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The following article provides an account of the history of Ireland in eRepublik.


November and December 2007

Ireland started off on eRepublik at a terrific rate, with the founders all using their start-up gold to establish a working infrastructure. However, almost all the founding members slowly left, and by the end of December all of them were gone, with the exception of hattrick and dyrhann. Hattrick, who was then President, allocated government money to buy companies in every industry, and he then sold them very cheaply on the market. Patton, who had arrived on the 10th, bought the companies, which have since become known as Taco Bell, Moves and Jobs, Luxury Estates, and Toys r' me(now known as Golden Gifts). Patton started working together and developing a relationship with the active members, and they all tried to rejuvenate Ireland. Forming a kind of The Triumvirate, all aspects of Ireland were controlled by Hattrick, Patton and Zee_truth.


January 2008

At the start of the month, the number of active members in Ireland was most likely below twenty. Also, there was a severe shortage of food workers and companies, inflicting starvation upon the populace.

Taco Bell was steadily producing food, but due to the high quality level, not enough workers could be employed to meet demand. Following the lead of other countries, a national bank was established[1]. Michael Collins started the food company Kentucky Fried Panda on the 5th via a bank loan[2], which together with Landis' mmm that's good gravy, satisfied the food needs of Ireland. Zee_truth also used the bank[3] to start a food company on the 8th. On the 14th, several articles were published condemning FOK! Food (now Mars), of the Netherlands, because of their dumping of food in the Irish market. On the 17th, a plan to cut wages and prices to remain competitive with foreign companies was proposed[4][article], which was met with universal acceptance. On January 18th, president hattrick privately allocated more funds to Taco Bell, allowing the company to provide Ireland's first Q3 food[5], and purchase numerous export licences.

Foreign relations grew rapidly in January. On the 2nd a pact[6] with the UK was announced, laying the foundation for the continuing ties between the two countries. Ireland also was a founding member of the Northern Alliance, which was announced on the 12th.[7]

In January the political scene in Ireland was dominated by the Peace and Good Life party, now known as Ireland First, and at the party elections on the 10th, Zee_truth placed his support[8], and subsequently the support of his group, behind patton, who replaced hattrick as the party president. On January 24th, Zee_truth broke from Peace and Good Life[9], establishing his own political party, and thus placing himself as a presidential candidate in the upcoming election. Within 20 minutes his party grew to 20-30 members. With the silent support of the majority of Ireland, Zee_truth was likely to be the next President. However, the fact that his group did nothing but work for him, and all joined his party so rapidly, caused the admins to ban Zee_truth[10] and every member of his party for multi-accounting on the 25th. This caused his 3 companies (Two of them were Q2) to be shut down as well. This was a devastating hit to Ireland, severely hurting the number of goods produced.

February 2008

Now the only serious contender, Peace and Good Life, not surprisingly, won the general elections on the 1st by a landslide, placing patton as the President of Ireland. Under patton's presidency, Ireland started to grow again and patch the holes that Zee_truths banning left behind. Michael Collins, seeking activity for Ireland, advertised Erepublik on several Irish forums. Inquitus, who was the first to respond on one of the ads, joined Erepublik, bringing with him the Cybernations alliance, BAPS. BAPS provided a large source of active labour, and their coordination aroused some criticism.[11] However, Ireland was filled with great hope at the sudden large influx of people. In this atmosphere, hattrick took a vacation[12], and left Patton as the last of the former triumvirate. Michael Collins then stepped onto the political scene, announcing his candidacy for Peace and Good Life party president on the 8th.[13] He managed to beat Patton in getting the support of BAPS,[14] and he became the new president of Peace and Good Life. Upon assuming leadership, Michael Collins renamed the party 'Ireland First'[15] and brought to light new, socialist economic visions. Patton, deeply opposed to the new ideas, broke from Ireland First[16], and together with fellow business tycoons Top Gun and Hannez, formed Fianna Fáil on the 18th, which is dedicated to laissez-faire capitalism and maximum economic freedom. The creation of this party, days before the local elections, sparked controversy over mayors[17] defecting to Fianna Fáil after being elected under Ireland First. A heated debate over economic policy then gripped the country, with arguments scattered throughout several newspapers. Charges of corruption were also levied upon patton.[18]

March 2008

In the general elections on the 1st, Michael Collins won the presidential race, and became the President of Ireland.[19] Ireland First also took a majority in Congress. As the month went on Fianna Fail continued to increase membership at the fastest rate. Ireland developed slowly in March with very little change in internal politics. Food production fell short of demand once again, but was slowly rectified. An unstable wage agreement began to be enforced to the best of Ireland First's ability during the month.[20] Although the political scene in Ireland had been dominated by Ireland First and Fianna Fáil since both of the parties' formation, Ireland officially became a two party state when the leader of third party Ju Economic Welfare, Landis Kan, joined Fianna Fáil on the 13th.[21] Fianna Fáil continued expansion, and on the local election on the 20th, secured four out of six regions, despite gaining fewer overall votes. Ireland signed a mutual protection pact with the UK on the 18th, and with the USA on the 22nd.}}

April 2008

Despite Fianna Fáils best efforts, April began with another presidential victory for Michael Collins of Ireland First.[22] The government started sponsoring mayors to give gifts to needy citizens during this month.[23] On the 9th, future President ImaNewbie announced his intention to run for the leadership of Ireland First[24]. After seeing this, and knowing that Ireland First would have a leader if he left, Michael Collins decided to resign as the president of Ireland First[25] and chose to not run for any other elected office, however, he still served out his remaining presidential term. ImaNewbie thus ran unopposed and won the party election.

April was also the month that the war module was released, and Ireland was a participant in the very first war of the game, when Belgium attacked the UK on the 10th and triggered Ireland's mutual protection pact. However, the Belgium-United Kingdom War was a mutually agreed upon the merger of Belgium into the United Kingdom, and Irish troops saw no combat. The USA also declared war on Canada on the 10th, and because of their geographical position, this war was of great concern to Ireland. Neutrality was declared the day before the invasion[26].

The USA-Canada war also had domestic repercussions for Ireland. The defense minister at the time, patton, had sold his personal mercenary army troops, The Third Army to the USA to help them attack Canada. Because Ireland had declared neutrality in this conflict, this sparked an outrage over the issue[27] as it was seen as a serious conflict of interest and unacceptable behaviour on the part of a government official. The scandal led to President Michael Collins dismissing patton as defense minister[28] and subsequently appointing Vyse to the position. This scandal involving patton also had repercussions within his own party, leading to internal strife[29].

May 2008


June 2008


July 2008


August 2008

August 2008 was a disaster for Ireland. Victor Petrescu, a newly arrived Romanian created a party called Global Money Traders (later known as Ireland Reborn) the day before the election, and was elected President. The election was surrounded by controversy, as many of the votes Victor Petrescu achieved came from brand new accounts that only ever logged in to vote. Many Irish citizens saw this as undemocratic and unfair, though the admin ruling was clear. It was legal for many brand new citizens to vote, even if this was identical to multiple accounts abuse from an objective standpoint.

