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Icon-Malaysia.png Malaysia has had some good times and some bad times. In this page, you'll see Malaysia's history from the day the eNation was founded.

Malaysia's Diary (2009)

February 2009

At the First Congress Elections, a total number of 190 persons or 101.60% of the population voted[3].

March 2009

  • March 5 - Malaysia's first presidential election, winner is dummy dahlan from Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia.
  • During the month of March - Malaysia experiences great financial and political crisis with increasing food prices and a general lack of leadership as the president goes inactive.
  • March 21 - The president dummy dahlan (KM) is impeached[4] after inactivity and inability to lead the nation, the new president is Gustavius
  • March 29 - The second president Gustavius was impeached[5] after a personal vendetta from the biggest party leader, this comes with both "Buuh"[6][7][8] and "Hurrays"[9].

Sadly many Malaysians felt forgotten during this action as they did not see any faults in the old President, and as Ramos Sanchez describe it:

 It's a deplorable proposal entirely based on a personal vendetta. I am appalled that a fellow congressman would risk destabilizing our country to exact revenge on a political rival. I simply cannot explain how foolish the congress is to even consider such a proposal![10] 
(Ramos Sanchez - During the period MoD and LoCoA)

April 2009

  • April 5 - Malaysia's second presidency election, the winner is Sudirman winning with 37 votes.
  • April 7 - Sudirman is impeached[11].
  • April 7 - Someone hacks in to the Malaysian central bank and sells 3 governmental organization being worth more then Icon - Gold.gif 150 GOLD, the first suspect was the impeached president but soon it was clear that he never had the password to the bank[12].
  • Around April 13th - The Malaysian president fischer is banned, the Congress chose not to put in a President Impeach, presumably as they did not want Neppons, the number 3 in the election, to become president[13].
  • April 17 - Failed president impeachment of fischer[14]
  • April 23 - Population rises for 80 citizens (much for a nation with around 200), as then huge amounts of Icon-Poland.png Polish and Icon-Hungary.png Hungarian citizens move to Malaysia. Suspected was a future take-over later on the election day, the 25 of April, and as the Malay Action Party (at the time the biggest party) gradually lost power more and more citizens realized the threat.
  • April 28 - Icon-Thailand.png Thailand proposed[15] to declare war on Malaysia.
  • April 29 - Thai-forces attack Peninsular Malaysia[16]
  • April 30 - Malaysian forces and friends manage to drive the Thais away from Peninsular Malaysia[17]. Later celebrations in the Malaysian IRC was under "Hurrays" and music by the Queens and Tchaikovsky and while 'spreading the joy with the Thais on the Thai IRC'.

May 2009

  • 5 of May - Malaysia's third presidency election, the winner is Vikta which wins with 63 vs. 53 votes. Vikta was the first Real-Malaysian president which Malaysia had.
  • The 7 of May - Tentera Darat Malaysia (The Malaysian Army) is created by the new Minister of Defense Gustavius.
  • The 13 of May - The Malaysian Government release the plan to buy a Q5-hospital. [18]
  • 23-24 or May - Malaysia votes about [19] and deploys [20] their new Q5-hospital.
  • 25-26 of May - New election, the 26 it's clear that Democratic Action Party makes the best results ever in their history as a party, while Malaysian Action Party makes its worst. [21]
Gagah Setia - The motto of Tentera Darat Malaysia

June 2009

  • Around 1 of June - Training battles and war-games start between Ireland and USA, and as Malaysia is an ally of USA it leads to a chance for Tentera Darat Malaysia and the Malaysian people to train and play with their new Q5-hospital. [22]
  • 5 of June - Nagyzee wins the Presidency Election, the first one ever from Democratic Action Party to gain that seat.
  • 8 of June - Malaysia is once again robbed. [23]

July 2009

  • 5 of July - Nagyzee wins the presidency election once again.
  • 21 of July - Malaysia attacks Southern Thailand [24]
  • 23 of July - Tentera Darat Malaysia announces that it will now reconstruct.

August 2009

Sol Alliance
  • 3 of August - Under the leadership of president Nagyzee the Thai-Malaysian-merge begins. [25] [26]
 Malaysia and Thailand merged on 3 August 2009 to be unofficially called the Federal Republic of South East Asia. 
  • 8 of August - Malaysia signs the Sol charter, officially joining Sol
  • 13 of August - Malaysia gains 600 citizens.
  • 14 of August - The Malaysian government announces a vote about the new name of the Thai-Malaysian union. [27]
  • 16 of August - Malaysia gains 700+ citizens.
  • 16 of August - The Malaysian government announces the second vote about the new name of the Thai-Malaysian union. [28]
  • 26 of August - DAP wins the congress election.

September 2009

  • 5 of September - Badlands17 is elected president.
  • Around 5-15 of September - Malaysia gains over 1000 inhabitants.
  • 26 of September - The Federal Unity Party wins the congress election.

October 2009

  • 5 of October - Badlands17 is the elected president
  • The rest of October - Malaysia is plagued by Resistance Wars due of Alfagram's attacks on ex-Thairegions. The nation is also close to reach 2000 inhabitans but goes down to around 1500 by the end of october.

