joined AGIP.

December 2007

On the first two days of December, Erepublik runs its first general elections. Finally, on the 3rd of December 2007, the government of Erepublik of Indonesia is established, as ayoe_f_r from NCS won the election. Meanwhile the Congress of Indonesia consisted of only 2 people: isnuwardana from NCS and sulistiowidodo from AGIP.

Forum Erepublik Indonesia
  • On the 10th, First Erepublik party elections resulted in no party leader change.
  • On the 15th, an Erepublik promotion in kaskus.us eventually turned into a population boom in Indonesia, with hundreds of people signed up through invitation. On this event, Indonesia established its first gift company: PT GATARA, later renamed to IndoGift. The population boom created many problems, especially lack of food. Others turned to see what the other countries had done. When they saw Kaleb from the United Kingdom and Korbin King from the USA established a banking system, Indonesian people demanded the same, thus Bank Erepublik Indonesia was founded as the first simulated organisation on the 19th.
  • On the 20th, regional elections were held. AGIP won seats in most regions. Eventually, people saw NCS incapable to handle the population boom. This condition led to the establishment of the Indonesian Defensive Socialist (IDS) by om_mudakir, ex-mayor of Lesser Sunda Islands. This new party eventually attracted many new Indonesians. The end of December also saw the establishment of the Erepublik Indonesia forum.

January 2008

In the new year's celebration, Erepublik held its second general election and om_mudakir won in a landslide. The majority of the Congress was also taken by the new IDS party which gained up to 36 seats, while 16 went to NCS and 8 to AGIP. On the 5th, Indonesia finally made it into the top 5 in Economic and also population size, making Indonesia more prominent in Erepublik. This was followed by the announcement of the Indonesian coat of arms, made by Arwah Agrie.

Unsatisfied with AGIP's performance, the members of AGIP changed their party president to bohlamon on the 10th. Also on this day, the government of Indonesia also started began the funding of the Yayasan Sehat hospital project, and its first hospital finished a week later. It turns out since the rise of IDS as the ruling party, several citizens were unsatisfied with the rules set by the government. One of the reactions to this was the founding of the Partai Rakyat Merdeka (PRM) by habisi_aku on the 12th.

Some other improvements in the Indonesian community are the establishment of KERIS, the Indonesian intelligence agency on the 13th, and also Publik Lotere, the first implementation of the lottery system in Erepublik on the 14th. On the next day, Indonesia started its diplomacy with the establishment of an embassy in Japanese forums. One day before the second regional election, BNI46 was starting to operate as a saving fund bank.

Finally, the Indonesian economy found their first challenge as they faced an open trade dispute with the United Kingdom on the 24th.

February 2008

  • On the 1st of February the General Elections were held. habisi_aku won more votes from om_mudakir, however; the final vote count from the Admins put om_mudakir as president for the second term.
President: om_mudakir from IDS
Congress: 12 PRM: 10 IDS: 9 NCS: 3 AGIP
  • On the 6th, om_mudakir dreams to have a full hospital service throughout Indonesia is realized with 7 Q1 hospitals.
  • On the third party elections, several successions happened with NCS having a change of leader to isnuwardana, AGIP changed leader to cybershock, and IDS changed leader to yanezu.
  • On the 12th, Indonesia began talks with Pakistan and finally on the 18th, a Non Aggression Agreement between Indonesia and Pakistan was signed.
  • On the 27th, Blackhorse Company Investigation, later known as BIMA, established as a clone detecting agency, creating controversies within Indonesian community.

March 2008

  • On the fourth general elections, isnuwardana from NCS (in coalition with PRM and AGIP) has more votes than yanezu from IDS. But, the final decision from the Admins put yanezu from IDS as the third president of Indonesia.
  • At the end of February, several people from Indonesia migrated to China and established the Liberal Party of China, eventually taking control of the government in the 1st March general elections.
  • On the 10th, the fourth party elections resulted with IDS under sirhc, PRM under semarangindah, and AGIP under malique.
  • On the 11th Partai Komunis eIndonesia was established as the fifth party of Indonesia.
  • On the 18th, President yanezu was banned temporarily by the Admins, admittedly due to the misconduct in the exchange money system. Related to this, isnuwardana as an opposition declared a motion of no confidence to the president, bringing much turmoil within Indonesia.
  • On the 25th, ABeRI, the Indonesian Military Organisation finally took form after several weeks of preparation.
  • On the 31st, just 12 minutes before general elections, IDS release their statement to support the PRM candidate, semarangindah, as the next President of Erepublik of Indonesia.