As a result, a period of social conflict erupted, followed by the proclamation of a Provisional Government, the first in Erepublik. Many nations saw fit to declare the newly elected government illegitimate, including the Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Japan, Greece. The Czech Republic and Mexico cancelled the MPPs they had with Ireland. After the initial few days of the conflict, the only thing the new government did was print money to sell for gold on the exchange market. They attempted to print Flag-Ireland.jpg 2 billion IEP, however, this action was halted by the admins as it violated a rule. In total Flag-Ireland.jpg 100,000 IEP was printed, and it is not know how much of this was converted into gold. Flag-United Kingdom.jpg 4000 GBP that was deposited in the Irish treasury prior to the election was also stolen by Victor Petrescu, and the current status of this money is unknown.

Near the end of the month, WWI broke out, with Victor Petrescu's government declaring support for Romania, despite earlier claiming to dislike the Romanian government, while the provisional government declared neutrality. Some Ireland Reborn party members subsequently left Ireland to fight against Hungary.

September 2008

The September elections saw Ireland First and ImaNewbie regain power. All Irish political parties backed ImaNewbie for President, This was also helped by Ireland Reborn involvement in WW1 in aid of the Romanians. Ireland First's return to government in Ireland saw a large increase in new members for the Irish Union Party, the major opposition party in Ireland after Igor Thunderbrow was surprisingly elected party president on September 10th by one vote.

Ireland continued to recover during this month, although some of the Victors voters remained in Ireland, working in a weapons company, they caused minimal problems, mostly with articles and comments in the media.

Towards the end of the month, ImaNewbie announced that he would not be running for president again, Patton was to run for president, but was asked not to, in favor of holding an election for a new president of Ireland, a new start.

October 2008

October 1st saw the closest election seen in Ireland, it was a three way race between Quatermass, Igor Thunderbrow and 5n4keyes battle it out for Presidency, 5n4keyes won the election by only a few votes, 5n4keyes was the last president of beta, and lead Ireland into v1.

October 14th saw the birth of v1, which brought in a lot of new features, including giving congress more power, to which was instantly used to change minimum wage, taxes and new citizen fees. With war once again officially starting, many Irish citizens flew to other countries, some to support Hungary, others to attack Hungary. Others get into position to free their old countries.

V1 Brought about many changes, Mayors were scrapped, and a new Congress system formed, added to this Raw Materials were needed, although the Admin dished out a lot to start people off, President 5n4keyes quickly made deals with other countries to provide Ireland with the Raw Materials it needed, and also pushed several large groups of Irish companies to invest in Raw Material companies outside of Ireland to import.

The New Congressional Elections saw a massive gain for newly reformed Fianna Fáil, who gained 8 seats. It was not a good election for the Irish Union Party, who lost two seats despite massively increasing their share to 41% of total votes cast. This was mainly caused by Party president, Igor Thunderbrow getting too many votes, and a flawed election system. Ireland still continues to remain neutral in all conflicts. October saw two candidates for the Presidency, 5n4keyes of the Irish Freedom Party and Igor Thunderbrow of the Irish Union Party. It was a very dirty campaign with gutter tactics and nasty comments coming from both sides. This has led to a rather fractured Irish political landscape.

November 2008

November started out with the University being opened with eight classes being offered. 5n4keyes retained the Presidency, beating Igor Thunderbrow comfortably. His first action in his term, was to create three new Departments.

The Irish Anarchist Party was succeeded by the Irish Socialist Republican Party, when Mulligan was elected as Party president. The Congress Elections was a controversial one, with accusations of Multi-Accounting on the behalf of Fianna Fail, who gained 40% of Congress. November also saw a terrible food crisis arise, with Q1 food selling for 5IEP at the lowest.

December 2008

Former President Michael Collins bet 5n4keyes comfortably and saw Ireland First return as the leading party.


January 2009

Inquitus became President barely beating 5n4keyes in a very close election. Inquitus declined to run for another term.

February 2009

Nithraldur of the Irish Union Party, supported by three parties, won the presidential race with two votes more than 5n4keyes, who represented the Irish Freedom Party. On the 5th of February, it became know that numerous top members of Fianna Fáil, including Party president andredambreville and several Congress members, had been banned by the Admin for cheating and multi-accounting, resulting in a severe blow to the party. During the Party president elections of February 15th, there were several incidents of misconduct as the ballet was corrupted resulting in the election of candidates with no real support. Four out of five major parties were affected and several elected Party presidents subsequently chose to resign leaving some temporary disorder within Irish politics.

March 2009

Theus Jackus of the Irish Socialist Republican Party beat President Nithraldur in the election by a mere five votes to win the presidency.

April 2009

Theus Jackus did not seek re-election. Top Gun formed a five party coalition and went on to beat candidate Igor Thunderbrow by 128 votes to 98. The Irish Volunteer Force reformed after the return of Brian Boru.

May 2009

Nithraldur took another term as president on the 6th of May, winning against Kiemar, Thomas Oliver and CloudGT4. War Games with the United States of America began the very same day. The Irish Citizen Front was also founded that month. A political take-over threat by a group of British mercenaries caused a small political scare, which had an effect on the congress elections that month.

June 2009

Nithraldur took another term as President after beating Starks Hayter, who was backed by five parties, by a mere 19 votes. During his term, Nithraldur and a few others organised a "fake war" with the UK (later known as the Shannon Exercise). When it was discovered, there was public outcry with the country split down the middle as to who was right. Impeachment was proposed but the results were 16 - 15 for but this was not the 66% majority needed.

July 2009

Starks Hayter beat Nithraldur by a landslide in the presidential elections. Later that month the president decides to give up and so impeachment is called by congressman Pip Kelly. It passes with 32 votes for to 8 against. Nithraldur serves out the remainder of the term. Ireland remains neutral in the world war. On the 29th of July, Starks Hayter became the first President to become impeached with a final vote 32 Yes and 8 No.

August 2009

Due to a bug in the election module, Aran Tal was elected almost unopposed as President of Ireland. Two new political parties were started this month (Saoirse and Independent Voices). The first Irish podcast service (ERTÉ) was created by Brian Boru, Teutorix Aleria and GarrettDA on August 20th.

September 2009

Patton, Brian Boru and Fionn stood for the presidency, and Patton won with 54.41% of the vote. Soon after Brian Boru appeared to stage a coup, and seized the treasury and companies. These were later reclaimed through swift actions by Top Gun, and Brian Boru published an article explaining the coup as a prank. He then announced that due to RL concerns he would be leaving the game, Mannimarco moved to the Icon-United Kingdom.png United Kingdomand took citizenship there.

October 2009

October saw Patton winning the president seat for a second time.