November 2009

  • Around 1st of November - Thailand gains its independence under the protection of Sol and Malaysia. Central Thailand is liberated.
  • 5 of November - SetsunaX is elected as president. The third from FUP and the first one which is not a member of DAP since June 2009.
  • 10 of November - Indonesia to start a war against Malaysia. [29]

Malaysia's Diary (2010)

July 2010

  • 5 of July - Spykerman wins Country Presidency. First ever female President to be elected in the history of eMalaysia.
  • July 6, 2010 - Malaysia bids farewell to V1
  • July 7, 2010 - Malaysia says Hello to V2. eRepublik is now known as eRepublik Rising.

August 2010

  • 5 of August - Sashapfc wins Country Presidency. eMalaysia is PTOed by eSerbia.
  • 25 of August - PTOers manage to win majority seats in congress election

September 2010

  • 5 of September - borissajkas wins Country Presidency, becoming the 2nd eSerbian as eMalaysia's president.
  • 25 of September - Malaysians gaining back control on congress majority

October 2010

  • 5 of October - nicholas2000 wins Country Presidency, ending eSerbian's PTO in eMalaysia.

November 2010

  • 5 of November - nicholas2000 wins Country Presidency uncontested since there is not election in Malaysia due to wipe out by Serbia.
  • eUSA removed eSerbia's colonies in eMalaysia, handling independence to eMalaysia

December 2010

  • 5 of December - Prle wins Country Presidency.
  • Successfully conducted Training Wars between ePhilippines and eMalaysia.

Malaysia's Diary (2011)

January 2011

  • 5 of January - Fruitcommando wins Country Presidency.
  • eMalaysia wiped twice during the presidency
  • Signed MPP with eChina, declared Natural Enemy against eSingapore.
  • Lost battle against eSingapore and got wiped out, bankrupting eMalaysia's national bank.
  • Peninsular Malaysia is under eSingapore's occupation since.
  • PKeM is formed.
  • Declared Natural Enemy on eSingapore again on the last day of his presidency and got voted through by Fruitcommando's group.

February 2011

  • 5 of February - TeMing wins Country Presidency.
  • Successfully conducted wars with eSingapore without wiping from either side.
  • Starting to split national finance into 2 banks. Appointment of Maruko81 as Governor of Reserve bank.

March 2011

  • 5 of March - TeMing wins Country Presidency.
  • Return of Sabah
  • Signed MPP with eAustralia.
  • PDS is formed
  • Formation of eMalaysia Military Unit (EMMU) and Tentera Darat Malaysia (eTDM)
  • Joining LUNA alliance.

April 2011

  • 5 of April- SatoshiTomiie wins Country Presidency.
  • eMalaysia wiped through coordination with eIndonesia
  • Return of Peninsular Malaysia from eSingapore and Sarawak from eIndonesia
  • PAFP and PKeM have same number of seats in Congress election. Total votes turnout = 77

May 2011

  • 5 of May- RX 0 Unicorn Gundam wins Country Presidency.
  • New relationship formed with eVenezuela and eIran
  • PAFP wins majority in Congress election. Total votes turnout = 74

June 2011

  • 5 of June- RX 0 Unicorn Gundam continues to be Country President because no election took place due to wiping of eIndonesia.
  • MPP with eMexico is signed
  • PKeM gained majority in Congress election. Total votes turnout = 80

July 2011

  • 5 of July- Lenin1990 wins Country Presidency, 1st Country President from PAFP supported candidate, breaking the dominance of PKeM on Country President seat.
  • Lenin1190 declares war on eSingapore.
  • Kelab Peminat Seanlam renames itself to Fundamentalists Party with sir arianfar fv taking over as Party President.
  • TeMing takes over as Party President of Peace and Freedom Party and renames it to eMalaysian Welfare Party.

August 2011

  • 5 of August- infinityReborn wins Country Presidency. 1st Country President to win under Peace and Freedom Party's new name, eMalaysian Welfare Party.
  • Training War with ePhilippines & eIndonesia.
  • Sabah was regained due to the game's new Resistance War mechanism. eIndonesia later took Sabah.
  • August 2011 also saw Fundamentalists Party rename itself to eMalaysian Liberal Party as Firebourne takes over the party in an attempt to revive the party.
  • Training War with eIndonesia resulted with only one region being able to hold congress elections. eMalaysian Liberal Party won 6 congress seats, Parti Kemajuan eMalaysia grabbed only 2 seats and eMalaysian Welfare Party only got 1 seat. Total votes turnout = 93

September 2011

  • 5 of September- zonveri wins Country Presidency. 1st Country President to win for eMalaysian Liberal Party.
  • Training War with eSingapore was declared.
  • MPPs were signed with eChina & eJapan. MPP with eGreece was renewed.
  • 24 of September- TeMing takes over as Country President as zonveri was impeached due to sudden inactivity.
  • Peninsular Malaysia fell under eSingapore in the votes reviewing hours, causing eMalaysia to lose 9 congressmen.
  • Parti Kemajuan eMalaysia and eMalaysian Liberal Party won 5 congress seats each, while eMalaysian Welfare Party won 2 congress seats in the September Congress Elections. Total voters turnout = 60.

October 2011

November 2011

  • November 6, 2011 - Tyson Tan from the eMalaysian National Party was declared the winner of the Country Presidential election. The first to win under the eMalaysian National Party banner.
  • November 29, 2011 - Impeachment of president was proposed by 6_ManowaR_9, an elected congressman, shortly after Tyson Tan was banned by the admins for using multiple accounts. Unfortunately, the impeachment was failure. Marcotje the vice president then, assumed control of the cabinet unofficially since the impeachment was a failure.

December 2011

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