April 2008

  • On the 1st April General Elections, semarangindah from PRM were gaining more votes at first. However, unsatisfied with IDS' statement, some IDS supporters still voted for sirhc, their party president, as the next president. With IDS divided, isnuwardana from NCS unexpectedly gained more votes and won the election. In the congress, IDS still have the most seats, followed by NCS and PRM having the same number and PKeI and AGIP in the last.
    Around 50-100 citizens were lost to the ban during this election due to multi-accounting, some users came from real world universities and companies sharing the same IP address. Indonesia also lost its influence in China due to this ban.
  • On the 6th, a food bazaar program held by the Kalimantan regional party backfired to the government as several food GMs (general managers) protested, the new government was not yet ready to handle such an incident.
  • On the 13th, a proposal for war against Australia was released to Congress, and on the 14th, the war was officially declared between Indonesia and Australia.
  • On the 15th, Indonesia conquered the Australian regions of Queensland, Northern Territory, and Western Australia.
  • On the 16th, South Australia was captured, and on the 17th New South Wales and Victoria were also conquered.
  • On the 17th, the last battle was in Tasmania, it eventually ended on the 18th, with Indonesia securing all Australian regions within Indonesian territory.
  • The end of the Indonesia-Australia War also marked the beginning of a population boom in Indonesia, with many citizens coming as refugees to the Australian regions. New real life Indonesian citizens were also attracted due to promises of more war and dominance.
  • On the 28th, Indonesia signed an MPP with Germany and Russia to counteract a similar MPP with South Africa, triggering a massive attack by Sweden and Norway to both countries before the MPP was activated. Most Indonesian paratroopers were sent to help Russia.
  • On the 30th, Indonesia prepared a political takeover of South Africa to counteract Sweden and Norway.

May 2008

  • On the May 1st general elections, blink-az from IDS won more votes, making him the fifth president of Indonesia. His first action was to settle the aftermath of the successful political takeover of South Africa, due to the Indonesia-Nordic Alliance incident. After that, his focus was on the development of the Indonesian economy.
  • On May 11th, Indonesia's population reaches over 2000 citizens.
  • On May 26th, Indonesia become the most populated country in Erepublik with more than 2200 citizens.
  • On May 30th, in the Germany-Poland War, tension rises between RaFee, a presidential candidate, against delacroixe, which sided with Poland.

June 2008

  • RaFee is the president of Indonesia for June. His election brought several new tensions between the IDS and the PKeI because there was an incident of an account taken over during Germany-Poland War and also some PKeI multi-accounters participating in the elections.
  • On June 10th, Indonesia declared war on South Africa which started on the 11th. After securing Eastern Cape, this war was suspended by the Admins until further notice since June 15th.

November 2008

February 2009

March 2009

April 2009

May 2009

  • PEACE GC defeated ATLANTIS at Western Siberia and Podolia, ruining the Romanian Empire.
  • Romania tried to PTO Indonesia using the players stuck in Indonesia after Indonesia captured Romania's Asian Empire. They managed to gain the congress, but lost the presidential elections in June.

June 2009

July 2009

August 2009

  • Indonesia conquered 10 US regions from Hawaii to Mississippi. Then, the US regained initiative and conquered the Indonesian-held territories.

September 2009

October 2009

November 2009

December 2009

January 2010

February 2010

  • Indonesia attacked and conquered Southern Thailand, reactivating the war with Malaysia. Then attacked Malaysia in Sarawak in order to gain a free war with India.
  • Indonesia declared war on the Philippines and attacked Mindanao while its president was temporarily banned. The Philippine's Polish and Swedish MPPs prevented an Indonesian victory.

March 2010

October 2010

  • After the American conquest on Serbian Asian territories, the USA started an attack against Indonesian region (Sumatra and Kalimantan - Indonesia secured them and begin to initiate an attack against the American-held Malaysian territory.

November 2010

  • Indonesia conquered American-held Southern Thailand and Peninsular Malaysia, but was soon retaken by American force. American control over Malaysian territories was eventually released through resistance wars. Indonesia and the USA continue to attack each other in the chain of battles happened in Southern Thailand and Sumatra.

January 2011

  • Indonesia launched an invasion to South Asian territories (India and China) but was eventually driven back.

February 2011

  • Indonesia launched an invasion towards Hawaii in Operation "Goes To Hawaii Holiday" and successfully conquered it from the USA.

March 2011

  • Hawaii retaken by US forces, partly due to Indonesian force's power divided between American and Chinese front.

April 2011

  • Indonesia invaded Australia, again in search for resources, starting the Third Indonesia-Australia War.

May 2011

  • China launched an invasion against Indonesia, where Indonesia was severely taken aback by the Chinese force. During the invasion, China advanced as deep as the Lesser Sunda Islands, the worst loss in Indonesian history. The invasion put a heavy blow on Indonesian force's morale. Indonesia eventually managed to regroup and won the battle for the Maluku Islands, which was the turning point in the war. All territories lost was eventually regained, with the addition of Southern and Central Thailand.
  • During the invasion, all Indonesian colonies (Australia, Philippines, and Malaysia) were lost to the resistance force.