November 2009

November saw yet another close race for President, with patton beating 5n4keyes by just 9 votes, to win President for a 3rd term. Soon after this election Top Gun was banned, along with several other citizens, many of whom were dead or dying. It would later emerge that Top Gun had accessed these accounts to influence the vote in 5n4keyes favor, though it is important to note that 5n4keyes was in no way implicated in this himself.

December 2009

December saw 5 candidates running for the Presidential seat, with AppleMan eventually winning.


January 2010

Easily the closest election, with the highest turnout, saw Edana Savage win by only 8 votes, to gain the President seat, and ending AppleMan's run. During Edana's term, the United Kingdom came under attack from Poland (with EDEN allies in tow) and tensions between Ireland and the UK rose due to Ireland's defense (or lack thereof) of their long time friend.

Prime minister Dishmcds and president Edana met with each other and had a lengthy discussion. Ireland would stay out of the conflict due to the precarious situation it would put Ireland in if they intervened. After several articles by citizens and government officials, relations between the UK and Ireland went back to normal. The official stance remaining that they were friends[30][31].

A few days before the congressional elections, a PTO attempt was uncovered by Irish Intelligence. The origin of the PTO organization is disputed, but none-the-less, the attempt was foiled (mostly... only one managed to secure a seat). The situation would be monitored as time passed[32][33].

Meanwhile, in Asia, Pakistan gave Serbia one of their regions so that Serbia then bordered India. As the Indians and the Serbs have a volatile relationship, this was seen by India as an act of war. They declared their intent to attack Pakistan. The Irish War Council convened and decided that they would send their elite unit (Na Fianna) to assist the Indians[34].

At the same time in Europe, Spain was attacking Italy for their role in defending France. Again, the War Council ruled to deploy one of the Irish Defence Forces' units. The Dublin Fusiliers would rush to Italy to aid in their defense in order to strengthen relations between the Entente and Ireland and also to protect Italy's sovereignty[35].

October 2010

Entering into this month Ireland is in a dark age. British sabotage and poor Irish security results in a massive theft of Ireland's assets and treasury. The way war is conducted is shifting out of Ireland's favour as the war module is changed from an octagonal strategy map to a roulette style, one on one, click battle. The strategy, skill, and commitment of Ireland's national militant organization no longer matter as battles are won by gold and sheer numbers. The new war module also allows countries to use all of their allies in battle. Ireland looks hopeless as it has no allies and it's enemies, the UK, are members of Phoenix and have several allies to their name. Ireland had just won Northern Ireland from the Brits before the changes, and now it seemed they would lose the infamous territory again. Outnumbered, poor, unorganized, and without allies, Ireland waits for an apocalypse to occur.

On October 6th the elections for Country President produce a result. Connell Rath of Eire Aontaithe becomes the new CP with a total of 88 votes representing 51.16% of the vote. Close behind him is Donovan Thomas of the Economic Free Thinkers Society with 43.02% of the vote, and then Independent Voices candidate Bristel Akina finishing with 5.81% of the total. In the wake of events to come both other candidates are lost by Ireland; Donovan Thomas eventually dying, and Bristel Akina moving to New Zealand to start a new a prosperous life and help the construction of the baby nation.

Connell is ambitious and seeks to increase the population of Ireland by 5%, GDP by 10%, as well as take back the recently lost Northern Ireland. Enthusiastic and determined to rescue Ireland he announces a very large cabinet of 22 individuals with 15 different titles including, Vice Vice President (which provides an idea of the extreme size of the government). Connell's first days are generally met with optimism despite the ominous circumstances that Ireland finds itself in.

After the fall of Northern Ireland the Brits, spurred by their new advantage in battle, strike at the very heart of Ireland. Dublin comes under attack and before anyone can do anything about it, the capital of the nation is flying a Union Jack. Moomoohead would then start a resistance war and begin a battle of blood, sweat, and tears to defend Ireland. Luckily, because other high profile nations are knocking on the UK's door, Dublin is left relatively undefended. Even with massive disadvantages and limited resources, the commitment of Ireland's soldiers pulls through to put green, white, and orange back on Dublin's flag poles. Following the battle Connell Rath publishes an article thanking Marcus Suridius, the IDF, and the ICA for their hard work. He also thanks and congratulates Moomoohead who wins a Resistance hero medal.

To combat the inefficiencies in government turnovers, Connell and his government announced a plan to use Google Documents to store information and communicate. Limiting the difficulty faced by new governments is made a priority along with protecting Ireland and achieving the national goals. For quite some time by this point, Ireland had been seeking inclusion from the world military alliance EDEN. Connell Rath makes a priority of furthering this cause and making Ireland known to EDEN as well as EDEN known to Ireland.

Because Ireland is not in a position to engage in war, but still requires war to grow it's citizens skills and create profit, Connell announces a training war to take place in Connecticut. This training war is a great success as it helps train Irish soldiers, generates profit, and tides the war appetite of Ireland's citizens by providing some amusement.

Because of problems with stolen government organizations and ongoing security troubles with the national treasury, the Banc Ceannais is replaced with a new organization which protects Irish funds from thieves.

Following many successful articles and endeavours Connell Rath releases an article about balancing real life and eRepublik, troubles he's had, and finding balance. In general, readers empathize with Connell, as can be seen by viewing the comments of the article. The article does suggest that Connell would be taking things a little bit easier, but he does promise to fulfil his commitments as CP. After this article, Connell Rath more or less disappears. Ireland feels stranded and abandoned for quite some time. Discontent with the changes to the game, continuing disagreements and fighting in the media leads to a more divided community.

In the last week of Connell Rath's October 2010 administration, which ends in early November, Connell stays true to his word. Ireland achieves all three of the goals it set forth to accomplish. Finland and Canada take turns invading the UK from Scotland, and Ireland takes the opportunity to recapture Northern Ireland. The economy makes improvements and the small population manages to grow enough to fulfil the 5% goal. Ireland sits in a position of relative security having made some alliances with Croatia and the USA. Although Ireland is still not a member of EDEN, relations seem more promising and Ireland is more regularly involved in EDEN related missions, moving soldiers to EDEN war zones and assisting in any way possible. As October 2010's presidency fades into history, two new candidates, Orangejuicemmm and Moomoohead jockey for the CP's office.

November 2010

November 18, 2010. Ireland holds Northern Ireland, Wales, and moves toward the West Midlands. Canada (pink) controls Scotland and the rest of northern UK.

The month began with an election mired in voter fraud with several multiple accounts being used to give candidates votes. When the dust had settled Orangejuicemmm had won, by 77 votes. Orangejuicemmm then began to appoint one of the most controversial cabinets in Irish history. Orangejuicemmm's authority was eventually undermined by a feeling among some that the government was being formed out of political reciprocity rather than fair judgement. The appointment which created the greatest uproar was that of Irishbhoy1967 as Minister of Defence. Some vocal citizens sustained that Irishboy1967 had in the past caused damage to Ireland. Putting someone who part of Ireland's population perceived to be a security threat in charge of national security may have been the dagger which eventually put Orangjuicemmm's first presidency to an early death. Some members of the elected congress, seeing Orangejuicemmm and his cabinet as a danger to the sanctity and security of Ireland, decided on an impeachment proposal. The vote passed by much more than the 67% needed, and so OJ was impeached. Before his impeachment was completed Orangejuicemmm dissolved many of Ireland's organizations and depleted all of the state's gold. Orangejuicemmm created a resistance war in North Dakota, putting Ireland at risk of losing it's only high resource region, which would have devastated the economy further than it's already a dim state. As OJ experienced the retribution of Ireland, Moomoohead took over as CP and began his second term in that office. As a more conservative Taoiseach, Moomoohead consolidated the government's position. Following these events, which traumatized an already fragile and emotional Irish community, the ICA and Moomoohead went into a discussion on the actions of the ICA and the question of its relationship with the Dáil [36].

November 21, 2010. The UK continues into Louth and Wexford.

Shortly after, Ireland had its election for party presidents. Members of the ICA who had been involved in the volatile events of the OJ presidency began running for 3 separate political parties. None of the candidates from the ICA had a history in the parties they were running in. It became apparent that on some level the ICA had become a political organization rather than a military one. The Economic Free Thinkers Society, Irish Union Party, and Independent Voices all had controversial ICA members head campaigns for Party President. The Economic Free Thinkers Society and Irish Union Party both elected candidates other than the ICA options. The exception was Independent Voices who elected Irishbhoy1967. mirek12345, who had headed Independent Voices through September and October, lost the election 27 (60%) to 18 (40%). At this time the ICA was under major accusations of conspiracy against Irish democracy.

On November 18, 2010, Ireland moved in and began an occupation of Wales. As Canada continued to hold the northern territories of the UK, Ireland made way into West Midlands as they attempted to hold Wales. On this same day, citizens of Ireland experienced communications problems, as the publishing function was down for the day. Regardless of a lack of direct orders, Ireland moved forward with their would be invasion. Later, Ireland would fall victim to a massive counter attack by the UK which would see more than half of Ireland's territories captured. See here for details on this period of Irish military history.

December 2010

This month was perhaps the most important since 3 years previous when the game of eRepublik came to be. On December 7, 2010, the UK completely takes over Ireland. No territory on the map remains in Irish control, and every single political party, company, or organization, is lost and becomes the property of the UK. Before the end of the day, Ireland manages to take back Cork and Dublin. The USA comes to Ireland's assistance, and takes back Shannon and Wexford. Despite this, the effects of complete invasion are irreversible and Ireland's economy is practically ruined. Because there are no companies, Ireland is forced to buy foreign goods until those with the gold required can create a new industry. As a result prices in Ireland skyrocket and citizens have very little health or income. Shortly after, the admin implemented the ability to move a company to the country of the owners' origin for a certain bonus efficiency. Because of this, there was a sudden influx of companies, which had a reverse effect on the economy. Prices went down to a degree, but wages skyrocketed as employers scrambled to supply their companies with workers.

The other effect of the "Rebirth of Ireland" was that all of Ireland's parties were destroyed. There were several long standing parties lost, including the Irish Union Party, the Economic Free Thinkers Society, Eire Aontaithe, The Irish Freedom Party, Saoirse, and the Republican Socialist Party or The Labour Party. The political diversity that had once existed was gone to be eventually replaced with just three new entities.

The first were the Sons of Eireann, a party that dubbed itself Far-left, Libertarian and structured its platform on the goal of rebuilding Ireland. This party was established on December 7, the same day of Ireland's "rebirth". Second came the Popular Liberation Front on December 8. Calling themselves far-right anarchists, this party focused on securing Ireland's borders and keeping Ireland independent and liberated for good. They're anarchist label coming from their birth into a reborn and broken country without all of the former parties to govern.

The last proximal arrival was the rebirth of the Irish Union Party. The IUP was one of the oldest parties in Ireland, an for many to see it go was unacceptable. Many saw its reintroduction as counteractive to the benefits of starting Ireland fresh. In the end, the IUP quickly regained old members, and took its place with the other two parties.


January 2011

Irish Army Logo

This first month of the new year was many things. Less than a month ago Ireland had been annexed by the UK and so, not so uncommonly to Ireland's history, uncertainty and doubt ran high. Perhaps even less uncommon to the nation's history borderline stupid optimism, passion, and ambition also simmered. The silver lining of Ireland’s being invaded was that a fresh start had presented itself. If Ireland had ever been more divided and troubled than in those times before the 7th of December, no living soul could remember it. Friction between the ICA and IDF was no longer a perilous issue, and the same applied to any problems that existed between pre-wipe political parties. It seemed that Ireland's very "passionate" social figures only needed an excuse to put aside their differences for the sake of Ireland. Once that excuse was granted barriers weakened and as many grudges relaxed.

January of 2011 was the first entire month of existence the new Ireland would undergo. It had been in December of 2010 that John Gormley had rebuilt Ireland, yet it would be this month that a new CP would bare the task of making it flourish.

Two candidates would run for the position of CP that month: CelticTiger211 of the Sons of Eireann, and e-kane of the Irish Union Party. In the end CelticTiger211 would win with 108 votes (64.29%). Immediately following his being elected, for personal reasons, CelticTiger211 decided to resign and give the position of Irish CP to Marcus Suridius[37]. Upon his resignation, the nation was torn. CelticTiger211 had many supporters and many were sad to see him going. There were many attempts to convince CelticTiger211 to stay. Aside from all those who wanted CelticTiger211 to stay, there were also those who called for his impeachment because of, among other things, the idea of Marcus Suridius being given the CP position without being elected. Because of the ambiguity surrounding CelticTiger211's deciding to resign, this was one of Ireland's more confusing CP elections. It was also one of the more distressing considering the importance of the CP election given that only a month ago Ireland had been wiped out by the UK.

Marcus Suridius then took over the role of nations CP and announced his cabinet[38]. Technically, this was constitutional since Ireland's laws allow a CP to hand over duties to another if he/she wishes. However, Marcus Suridius would only remain CP for four days, and on the 10th of January CelticTiger211 decided to retake the mantle of CP of Ireland[39].

With him, CelticTiger211 brought many new policies and ideas. In the same article[40] that he announced his re-arrival, he also announced his new cabinet, a new citizen welcoming message, an agreement for Canada to take over Shannon as a measure of Irish national security, the creation of a new national army in Ireland in the form of the Irish Army, and a re-investigation of Ireland's relations with EDEN.

Without getting ahead of ourselves, it has to be said that by the time February would roll around, CelticTiger211 would be discussed as a possible candidate for "best Irish CP ever". Perhaps the largest reason for this was the creation of the Irish Army. (You can read the detailed announcement here). The Irish Army was a revolution. This was because before the wipe of Ireland by the UK, Ireland had been subject to two military organizations that were less than co-operative. The IDF (Irish Defence Force) and the ICA (Irish Citizens Army) were, collectively: outdated, scandalous, and divided. They would often issue contradictory orders, and in each organization inadvertent struggle for power and influence, they would often work more against Ireland than for it. The Irish Army took the great commitment and communication of the ICA, and matched it with the official and professional nature of the IDF. The effect would prove dramatic. Within weeks of its creation, the Irish Army was becoming recognized world round for their professional and effective impact on the battlefield.

February 2011

February 2011 CP - Seanan

CelticTiger211 had turned out to be just what Ireland had needed. He had brought the right ideas, and had actually been able to force them into completion. Ireland was looking forward, hoping for a future CP who could continue the recovery that CelticTiger211 had solidified.

The next election had four candidates to offer. From the newly rising Irish Workers Party came shadowking, from the Costume Party (Ireland's new independent movement) came gonzo914, from the well establish Fenian Brotherhood came Dan Murchadh, and finally from the Irish Union Party and with the support of the Sons of Eireann came Seanan.

In the end Seanan would win the election with 79 votes (47.59%) as compared to the runner up Dan Murchadh who managed 67 votes. Seanan became the 25th CP of Ireland. The impression that CelticTiger211 had made was deep, and Seanan would have a task to continue to make improvement and change at the same pace. Coming from the Irish Union Party, Ireland's most historically endowed party, Seanan would represent a safe bet and a slightly conservative approach to progress. Since CelticTiger211 had already laid much of the foundation for the new Ireland, Seanan was an ideal fit to continue Ireland's growth and ensure her stability and success. During his presidency, Seanan had Ireland take part in a training war with Canada and an alliance with China that allowed Irish soldiers to travel freely to battle in China's heated dispute with North Korea.

The training war with Canada would eventually prove to be, though still educational and successful, underprepared for. Canada would break through Ireland's lines as a lack of allied support and general quantitative disadvantage, gave way to Canada's capturing Cork for a day or two. Since it was a friendly war, the only loss was of operational costs and pride, but there were lessons learned about Ireland's security and limits.

March 2011

Proposal to impeach Digits is successful.

March began with the March 5, 2011, Presidential elections. Three candidates were running: Digits 05637716 of Sons of Eireann, Ariovistus with his party the Fenian Brotherhood, and MikeBane with the Independent Labour Party. By the end of the elections Digits 05637716 (also known as "Digits") had come out victorious with 85 votes of 153 (55.56%). Ariovistus came in second with 52 votes (33.99%), and then MikeBane had 16 votes for 10.46%. Digits 05637716 became the 26th CP of Ireland in the 43rd presidential term.

Digits and his cabinet List of governments of Ireland#Digits_05637716_.286_March_-_16_March_2011.29 set to work for Ireland. Digits immediately had a PTO problem on his hands with the Bremen Clubhouse, who were disrupting the Irish media with their articles and comments, as well as threatening democracy. At this point in time Bremen Clubhouse was still not seen as a huge threat. There was only one member of The Bremen Clubhouse in the Dail, and accurate numbers of supporters with citizenship were unknown.

Digit's first CP article to the nation[41] described what he had experienced on his first day. It essentially outlined him organizing himself and receiving all of the access and information he needed to proceed.

Digits second CP article[42] would announce that Ireland had successfully joined EDEN. Ireland joined EDEN on March 10, 2011, as a full member. Ireland's inclusion would come at the cusp of a new world order of alliances, when EDEN was losing some of its powerful members. Shortly after signs that Digits might lose activity began to show in one of his articles[43]. This article talked about his having a bad week in real life, as well as some cabinet changes and game changes. As it would later turn out, this was Digits last article.

Do to Digits needing to take care of his real life Ariovistus became the acting president of Ireland on the 16th of March[44]. The first impeachment of Digits failed out of a lack of communication[45], but the second passed[46]. Ariovistus had released a new cabinet and had begun his half term as CP of Ireland.

During March, the UK began to realize a desire to invade Ireland as supported by an article from Ireland's CP[47]. This movement in the UK was largely thought to be lead by the Bremen Clubhouse, and not necessarily an indication of the intentions of all of the UK.

Before the congressional elections for March, the problem of a PTO was realized by Ireland's government. An ATO was organized and a list of known PTOers compiled[48]. The president of Ireland came under some critical evaluation for his decision to lock the private Dail and screen TDs in order to protect Dail operations. In an attempt to create political unrest in Ireland, PTOers began to question the democratic principles of Ireland and source this executive decision. Some Irish citizens, such as gonzo914, propagated similar messages of discontent. The ATO was planned days in advanced and involved many individuals in its planning and execution. Ireland was also rejected in an MPP proposal with Romania - this caused some criticism and embarrassment and somewhat overshadowed a later success in gaining an MPP with Croatia. This MPP would later prove useful for giving Ireland battles to deploy into.

In the end, the ATO efforts failed as PTO numbers were drastically underestimated. The great support that PTO members received was assumed to be a result of 2-clickers being susceptible to propaganda, and of the Bremen Clubhouse possibly having multis. In the end, the Bremen Clubhouse was able to let in more PTOers which would farther complicate matters in the next month. No one in Ireland could likely have been prepared for the events of that March election, but much was learned from the failed PTO.

Ariovistus released a closing article before the next months election[49]. He had come into half over the term, and been given the task of saving Ireland from a crisis. Although his government's ATO had failed, and his leadership had been called into question, there were many who saw his term as successful damage control. What was most important, was that his term lay a foundation for a manageable next month.

April 2011

April 5, 2011. Marcus Suridius and Jacques Cousteau stand tied at 66, 66 in the April CP elections.

April began with a very close election. The two main candidates for President of Ireland were Marcus Suridius and Jacques Cousteau. This election was so close that at 11:31 eRepublik time, the votes were tied at 66, 66. For the next while, the votes would stay neck and neck. Also in the election was Bassy of the Independent Labour Party. Ian E Coleman was also on the ballot due to a technicality, he could not cancel his candidacy without breaching his party's neutrality and was therefore asking people not to vote for him. Marcus Suridius was running with his Irish Independent Party, and with the support of Sons of Eireann and Mick Wallace for CP. Jacques Cousteau was running under the Irish Union Party with the support of the Fenian Brotherhood.

April saw a few new changes from the mods. The news module was changed so that articles were sorted by categories rather than listed by votes. In Ireland, this took some getting used to. Especially since the small size of the active community, meant that not many articles were published anyway, so many categories were quite bare. The mods also announced their intention to add new resources to the economic module.

Citizens believed that Marcus Suridius had gotten off to a good start with his presidency. His decisions were especially important, because the President of the UK had stated that he was planning to attack Ireland and because the Bremen Clubhouse was still making articles and causing some trouble. Marcus's plan to secure Ireland was to acquire a USA MPP. EDEN and Terra were friendly alliance groups made up of some of the same members, this kept the UK in check, along with an MPP with the USA which meant that any attacks on Ireland by the UK would destroy the UK's MPP with the USA. Marcus also formed several other MPP's in order to keep Ireland close to battles with EDEN. These MPPs included Croatia, USA, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Italy. Marcus also proposed some MPPs which were rejected. An MPP with Israel was rejected because it was thought that Ireland would be dragged into the middle eastern conflict.

On April 15, 2011, a recent UK immigrant, Goku Jones, later identified by many Irish as a PTOer, ran unopposed for the position of Party President of the Eire Aonair party. Several other UK players, who have been collectively identified as a PTO by the Irish, moved to Eire Aonair raising its population into the top 5. On the 18th, upon receiving Party President powers, Goku Jones revised Eire Aonair into The Bremen Clubhouse. Before the end of the month, the party would see its numbers fall back into 6th place popularity.

Leading up to the Congress elections on the 25th, Ireland's Dail debated tax reform and re-organization of the Irish Army to increase efficiency in the new economy. The addition of new resources created a question of whether increased funding would be required to sustain the Irish Armies soldier communes.

On April 22, Ireland's Dail successfully passed a proposal to make Canada its natural enemy. While Canada was Ireland's ally, this proposal was strategic in order to allow Ireland to give up territory for strategic purposes. By the 24th, Canada was in control of Shannon, Wexford, Dublin, and Northern Ireland.

In the time between Ireland and Canada declaring natural enemy status, the UK had an unconstitutional vote to declare Ireland their natural enemies. The vote passed, but lead to no action as the defensive measures put in place by Marcus Suridius made it strategically impossible for the UK to attack Ireland without the UK losing many of its allies and being severely reprimanded and possibly kicked out of Terra. Ireland's allowing Canada to land swap strategic territory in Ireland also provided insurance, that any attack from the UK would fail.

On the congressional elections day (April 25, 2011), Ireland had only three territories (Cork, Louth, and Mayo). This meant that only a total of 22 Congress members would be elected. It also meant that the top 5 political parties would be able to choose their top 7 candidates, thus giving Ireland the opportunity to exclude all PTOers from elections. Ireland did this successfully, and no PTOers were able to run for Congress. This meant that no new PTOers would be introduced to the Irish system.

In the days surrounding the congressional elections, the UK were making their own plans. They made several attempts to declare Ireland their natural enemy, but their parliament was divided. Eventually, the UK left their alliance with Terra because their actions regarding Ireland had made them unfriendly to EDEN which was heavily tied into their own alliance. With a handful of MPPs and not much international support, the UK also lost relations with Poland who decided to MPP with Ireland in case of war with the UK. Ireland now had a number of strong allies to defend it from attacks from the UK, but Serbia was a threat to many of Ireland's allies and also to Ireland itself.

Region Name Changes

April 2011 - Admin makes changes to names of Irish regions after Irish send tickets.

In April Ariovistus begins a campaign to change the names of regions in Ireland[50]

May 2011

May begins with the admins accepting Ireland's request to rename her regions on May 4. Much of Ireland is surprised at this. Once Ireland's government and the public know that changes to region names can be done a more complete public discussion takes place over what the regions should be called. The difficulty is faced because of the way the existing boundaries are set up. Regions consist of many counties and also cross over the boundaries of the four provinces of Ireland (Connaught, Ulster, Munster, and Leinster). Ireland publicly debates the use of these names, county names, or references to geological features. The changes are dubbed important since the previous directional names (ex. Northeast Ireland) prevented some native Irish from enjoying the game.

On May 5th Jacques Couteau and Marcus Suridius run as candidates for CP. Jacques Cousteau has the official support of all of Ireland's existing parties with the exception of the Bremen Clubhouse, but Marcus Suridius is coming off of a very successful presidency and many wish to see him re-elected. The elections are highly anticipated since in the elections last month the same candidates were neck and neck in the polls.

In the end, Jacques beats Marcus by 100 (58.48%) -71 (41.52%). This is a more decisive vote when compared to April when Marcus beat Jacques 92 (46.46%) - 89 (44.95%). Jacques assembles his cabinet[51], thanks the public for their support[52], and begins planning for the upcoming month. He promises more public discussion and a focus on the economy and foreign affairs.

Jacques cabinet later becomes a disputed issue. Appointments within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were especially an issue. Many felt that these appointments were inexperienced and risky (especially since the UK was planning an attack on Ireland). One of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs was unaware that the UK had left the Terra alliance during a cabinet meeting in the public IRC. This was especially unsettling because such a fact would drastically change the dynamics of foreign policy for Ireland. Some other appointments gave positions to inactive players. Jacques Cousteau's authority would be undermined throughout the first half of the month. A number of articles were published that questioned his ministers abilities[53][54].

On May 9, Ireland confronts a proposal to declare the UK their Natural Enemy. The proposal is a reaction to an identical proposal by the UK to declare Ireland their natural enemy. The intention of the proposal is to allow the Dail to declare Natural Enemy status as soon as possible if the UK's proposal were to succeed with a 66% majority. Unfortunately, poor communication in the government between the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Country President, and Dail members leads Ireland to declare the UK natural enemies despite the UK failing to put through their own natural enemy proposal. Ireland then attacks Wales and conquers the territory on May 11. The result is that Ireland loses Mutual Protection Pacts (MPPs) with the USA, and Brazil, who are at the time already in MPPs with the UK (any MPPs that are held by both the aggressor and the subject of a natural enemy declaration are taken away from the aggressor). This means that Ireland has wasted thousands of IEP on abolished MPPs. Regardless, Ireland is no engaged in full war with the UK.

May 15, 2011 - Ireland is under attack from the UK.

Ireland then attacked West Midlands, UK on May 12. On the same day, the UK start a resistance war to get back Wales. Ireland would eventually lose the battle for the West Midlands. A second MPP is accepted with the USA[55] after their MPP with the UK expires. Another proposal for an MPP with Brazil is rejected by the Dail[56]. Later, after losing Wales back to the UK, the UK begins on the offensive.

On the 13th, the UK take Dublin. Cousteau proposes an alliance with Greece. On the 14th the UK take Louth, Ireland. Ireland is fighting many losing battles, even with the help of tanks and foreign allies. By the 15th the UK have won a strip of Ireland (the island) from Northern Ireland to Louth to Dublin, and they are in the process of taking Wexford.

May 5, 2011 - Jacques Cousteau is impeached.

On May 15, a proposal to impeach Country President Jacques Cousteau passes[57]. Marcus Suridius, as the runner up in the elections, becomes the new President of Ireland.

After the impeachment of Jacques Cousteau the UK attacked Wexford, Ireland. While Marcus Suridius organized a new government, the Irish Army continued to lack the energy and resources to win battles. By May 17, 2011, the UK had taken Wexford. In this same day, the new government called in its favours and the support of many allies to Ireland and the UK attacked Cork, the main population base of Ireland. In Dublin a resistance war was started. Suddenly many former Irish citizens were coming to Ireland's aid. Many Greek players came to Ireland looking to help and some looking for citizenship. The Libertad was one of the main militias to help Ireland, and they were especially present in the resistance war in Dublin[58]. Ireland would eventually win the battle for Cork and win the resistance war for Dublin.

Due to political circumstances in Greece, a large group of Libertad members expressed a wish to immigrate to Ireland permanently following these battles. Although there was some controversy around accepting a large organized foreign group (given the history of Ireland with political takeovers) the general feeling was that Libertad had earned Ireland's trust through their assistance in the UK wars. Members of Libertad chose freely to abstain from politics during that month, as a gesture of goodwill and trust.

Once the battles had subsided for a short time Marcus released a CP article informing the public and declaring his new cabinet for the remainder of the month[59].

May 25, 2011 - Ireland the nation holds all of Ireland the island.

Continuing with the support of Ireland's military forces and many international allies, Ireland continued to push back the UK. Ireland began to win back it's native territory and even began to push into regions held by the UK. By May 22 Ireland had back it's regions and had conquered Northern Ireland in time for congress elections. By the 25th of May Ireland (the nation) was in occupation of the entire island of Ireland. Ireland even made attempts to take over Wales while in the meantime the Natural Enemy status of Ireland to the UK expired and Canada took over Scotland. Ireland secured Northern Ireland in various revolution wars from UK citizens. During these battles players like Romper and ChewChewShoe were important for Ireland while Alfagrem was the major UK tank. On May 29 Ireland was able to conquer Wales, but in the next two days both Northern Ireland and Wales were re-taken by the UK.

For more on the military history of this month see: Ireland/UK Conflict May 2011

June 2011

At the beginning of June, Ireland did not have many volunteers to run for Country President. The five days leading to the election may have been the least hyped in Irish history. By election day two candidates had come forward. The first was Bassy, from the Independent Labour Party who came forward with no manifesto and no announced goals. The second came Irasian who had experience as a Dail member and who had also served in several government ministries. Irasian had a manifesto with a cabinet and set his goals as: 1% population increase, to control Northern Ireland, and to keep all current regions.

On June 5, 2011, the elections decided that Irasian would be the new Country President of Ireland. Irasian had 136 votes (68.34%) and Bassy finished with 63 votes (31.66%). Irasian and his ministers then set to work preparing for the upcoming month. Stranger Here Myself, the new Minister of Finance, released an ambitious campaign for the finance ministry that sought to deal with the rapidly devaluing IEP[60]. The Ministry of Finance had three positions this month: Minister, Deputy Minister, and Governor of The New Ireland Bank.

June 8, 2011 - Ireland is under attack from the United Kingdom and has lost Shannon.

At the same time as Ireland was changing their government, the UK was continuing war against Ireland. Attacks would soon be made against Louth, Shannon, and Wexford.

mirek12345 published an article in Ireland at this time, apologizing for his misconduct in May when he stole Irish community funds[61]. The community had postponed this issue due to the war with the UK, but it resurfaced the question of how the community should deal with the common occurrence of Irish politicians abusing power.

By June 10 Ireland had all of its original territories once more (after a resistance war in Shannon and a campaign to secure Wexford). Following this Irasian released an update from the Taoiseach's office in which he talked about his ministries performances[62]. In this article, he also announced that he would be fighting the rest of the UK/Ireland war defensively, and those negotiations for peace were underway, but did not look promising.

On June 12 a peace treaty with the UK was announced by Minister of Defence, Chance Harrison[63]. The details were that Ireland would give the UK Shannon temporarily, and that the UK and Ireland would have peace. Some of Ireland saw this as surrender, while others viewed it as the only way to appease the childish desires of the UK. Ireland had lost interest in a war with the UK and wanted to focus efforts on repaying allies and fixing EDEN.

After Ireland gave the UK Shannon, the UK betrayed the peace agreement and attacked Wexford immediately. The British defended their actions by saying that while their President had accepted the offer, their Congress had rejected it, so there had never been a peace agreement. Irish officials condemned the actions of the UK[64].

For the next several days the UK attacked Ireland relentlessly. With EDEN suffering badly, and most of Ireland's allies occupied with their own battles for survival, Ireland was losing battles without much resistance. By the 19th Ireland was down to one region, Mayo, and as the UK attacked there, not much hope of a come back remained.

On June 20 Ireland was completely conquered by the United Kingdom. Unlike the wipe of December 7, 2010, this time Ireland kept its parties, government, and companies. This meant that the impact of being wiped was very small in comparison[65]. One consequence was that on the 25th, Ireland elected no congress because they had no regions to hold an election in.

July 2011

July started badly with ongoing attempts a resistance wars with the UK failing continually in disputed territories like Cork, Wexford, and Shannon. In order to successfully mount a resistance to the UK, Ireland requires allied help. As EDEN struggles to survive worldwide, no assistance can be provided to Ireland and so there is little hope of liberation for the time being. As time goes on Ireland's current wipe proves to be very different from the one experienced on December 7, 2010. This time the effect on Ireland's operations is very small since Ireland is still able to elect a Country President on July 5th, and parties and companies remain intact.

On July 6 Chance Harrison gets 88 votes (64.23%) in the Country President elections and beats of MikeBane and loyen for the position of leader of a nation with no territories. Chance won that election with the represented support of the Irish Independent Party (who he ran with), Sons of Eireann, Eire Aonair, and the Fenian Brotherhood. Chance and his Defence and Foreign Affairs teams focus on moral battles and providing assistance to EDEN in hopes that speeding EDEN's recovery will provide allied assistance to Ireland's cause sooner.

The wipe on December 7, 2010, did not even last one day, yet it changed the direction of Ireland's history completely by wiping away all previous political infrastructure and disrupting the economy. With softer consequences for the wipe of June 28 Ireland is able to continue some kind of existence even as it remains completely wiped by the UK for 28 days until July 18.

On July 18 Ireland takes back Cork in a revolutionary war and begins a wave of resistance wars that would see all regions returned by July 28. Unfortunately, the total victory would be short lived and just the next day Ireland would return to struggling in war with the UK. By the 23rd Ireland is back losing regions and has lost Louth, Shannon, and Wexford.

After leading a silent presidency in the media to this point, Chance Harrison releases the only article of his term on the 29th[66]. During the Chance Harrison administration of July 2011 Ireland was able to successfully pass Mutual Protection Pacts with Croatia, Romania, Hungary, USA, Germany, Greece, and Ukraine. At this time Chance has only two regions for Ireland (Shannon and Wexford). As is pointed out in the update, Ireland was successful in keeping a region through the Dail elections for July which was one of the most important goals of the administration. Unfortunately, the Dail is only small due to a lack of regions in Ireland, but it is a victory in the sense that Ireland can now propose and vote on laws as well as grant citizenship requests.

Only a few days after being completely liberated Ireland falls back into being completely conquered by the UK.

August 2011

By the beginning of August Ireland is still completely conquered by the UK, but before the Presidential elections, Ireland was able to gain back all regions except for Louth. This is the Ireland that Irish_Rebel_Reborn would begin his administration over after winning the CP elections. Irish_Rebel_Reborn finished the elections with 58 votes (40.00%). This was a less decisive win then seen in previous presidential campaigns. His first address to the nation provided a thank you and a list of his cabinet members[67].

The month of August 2011 would be full of constant military activity during the ongoing war with the UK over the sovereignty of Ireland. It would also be one of political controversy as accusations and dissent would be sparked by Irish_Rebel_Reborn's past history as a well known troll and troublemaker. Irish Rebel Reborn's campaign had focused greatly on assuring the public that he was capable of doing a good job as CP despite his past reputation, which evidently had been enough to win him the election[68].

On August 10, Ireland is down to one region, Dublin, but the next day they lose Dublin but take Shannon and Cork. Regions continue to change back and forth unpredictably.

On August 11 Poland is proposed as natural enemy of Ireland in order to assist USA in taking back its regions[69]. At the time the northeastern shoreline of the USA is under Polish occupation. News of this declaration of war is generally regarded by citizens of Ireland as noble, but it is well known that Poland is one of the strongest nations in eRepublik and Ireland is badly outmatched[70]. It is also interesting that before Poland began an invasion of North America (Canada and the USA), Ireland and Poland had very good relations for nations of opposing alliances. Poland had even once fought alongside Ireland in the war against the UK very recently.

On August 13, Massachusetts is taken by Ireland's military forces and allies against all odds during an Irish lead war of liberation. As a follow up on the 14th New Hampshire is also taken by an Irish front. Having succeeded in two battles where the odds were stacked against her, Ireland declares mission accomplished[71]. On the same day, a proposal passes to have the UK declared the Natural Enemy of Ireland.

On the 15th Ireland gives a liberated Massachusetts back to USA, and by the 17th New Hampshire has also been returned by Ireland to its ally. Meanwhile, also on the 17th, Ireland loses Cork in an attack by the UK, but resistance wars Shannon back into Irish control. As before the stability of Ireland's control over its native regions is weak, but the island has not yet been wiped.

Later in the month Ireland finds itself able to launch an offensive against the UK with significant allied support from EDEN. In order to keep an attack bonus, Ireland must continue to press deeper into British territory or else risk a counter attack. By August 28 Ireland has been so successful in their campaign, that they are able to make an attack on London[72]. However London is one of the most historically well defended regions in eRepublik, and despite having won countless battles on their trek to the UK's capital, the British are successful in defending their capital.

After losing the battle in London, Ireland is still in a unique position while they occupy South East of England. Country President Irish_Rebel_Reborn decides to direct his government to declare Belgium, whose region of Flanders is directly connected to South East of England, a natural enemy. There is some confusion about these orders, and although Minister of Defence Patrick O'leary makes the proposal to declare Belgium a natural enemy, the impression that the involved cabinet members are under is that Irish_Rebel_Reborn had worked out some kind of cooperative agreement with Belgium.

In the confusion, Irish Dail begins to vote the proposal through even after future Belgian CP Monsieur Guillontine had informed Ireland's officials that no agreement had been made. Some Irish citizens call for TDs to hold votes when it is realized that actions to that point had been misinformed, but Irish Dail communications are weak and ineffective, and many TDs simply assume that there is a good reason for the proposal and vote it through. Both Monsieur Guillontine and the Belgian Country President of the day Critically, condemn the actions of Ireland[73].

Ireland's media attention on the subject of the Belgian war is divided. While some citizens of Ireland refuse to fight against an officially neutral Belgium, others support the invasion attempt as being an opportunity to gain a foothold in mainland Europe. In the end, the attack on Flanders fails. Many Irish citizens see Irish_Rebel_Reborn choice to attack Belgium as a fatal black mark on an otherwise hugely successful term. Despite having brought Ireland to successful invade much of the UK to the very step of London, and having impressively lead Ireland to liberate the territories of a major ally, the USA, against a Goliath world superpower, Poland, in the end many allow the attack on neutral Belgium to overshadow these accomplishments.

The day after August congress elections, Irish_Rebel_Reborn puts out a request for new Irish congressmen to donate their gold winnings to the state treasury to be used in financing new MPPs[74].

September 2011

On September 5, Patrick O'leary is elected Country President of Ireland while running with the Independent Labour Party. Patrick would finish the election race with 74 votes (46.25%) winning convincingly against Eire Aonair's D-Glennon (43 votes - 26.88%) and a former CP, the Irish Independent Party's Chance Harrison (34 votes - 21.25%).

Patrick O'leary's cabinet[75] prepares for the month ahead and the new Country President releases his first article[76]. Incidentally, during the Belgian war controversy in the previous month, Patrick became well acquainted with prominent Belgian citizen Monsieur Guillontine who would be elected to Country President of Belgium for the month of September 2011. This significantly assists in repairing Foreign Affairs relations with Belgium.

On September 7, Patrick O'leary releases an article which provides some insight into government events for the month. During this time the UK manages to gain the attacking initiative giving them an advantage and forcing Ireland to defend its territories once again. The Balkan wars also divert EDEN support away from the Irish-UK war. President O'leary also details plans to open peace talks with the United Kingdom[77].

After a mutual protection pact with Canada goes through, the Canadians come to Ireland's aid and start an offensive against the UK. This would later prevent peace talks with the UK from being productive since peace would represent a cold shoulder toward the Canadians whose attack on the UK had been requested by Ireland[78].

During this same month, the Admins of eRepublik introduce a new working bonus referred to as a toolbox. In the early stages, economic minds grapple with the details of the addition in order to better understand how it works and how it can be used[79]. An important Mutual Protection Pact with EDEN power China is also successful during this time[80].

As the month progresses toward the 15th, Canada manages to hold Northern Ireland and the South West of England, while a joint offensive by Ireland moves into Wales and manages to successfully liberate the Irish capital, Dublin.

On September 17, 2011, Canada win the battle of London, UK, and breaks the region's history of being an impenetrable fortress. Due to the long conflict between Ireland and the UK, this is an important day for the Irish especially since Ireland, along with much of EDEN had a part to play in the victory.

December 2011

On November 5 (Day 1476 of the New World), Ireland takes over London[81][82][83][84].

April 2012

As Irish occupation of UK regions continued the latter finally decided to surrender, handing over Northern Ireland and Scotland in return for Meath.

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